Active Coin Trade Review: is a Lying Crypto Scam

Active Coin Trade
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Active Coin Trade is a scam crypto company that lies about its founders. On the first few pages, the domain ( does not mention any details of the owners. However, there is a list of fake names and pictures of the executives of the company.

Moreover, the company outrightly lies about its origin. The site states that the company was established in 2013 in the UK. In truth, was registered on 14th November 2019. The website also links to the UK company of Ebico Investment & Trade Limited. However, Ebico Corporation was dissolved in March 2020. There is no other information to verify if there is any link between these companies. It is important to note that there is very inefficient regulation of the UK incorporations, so the foundation of Active Coin Trade is fragile.

Keep reading this review to know whether this company is another crypto scam, or is it a legit opportunity.

What is Active Coin Trade?

Active Coin Trade Limited claims to be a Forex and Bitcoin crypto trading platform that has its roots in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the company claims to have a trading platform on the London Stock Exchange as well. mentions a unique investment program which will be useful in raising the financial assets and trading. It is automated to which allow the company to accept payments and pay according to different compensation levels.

Users must invest a minimum of $200 in becoming a part of the company. The website clearly says that the company is relying on the number of its members, and its growth is essential for the betterment of the business. It indicates that referral commissions are an integral part of their business model.

Furthermore, the site mentions several benefits like modern security systems, quick fund withdrawal, high commissions, and unique terms and conditions to attract the users and get their investments. Majority of these features are not actually available in Active Coin Trade. They are just written on the website to entice readers.

Active Coin Trade

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Domain Overview was registered on 14th November 2019. The company has the following image under the “Our Leaders” section on About Us Page. I researched these individuals and found these profiles to be entirely fake. Jennifer Chapman, for instance, is actually Mary Hedahl. Similarly, the rest of the pictures and names are also fake. In short, there is no record about the original owners of the company. It is tough to trust a company which is lying about its founders.

It is clear that the company was found in 2019 when its website was developed. However, the company mentions 2013 as its founding year, which is a complete lie. It also says that approximately $800000 have been deposited into the company and $960000000 have been withdrawn. You should not trust this information as there is a very high chance that it is another lie by the company.

The website displays the following list of executives of the company. However, it is completely fake because both the names and pictures do not match with any of their other profiles.

Fake Leaders of Active Coin Trade

Fake Partnerships

The website keeps mentioning the names of popular companies and brands to show that they have some kind of association with these brands. Payeer, Perfect Money, Litecoin, and Ethereum are some of the names mentioned on the website on many pages. However, there is no proof of the company partnership with any of these brands.

The ironic thing is that Active Coin Trade claims to be a leading crypto trading platform. Yet, it barely mentions the details of the trading process. One can think that if Bitcoin is the leading crypto coin used by this company, then why are they claiming to have strong partnerships with Ethereum crypto company. There are a lot of red flags about this crypto company and evidently, it is a scam.

Hence, do not spend your money on fraudulent crypto trading companies. Try tried-and-tested crypto trading bots that are much more safe, efficient, quick, and risk-free than crypto scams like Active Coin Trade. These bots give you complete control over your trading style and investment. You do not have to rely on Ponzi schemes like

Compensation Plan of Active Coin Trade

A minimum investment of $300 is necessary to receive the ROIs. states the following packages:

  1. Basic Package: invest at least $300 to get 135% over a week.
  2. Standard Package: invest at least $500 to get 150% over a month.
  3. Professional Package: invest from $2500 to $7500 for a daily 3% to 9% ROIs.
  4. VIP: invest at least $10,000 or more to get 300% over a month.

Referral commissions are also an essential part of the compensation plan. The company is supposed to pay the following referral commissions on two levels:

  • 8% on level 1
  • 5% on level 2

The compensation plan makes it clear that affiliate memberships are the only way of generating funds for the company. Yet, it claims to be getting external revenue via online trading and investment. There is no proof that the company has any other source of funds other than the members’ investment.

Products of Active Coin Trade

Active Coin Trade has no retail products or services. It entirely relies on the affiliate membership program to generate funds. The affiliates have to make referrals to acquire referral commissions. Other than that, they have the option of making considerable investments to earn ROIs. However, the compensation plan is highly suspicious, and it is doubtful that the company will actually fulfil its promise of paying you.

Investment Plan of

Affiliate memberships seem to be the only source of revenue for this company. It shows that the company is in fact, a common Ponzi scheme. Its business model is like any other Ponzi scheme in which the members will make very less amount of money. Eventually, the investment will stop leading to the collapse of the company.

Is Active Coin Trade a scam?

Yes, is a scam. It is based on a bunch of lies. The organization claims to be a partner of a mega-corporate bank but fails to mention the name of the bank anywhere on its website. It lies about its founders and even uses fake profiles and pictures to seem legit.

The compensation plan of Active Coin Trade makes it a Ponzi scheme. The company claims that it is able to make 15% of revenue a day which seems highly impossible for such a new venture. The company will keep using the new investment to pay the old affiliates, and ultimately, the investment will stop, and the entire company will collapse. In the end, most of the money will be with the owners and top members, while the new affiliates will lose their money.

The company has zero credibility in the industry. It is just trying to extort money from people by lying about its involvement in Forex and crypto trading. Even after thorough research, one cannot find any trading details about this company. only mentions that they use Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency for trading but does not provide any further details.

Now that you know that Active Coin Trade is lying about its founders, features, investment, and many other aspects of the company, you should not invest in at all. Instead, use the authentic crypto trading bots. You can use most of these bots for free. Moreover, crypto trading bots gives you the options of setting your own trading preferences which leads to safe investment and increases your chances of earning profits.

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