Arbitex Review: Beware of this Program

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You will be redirected to after clicking the image is an online best trading platform that claims arbitration in the cryptocurrency market as their main activity. The platform claim to buy cryptocurrency assets on exchange at a lower price and selling them to another person at a higher cost making a profit from the difference.

The company promise investors opportunity to choose from various trading opportunities with most advantageous returns from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The company brags, of having developed rare software; Matic Engine. software allegedly bypasses the volatility risk in oil and claim automatic mode feature that performs its operation in a matter of seconds. The company claims to have partners all over the world and accounts for various cryptocurrency exchange.

The Investment firm claims to continuously add recent exchanges gaining new local Partners in the process. The software used by the platform allegedly compares prices for different cryptocurrencies on different exchanges and only generating the best options for the Investor.

The method the software uses to come up with profitable Returns is not well known by the Investor, exposing some shadiness in their dealings. alleged “Matic Engine” enables the company to track the prices of different crypto assets and exchanges they work within real-time.

The company claims that the profit received from the transaction directly goes to other the sub-accounts, and further distribution will be conducted between the platform local Partners and investors In the company. The company boasts the system enables them to have a stable income from each transaction.

Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading
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The company promises you constant improvement of the software and consistently adding new exchanges to generate stable income for a longer period. The platform tries to hide their murkiness by using stock images as company members.

The images of  the alleged employees are names of just random people, and they have no relation with the company. The company accepts transactions from multiple e-currency.

The company accepts citizens from every country across the globe past participants in the Investment proposals. The minimum accepted deposit of $10 on the maximum deposit limit is set to $50000. Scam Review, Platform

Despite the company claims of profitability, no visible evidence has been provided to back up their allegations. The company claims all the withdrawals are processed instantly, yet no customer is seen successfully withdraw funds from the account.

No bank information has been provided to customers; this only proves that fund safety is not guaranteed. You risk losing fans to anonymous people as you’re not aware of who is handling your money.

The company brags being the most profitable investment platform, and the tools the platform uses automates the world of cryptocurrency. Trust only legit companies in the world of cryptocurrency.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company is not regulated for any platform to be allowed to generate funds from public regulation is a mandatory requirement by the governing authorities. Companies that are not regulated risk facing criminal prosecutions once they’re caught.

Legal, regulated companies will always show off legal regulatory certificates to investors, and they earn the investors trust. The investment firm telephone contact is + 44 203 573 4022. An email address is provided but only for contacting the representative offices.

In case you require feedback or assistance from the company, you need to fill a feedback form and hopefully wait for a reply. The company has two representative offices in the UK and Malta, respectively; Arbitex Trading Inc. One Canada Square, Canary, Wharf, London &E14 5AB United Kingdom.

Malta address is STJ, St Julians Triq Dragunara San Gillijan STJ 3141 Malta. company address during our research we discovered that it was just made up and it was just made to assert genuine Investment Plan features characteristics of scam companies. Ponzi scheme uses attractive overestimated return estimation to attract investors into depositing money or indulging in the business.

The trading platform has six different investment plans you can choose to invest in; the first loan guarantees investors 130 percent after a single day. The next investment plan offers 200% after just three days.

Arbitex Scam Review, Plan

The third investment plan grants you 300% after 5 days. 500% is guaranteed after 7 days.  In just 15 days, the return number is estimated to over 1100%.

The last plan after 30 days promise Clients 2500% these return numbers are highly attractive, and you should not fall for the catch. All the Investment plans allow a min of $10 and a maximum deposit of $50000.

The misconception that a pyramid scheme uses to indicate that cryptocurrency investment is a get rich quick scheme is wrong and misleading. To make a decent earning in this niche, you need to have patient like in every other investment. Nonetheless, you need adequate knowledge of how the market works.

Funds Safety 

Investors’ money is not safe in this pyramid scheme. The company does not avail of any banking information to the public. It means the deposit that client makes is directly cashed into the pockets of these professional scammers.

You cannot make a follow up on your cash, and you will only end up making huge losses. Additionally, the platform does not use quality security protocols, and they may spread false allegations of them being hacked.

Additionally, the owner of Arbitex is running it behind the shadows. It is to ensure the law does not catch up with them. The business model that this company uses is lurking, and we firmly believe there is no mining taking place.

Affiliate Program

For the continuous running of the Ponzi scheme do companies need to generate more traffic to their website, and they only do this by promising initial investors to ascertain commission-only bringing a new member into the investment firm.

For the affiliate program, you do not need to deposit; you can directly earn from the members’ deposit. assure investors the capability to earn up to 15% from each completed referral you managed to bring into the company.

However for you to get the 15% first have to start from 3% and later increased to 5% as the maximum referral percentage commission.

Once you complete registration for specific links created in which you can use to send it to friends and once they use your link and deposit funds you earn from the funds they deposit your commission. Domain Insights

According to, the company is registered on 2020 May until the 2021 May platform to the domain name is The company, according to Alexa global ranking, ranks at 1,547,853. The main target audience for The Platform in Bangladesh.

Final Verdict

The company has not provided contact information or location details and even banking data, which are essential for any legit Trading Company. The return estimation by this company is not attainable within the short time speculated.

The use of stock images is an ultimate red flag by this company. The company is not regulated and they can easily go against set guidelines whenever they want.

Arbitex method of operation is shady, and their focus is the fund that you deposit. Once you deposit the funds, the company may blacklist you or even block your details; hence you should avoid such companies and only trust legit platforms.

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