Alliance Limited Review: Ridiculous Scam

Alliance Limited is an online trading platform that claims it offers investment opportunities across traditional and alternative assets. The investment opportunities, however, are not provided for everyone. They are for private clients institutional investors and intermediaries.

The company offers global financial service with a Focus model built around clients and their requirements. The Investment firm claims to have an emphasis on informed advice. Hence they guarantee profits.

Alliance Limited claims to have advanced investment solutions. Their focus goal remains to establish an investment-driven culture. The Company brags having a top-notch investment team that generates the best results in the market.

Alliance limited claim to provide services that assist you in engaging with local markets all over the world. The Company promises you quick, innovative and one-time access to investment Solutions.

The platform uses fake names as employees and founders of the company to hide their Shady business. The use of false names is familiar with scam platforms. You should not trust this kind of company.  grants investors exceptional service in customer support in just a few simple steps. The Company, however, failed to provide any evidence to back up the alleged return they Promise customers.

The Company accepts investors from all over the globe. Alliance Limited promises investors a risk-free investment while trading with them.

The online investment trade will like any other business have good days and bad days where you expect to incur losses while trading. Legit trading platforms only lower the risk but do not prevent the risk from the Investor. Review

The company claims to be made up of certified professionals in various fields. Hence, they provide a seamless investment experience based on expert project management. Alliance Limited has an overall ideology and platform concepts that lower the risk of Investor.

However, how Alliance Limited plans to operate is shady. Moreover, no proof has been provided to support the allegations. This investment firm allows clients to have multiple investment accounts.

Alliance Limited Scam Review, Alliance Limited Platform

Alliance limited accepts bitcoin as their mode of payment. The withdrawal method is not Known to the Investor. No banking information has been provided to assert the genuineness and earn your trust.

The platform brags about having managed global international equity in discipline and consistent manner. The company claims it invests personally in strategies that operate and ensure their interests are aligned to those of the Investor.

The alleged team of professionals is dedicated, and they claim to believe all investors should have at least information and the best wealth managers. However, how the team generate the income is not mentioned and only raises more doubts regarding the company.

The platform should avail evidence showcasing they are indeed performing well in the industry. Alliance limited should display their accomplishment for the public to see. It should also disclose the win rate, business model, and the draw down.

Additionally, they should credit the team they are bragging of by publishing who they are and the qualification they have to handle investors’ money.

Regulation and Customer Support

Alliance Limited is not regulated. The company claims that its services are registered and regulated by ASIC in Australia. However, during our research to discover that these allegations are false. The platform is not recognized under the legal registration body.

The Company claims that users from all over the globe can access the services that it renders. For any company to be allowed to collect funds from the public regulatory procedures are necessary.

Unregulated platforms easily go again law whenever they choose to. There is criminal prosecution once they’re caught by the authoritative body. Legal trading platforms always showcase regulatory certificates to investors, and easily investors trust with the fund.

The Company provides the address of PO Box 120 Fitzroy Vic 3065 Australia. However, this location is just made up and does not exist. The platform’s email is [email protected] and [email protected]

Alliance Limited claims to provide 24/7 services and customer support to investors. The Company features no telephone contact. For any investor who requires assistance, you need to fill out a support form. Sadly, it is not guaranteed you will receive feedback.

Alliance Limited Investment Plan

Scam platforms use massive investment plans to target you into depositing money into their accounts. The returns in the past were possible to attain. Unfortunately,  due to the immense growth of the trading world, reaching this target requires patience and skill. has one investment plan. It offers a compelling 2% daily returns on the investment. The company allows a minimum deposit of $100 for ten days.

The amount they accept as their initial capital is enormous, and the platform may not be the best choice for all investors. There are better companies that allow as low as $10. The company is not transparent, and investing with it will lead to a considerable loss. Nonetheless, you also risk losing your data to fraudsters.

The withdrawal information is missing from the company. We cannot tell if there are hidden charges. Investing with unregulated companies has a lot of disadvantages as the platform can impulse or ask for more funds for them to release your money.

The company, additionally, does not feature banking information.  The financial watchdogs require investment firms to disclose the institutions they safeguard their user money. It helps to protect clients’ money by ensuring they do not cash indirectly to the scammers’ pockets.

Alliance Limited Affiliate Program

Scam requires traffic on the website for them to stay active. The can only do this by using initial members to refer new members into the platform. In return, they earn an agreed commission.

Alliance limited members can invite new members into the platform using the special customized link, and once the deposit funds, you earn a certain percentage from the money they deposit.

For every member, you refer to Alliance Limited; you receive 10% of the initial deposit. Initial investors, however, don’t have to deposit any amount for them to start earning from the affiliate program.

Domain Insights

You can determine when a company was launched using available data on The company,  was registered in September 2019 and the registration expires in September 2021.

The company domain name is According to Alexa global ranking Alliance Limited ranks at 255326, their audience is mostly in India. You can see the company is barely a year old but they have massive traffic coming to their website.

Alliance Limited Final Verdict

The Company is not regulated on the problem with this kind of company once they meet the target; they easily go out of existence. The platform is operating illegally since it generates funds from the public all over the world without regulatory documents.

The Company uses false locations to hide their Shady business. No banking data has been provided, and the withdrawal method is murky. Invest with only trustworthy investment firms in the market. Lack of banking information only proves that your money is not secure. If you trust them with your funds, they may end up swindling your cash and even blacklisting you.

You may come across messages on social media, inviting you with the lucrative deals. However, don’t be so quick to fall for the catch, you may end up losing hard and money. Alliance limited method of operation is Shady and has not delivered any evidence to back up the acclaimed offers.



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  1. Megha


    Its a scam company, if you will ask to ASIC, they will reply this company is not registered. so better check online properly and then invest

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