AddyFx Review: a Suspicious Platform

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AddyFx Review
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AddyFx is a company that has ben in the market for years. Unfortunately, this venture is not trustworthy. The platform is after clients money and operate like a pyramid scheme. Eventually they will go out of the market. Avoid the platform at all costs. Invest with reliable and trustworthy forex brokers in the market.

AddyFx is allegedly an investment company that has acquired a lot of back rushes from the community. Once you visit their website, the first thing that you will notice is the lack of adequate information. The firm fails to avail sufficient data, which is a huge drawdown.

Legit forex trading companies are straightforward. You won’t have to struggle as they are transparent. The trading conditions are clearly stated; you already know what to expect from them. It would help if you stayed focus and research before venturing blindly.

AddyFx is a dirty scheme that does not care about investors. Ironically, this platform states that it avails sustainable opportunities to assist investors in earning stable returns. The industry in which this entity venture is highly volatile.

Therefore, their promises are false. The broker only wants to lure and trick naïve traders into depositing money in their system. There is no need to waste your resources with this firm. Our best advice is for investors to look for the best brokers that have no intention of defrauding them.

The team of this company is operating in an incognito mode. There is no data that shows who they are or the qualifications that the team possesses. Scammers are the ones that work behind the shadows because they don’t want to blow up their cover. Review

AddyFx claims that it a venture that is guided by three critical values. The first one is the feedback from their clients. The entity states that they are maintaining a strong mutual relationship with their customers.

Their second value is excellence. The company allegedly will go out of its way to offer professional services. However, it is also hard to believe what is not availed. The broker fails to show their results or team qualification.

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AddyFx Review, AddyFx Company

AddyFx third value is staying true to their words. The entity claims that they are consistent and fulfill their promises. Sadly, there are no people who have left behind their experience with this firm. Hence, we do not know if the platform is paying.

There is no evidence of investment activities taking place in this company. We believe that whoever built this platform did not have the time to think critically. This is because no information shows forex trading.

The spread, leverage, and trading lots of info are missing. Based on this analysis, you can see that they have no idea of how to trade forex. The online venture can earn you decent returns. At the same time, if you are not careful, you can lose all your savings.

Promised Returns and Plans

The company has four investment plans that ate very attractive. It is no surprise that most of the investors are falling for this entity. The platform accepts a minimum amount of $300 from its customers. The amount is way beyond what a legit firm asks for.

AddyFx has not done much in winning the trust of its customers. The venture offers investors returns ranging from 13% up to 25%. You will be baffled once you do the months. It will only take a short timeframe before being filthy rich.

The forex trading opportunity requires a strategy. You must have a plan and select a reliable partner. However, if you only believe everything that you see, you shall only and up counting losses. The company has not mentioned owning trading bots.

The only info that they talk about is their ghost team. Since the website has been featured on various platforms as a scam, their investment plan has been pulled out. The fact will not change that traders won’t make any profits with AddyFx.

Contact Details of AddyFx

AddyFx has allegedly based at Lagos; the entity features their address. They also have a phone number that you can use to reach them. Additionally, you can fill up their contact form. The company also has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.

Unfortunately, the possibility of this company is based in an undisclosed area is very high. Their business is not legit, and there is no need to waste your funds. Scammers tend to target vulnerable people who are in desperate conditions.

It is sad to see that they are now going after traders in developing countries. Investors need to educate themselves on how the market works. There is no need to dwell in an institution that does not care about its clients’ needs.

Regulation Status

AddyFx is not licensed by any financial body in the market. The entity is operating on its own accord. Furthermore, they also do not have a corporation that oversees its business. An entity like this one goes out of the market whenever they want without giving notice.

AddyFx Review, AddyFx Features

The company is shamelessly collecting funds from investors all over the world. Unfortunately, the entity does not offer fund safety to investors. There are no segregations of funds. The main problem with offshore firms is that the money deposited goes into the con artist account.

It is not possible to issue a chargeback or get your money back. The authority will not help as a constant warning has been issued against trusting unregulated platforms. Furthermore, the Ponzi scheme operates in undisclosed areas; therefore, it is not easy dealing with them.

AddyFx Client Feedback

We find it odd that AddyFx does not have client feedback. The returns that the company offers are huge. Therefore, it is only fair if they attract multiple audiences. Sadly, things seem not to be going their way.

Traders are becoming smart, and we are pleased. However, there is still a higher need to educate the community on how online investment works. It is very easy for a newbie to be lured using false testimonials.

Sometimes entities go a further mile of hiring marketers to promote them. You will even see people who claim to earn and transforming their lies using a shady broker. In such cases, ask for proof of payment.

In most scenarios, it is not possible since the number they advertise does not match their earnings. The best thing is to invest in reputable companies that have a trustworthy team and feedback from investors.

The domain Insight is a company that was registered in 2018. The entity has been in existence since then. Their domain is expected to expire in September this year. Their traffic is high and coming from Nigeria.

The operation of this broker will one day paralyze. The question you should be asking yourself is when? Ponzi schemes are full of uncertainty. The survival of this platform depends on the new clients that sign up.

