Algo Signals Review: Old Forex Trading Scam

Algo Signals is allegedly a trading software that offers crypto and Forex services. Unfortunately, this is another scam bot that you should not trust with your funds.

The platform does not require investors to have any background knowledge in trading. They additionally state that you do not need to download anything. You can only signup and deposit some funds to start earning.

The assets that Algo Signals deals with various associate risks. However, the platform claims that when you invest with them, you will enjoy risk-free trade. This raises red flags since it is inevitable to have such a deal.

The financial narrative of this company is achievable. All thanks to technology, traders do not have to perform trading activities manually. Trustworthy trading software saves the day as they eliminate human error and emotions during trading.

Nonetheless, you need to be very careful when investing with trading bots as the industry is plagued with fraudsters who want to steal your money. The company brags that their Forex and crypto Algo-Signals will enable clients to trade lucrative opportunities in the industry directly.


The platform has a demo account that requires investors to deposit $1500 to try out their services. Keep in mind that the demo accounts overestimates earning hence luring you invest with the software company

Sadly, the statistics that clients can see on their dashboard is the same as the real income they will attain. The company markets itself as an all-round trading solution platform.

Algo Signals Scam Review, Algo Signals Platform

The company guarantee investors that they will acquire high trading signals for both digital currency and Forex. The pyramid scheme platform claims by using their signals, clients can select favorable opportunities in the market with ease.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of the platform possessing a trading bot. Those who choose to invest with the company can customize the website based on their trading preferences.

Moreover, the clients can as well customize the returns they want to gain. The scam platform assures investors that they are in full control of their trading activities.

Founder and Team

When it comes to investment, you need to ensure you pick the best trading bot in the industry. Knowing the founder of a company that you want to venture with creates transparency, and you will be aware of the person dealing with your money.

Algo Signals claim it is a trading bot platform, yet they have not disclosed who is behind their operation. The owner of this software is operating anonymously.

Additionally, the company does not care about introducing their team. So basically, the company is being run behind the shadows. You need to know the developers and financial group of Algo Signals and the qualification that they possess.

Investing with ghost investors is a hazardous and unwise decision. One that leads to losing your hard-earned money. The company can as well exit the market without being traced.

Regulation and Registration

The trading software company is operating illegally. They are not regulated by any financial watchdog to carry out their investment activities.

The company accepts clients from all over the world, and for them to do this legally, they need to have several license documents.

Additionally, there are no registration forms on their website. Trustworthy software companies avail these materials for the public, and their clients to view. It creates a sense of transparency, and you rest assured that your money is safe.

Some advantages come along with investing with an unregulated company. Sadly, it is never worth the hustle as you will compromise the safety of your funds and personal data.

Moreover, the company that is not built by any law can change their term of service without your knowledge. They can also have hidden charges that you will never understand.

Customer Support

Algo Signals allegedly has responsive customer support that is available 24/5. You can contact them at any time so long as it is during the business working days.

Unfortunately, the only method that you can contact them is via live support. The company has not availed their email address or any telephone number for fast communication.

Legit investment company will ensure they put their clients first. They avail an email address, and phone number for easy and fast communication.It is only pyramid schemes that do not care of having a great PR since they are only interested with the deposit you will make in their platform.

Algo Signals is determined to stay anonymous. The act of them not offering any contact or disclosing their location is enough red flag to keep you off their shady platform. The only reason they operate in this manner is to avoid being traced once they exit the market.

Algo Signals Testimonials

The company, like all other pyramids, has a compelling testimonial section on their web page. If you are keen enough, you will realize the reviews are cherry-picked. Besides, the platform is using stock images, and there is no evidence of payment.

The reviewers are praising the software for being their financial breakthrough. They claim they have earned a tremendous amount of returns. Review, Testimonials

Logically speaking, if Algo Signals were as good as these testimonials imply, then everyone would be flocking on their website to make the vast profits, but this is not the case.

It would be better if the company made more effort and provide evidence, or even their alleged clients would have attached their social media platform link to verify there are real investors.

The company has a top-notch marketing strategy; we have to give them that credit. Unfortunately, that is not how it works; they have to create confidence with the online investment community.

Safety of funds

Funds are not safe in the Algo Signals platform. The company is cheaply built, and they do not know even the terms and conditions of trading with their software.

Their website is missing critical information, and clients are not aware of the withdrawal process. If you choose to trade with their bot, you will be mindful of the least amount of money that you can cash out.

The company does not state how much it cost to have utilized its services. The only information available is the amount investors should deposit to try their demo account. From the look of things the company has a lot of visit coming in their platform this could be due to their enticing deals.

There is no banking information or an FAQ page that you can check. Investing with Algo Signal would lead to regrets and fund loss.

The Domain Insight

During our research were able to gather useful information regarding this shady company. Its official domain name is, and was registered on 2018 July, and will expire on the same month the year 2020.

According to, they have a global Alexa ranking of 823,382. It is unknown the area they derive the majority of their traffic.

Algo Signals Final Verdict

Algo Signals claims they will boost their clients’ trading skills hence increasing their trading experience. The company has been in the market for years, scamming investors.

You should only invest with legit trading Forex bot and crypto software in the market with trading history. is a nasty scam that is operating against the law. They have numerous red flags, and we cannot endorse their services to investors.

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