AdsOk Review- Is it Legit, or yet another Fraud?

A detailed review that evaluates whether AdsOk is a scam or legit!

Evaluating the Authenticity of AdsOk…

The internet has proven itself as a reliable medium of making money. But, it needs skill, experience and devotion to do so. There are no quick fixes for making money with the internet. Even if you plan to use one, big surprise your plan will be met with utter failure.

There are many Ponzi and Pyramid schemes designed to lure in people, but instead of giving out any money, these schemes charge them money in exchange for making some of the top promises. AdsOk is one of these programs.

Following, we are going to discuss this program in detail, and make you see how it will fail on you!

adsok scam


This is more of an advertisement network. AdsOk offers advertising monetization packages with widespread exposure. Although it is known as an investment platform, it does offer the ability to monetize content with five different plans.

Every plan is presented in fiat currency as the site only accepts bitcoin deposits. Following, we are describing the plans in details:

Starter Plan: 11% return per month. Min deposit is $10 while the max deposit is $500.

Classic Plan: 15% return per month. Min deposit is $100 while the max deposit is $5,000.

Premium Plan: 17% return per month. Min deposit is $1,000 while max deposit is $50,000.

Platinum Plan: 19% return per month. Min deposit is $10,000 while max deposit is $500,000.

Partner Plan: 21% return per month. Min deposit is $100,000 while max deposit is $5,000,000.

There is also a referral tier. This offers 7% commission for 1st level referrals. 2nd level referrals are rewarded with 2% accruals while 1% accruals are offered to 3rd level referrals that are committed to the program.

  • Insight

It appears that investment policy is based on deep analysis of advertisement marketplace. But the designers failed to offer a well-designed investment plan that has any intuitive to offer. It won’t suffice the needs of online investors.

Since investments seem like a private transaction, trust management of funds is crucial. However, the plans are poorly designed, and execution is even worse as seem by the customer feedback.

  • Customer Feedback

AdsOk did seem to enjoy a fair share of sales, but it seems that glory days are long good as there is next to no engagement on social media. The official Facebook Page has less than 2,000 likes or followers, and Twitter is hardly doing any better.

The official site has a lack of organic testimonial which could win some more customers. Sadly, it’s very obvious that the working infrastructure failed to hold itself, and has collapsed. The plans appear nothing else than a Ponzi scheme.

The HYIP Dilemma

High Yield Investment Program or HYIP is an investment scheme that promises high returns on the advertisement.  These programs offer more than 100% yield per year to get more investors. Unfortunately, they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, which is doomed to fail sooner or later.

These are sophisticated online scams better known as Prime Bank Scam. There are many offers introduced which uses the phrase high yield with no risk. They always mean trouble, and every penny invested in these programs is wasted.

The social media is filled with such film-flams.  Major giveaways of such scheme is a promise of very high return with no risk for investor paying a referral fee to the new investor so he can bring in more people.

Using such clever tactic, HYIP transcends the line between a Ponzi and a Pyramid scheme which proves to be effective, yet destined to failure.

How AdsOk Work?

AdsOk work with the basics of an HYIP scheme, it promises big win in return for small investors. It also asks the user to recruit new people in a rush. Following are its main points:

  • Promise of high return on regular basis
  • Promise of referral fee for bringing in more recruits, aka Referral Tiers
  • These schemes use the word of social media to create engagement
  • Little to no details are provided about the company or its ownership
  • Promoter needs the investor to open up crypto-currency account which won’t be licensed by fund transmitter

People often get roped in such schemes thinking of them as free lunch. These may seem like an appetizer, but the main course always ends up unpalatable.

Is it a Scam, or Legit?

These are the two most important questions people ask about this program. The Internet has made thing simple, but the anonymity it offered has helped con artists to a great extent. Ads Ok is an investment platform that sells online advertisement. They lack a solid business plan.

No good information is available about the company or how to contact the staff. The common rule to work here is knowing your money goes in, works for you, and somehow comes back multiplied.  First, you need to sign up with the company; this makes you drop your guard.

Later on, you need to choose one of the investments mentioned above plans. After selecting the plan, you will be redirected to a page where you can make a transaction to deposit the needed amount. It’s the most dangerous part of the site, or any third party can gain access to your private information.

  • Security Hazard

If your username and password are leaked, the attacker can go on to empty your account. They are especially attracted to bitcoins as they are easy to steal. Users won’t know if they are directed to a dummy webpage for the transaction.

A hidden keylogger shows the stealing party every bit of information. Therefore, always log into your account using secured channels.  The amount of the first transaction is rather large, and no sane person can lend this money to a company without any real information.

  • Infrastructure

No one knows who own this site; it is registered privately, no real information is offered on the website. The working infrastructure is very basic. These use the money from new members to pay old ones. This is the reason behind a few handful of positive reviews.

The only way to keep running such business is to maintain the image of a working company and convince people to invest more money. This gets worse when existing manners bring in recruits. Sooner or later, the website won’t keep up with the numbers, it will close down, and will run away with money.

Our Thoughts

What can we say, AdsOk is a High Yield Investment Program. Therefore, sooner or later it will fail and sink your money. There is no way we will recommend this program to our good conscience. There are lots of ways to make money with internet, but quick fixes always disappoint you.

AdsOk is a blend of Ponzi and Pyramid scheme. It doesn’t matter how well planned the scheme is. Once the money stops rolling in, these schemes fail. So, no use of investing your money! Try looking for another way to make money off the internet.

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