Final Verdict

AddyFx claims that they have the ingredients to attaining financial stability. The company relies on its account manager for its success. The returns which this venture advertises are mesmerizing. If at all the profits are attainable, then this platform would be among the leading ventures.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a penny once you decide to believe their lies. Nobody has earned using this broker. Investors would be flocking at their website to sign up and become millionaires overnight.

Invest with reliable forex trading companies that are reliable. Transparent platforms will disclose the entities that they have partnered with to gain the trust of investors. Make sure that you know what you are signing yourself into before depositing your hard-earned money.

8 Replies to “AddyFx Review: a Suspicious Platform”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Got-Payback consultation today:

    Fill in the form in the page below to recover your lost funds from this scam company
    You will be redirected to after clicking the image

  2. Avatar
    Sandra Momoh

    Your review is full of hate. Why not visit their Facebook, twitter and instagram pages if you really want to know if investors are complaining about payment of ROI or refund of their capital?
    AddyFX has been in existence for the 4th year running and yet not one complaint from investors have I seen either on their social media pages. I followed them on these platforms for 6 months before I had the courage to invest. This is Nigeria, if you go to any company to ask them to make public their records, they will ignore you so that is not a yard stick for measurements. Go to your bank and ask for any record before you open account or buy their shares.
    Addyfx being in their 4th year and investment plan running for 6months or 12 months is an indication that investor cycles have been completed over and over again since inception.
    I used to be an investor. I cashed out recently to use my money for something else. Through out the period of my investment, I didn’t have the need to make a call to complain about anything because my ROI came in before 12 noon on the due date unfailingly.
    When my investment cycle ended, a day before the due date, I got a call from AddyFX office to see if I wanted to roll over my capital and I told the caller I wanted to cash out. That was it. By the 10am the next day (my due date), I received an alert of payment. My capital plus the 6th ROI entered my account. This happened twice. And the second one happened on 5th March 2021.

    So do your investigations. It is not fair to sit in your office and fabricate stories. You are killing someone else business for no justifiable reason.

    • Avatar

      Well said Sandra, I’m investing in Addy next month, I had followed them since early last year when a friend who invested, and still do now had told me about it since March. I was scared cause they hadn’t gotten their SEC approval and others as well, but they had done that last month finally. And a change of name also followed suit.

      What I’m saying in essense is that, the company is trustworthy, unlike others like MBA and the rest that crashed with investors funds. I’ve people money with me, that’s why I’m being skeptical about investing them in Addy. But for good one year I followed the firm…they’ve been growing not via only forex alone, but other means. So I wonder why some reviews aren’t kind to them. Or it there something we don’t understand? Cause I’m thinking of investing like 3M for the next 9months.

    • Avatar
      Ich bin der könig

      Ermm… How’s this going now that they’ve notified you all that they’re liquidating and with their payment schedule bla bla. It’s not economically possible to make such high returns monthly. Any platform offering that is running a ponzi scheme.

  3. Avatar

    The author of this article has not done any research on the company they are writing about but wants people to use their nonsense writeup on determining whether to invest or not.
    Below are the facts as I know it:
    1. My experience is similar to that of Sandra above.
    2. I invested with Addyfx for 6 months and got paid each month as and when they promised to pay.
    3. Addyfx called me a day before my investment ended to ask if I want to reinvest. I declined the offer to reinvest and both my last profit and the capital I invested was deposited on my account before 10 am on the due date.
    4. Addyfx has been working on their SEC registrations and they sent an email today that they are now registered by SEC as “fund and portfolio management”.
    5. I don’t know the details of the SEC license but I doubt that they will be allowed to pay an outrageous ROI of 15% – 20% each month.
    6. They have a high return on investment but I cannot say for sure if it is a pyramid scheme or not? You have to make your own conclusions.
    7. Their customer service is 100%. I wish the banks in Nigeria can do half of what Addyfx is doing in terms of communications and prompt response to customers’ queries/issues.
    8. Their head office used to be at a filling station in Egbeda, Lagos but they relocated to somewhere on Lagos Island this year.
    9. Will I invest with them again? They are currently transitioning to another company AddyFinance & Investment as part of the SEC license conditions. I will wait to see how the transition goes before investing with them again.
    Below are the things I don’t like about Addyfx
    1. Late last year, they disabled the button to register or join on their website – This was a source of worry and not a good sign.
    2. At the same time, they also removed the testimonials banner of past investors from their website – this was also not a good sign.
    3. Their newsletter is very generic and does not report on the performance of the business – rather they just give you a write-up on eg how to save money for the rainy days.

  4. Avatar

    Sandra, honestly I want to invest about 2M, which is more then 70% isn’t my money. I regretted not investing and this is due to the fact that, we hardly have reliable informations most especially in the country. See how MBA crashed, I have a friend whose over 500k is pending or lost, cause we are not sure if he is gonna get it back.
    I have been following Addy now, and they’ve removed most things on their site, except one wants to register via their APP. I guess they feel threatened and that’s why they hid their information. SEC mentioned companies who dealing onponzi, but Addy isn’t there while MBA was there before it eventually went south.

    Kindly, if you have more info about Addy let me know plssssssss. This is my line WhatsApp…08122247397. Thanks

  5. Avatar
    Seye daniel

    Hello Sam, I hope you have not invested your money yet? AddyFX has closed shop and liquidating all investments on its platform. To add to it, they are not responding to emails sent to them

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