ASJ Forex Global Review: A Dangerous Broker

ASJ Forex Global Review
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ASJ Forex Global cannot afford regulation fees, and they easily risk facing bankruptcy quickly. Also, the company does not provide details of the founders and its employees because they risk

ASJ Forex Global is an online investment company that aims to provide forex and CFD investment services. However, the website has a poor outline that raises more concern about its benefits. The company aims to target Asian investors since the website is Chinese. Accordingly, the investment world is no child’s play. Also, you will have a terrible investment experience without reliable investment strategies. 

ASJ Forex Global Review, ASJ Forex Global Company

Scammers tend to take advantage of the high competition in the market. Often you come across state-of-the-art services promises to traders and massive profits. However, any intelligent trader considers several factors before opting to invest in any entity.

ASJ Forex Global exposes multiple red flags in this equitable review of the entity. The company immediately urges traders to set up an account and benefit massively. How they attract the same returns is questionable and very doubtful. Meanwhile, these forex trading companies apply reliable strategies. Unlike ASJ Forex Global, you will enjoy a pleasant investment experience.

The company does not apply any risk management measures such as stop-loss. Moreover, the market faces high volatility, and you should use such features to protect you from massive losses during sudden market shifts. ASJ Forex Global does not apply or offer any sensible services to its customers. Additionally, it targets all sorts of investors. Nevertheless, any expert Trader will immediately stay away from the entity at all costs. Review does not have any educational materials to assist beginners in grasping and gaining more knowledge of the market. However, novice traders require webinars or video tutorials missing in the platform. Even school fraudulent companies often have basic explanations of trading terms, and you can find similar information for free on the internet.

ASJ Forex Global does not reveal the kind of algorithm its software uses. The company looks forward to providing automated trading services. Nevertheless, you should be cautious not to end up purchasing the wrong trading instruments. Also, automatic trading is preferable to humans as they do not mix emotion with investments. Furthermore, fraud entities also promise state-of-the-art services, and when signing up for the same, the results are shocking.

ASJ Forex Global does not have any evidence of qualifications. Accordingly, the founder’s information and its employees are a mystery. Hence you’re likely to rely on trade directions from people who do not know how the market operates. The company requires you to share personal information during registration, yet they hardly follow suit. ASJ Forex Global does not provide data on the people behind its operation. Because they result in opening clone entities and attempting to swindle more money from innocent targets.

How Operates does not have a commendable style of operation. The company functions anonymously, raising more doubts about its services. Also, it resembles, in numerous ways, a scam entity. So expecting some sort of preferential treatment is unlikely. Accordingly, you should fully understand how the company operates before investing your money in the platform. The company will find multiple ways to persuade you into depositing for no reason.

Hence you will come across attractive profits within a short time. ASJ Forex Global may use bonuses on the first deposit amounting to 100% of the initial deposit. Nevertheless, you cannot access the reward money even after meeting to set tasks. Also, the company only targets your cash, and once this is over, consider any business between you and them done. They might result in denying you access to its services or your account.

ASJ Forex Global does not have any evidence of trade activities going on. Additionally, the company might be attracting negative returns, and posting such information does not attract new customers. Moreover, some months of trade history helps in determining the kind of returns to expect.

The investment firm software is not compatible with MetaTrader, suitable for investment purposes. Also, relying on the web trader may expose you to third-party attacks. The company features market analysis that comes from unreliable sources.

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Funds Safety

ASJ Forex Global does not provide any reasons to recommend investing any amounts with the platform. Additionally, the safety of your funds should be a top priority in any company. The investment firm functions anonymously, and you should not trust such with your money. Also, they keep your money at risk. Personal data may end up in the wrong hands.

The company does not have a demo account to test and familiarise with its operation before investing real money. Moreover, they do not feature any bank details to verify your cash is safe. The company only appears to benefit the people behind its operation. There is no evidence of swift transactions made by customers. 

Hence the unsung people behind may end up keeping your money in personal accounts as they persuade you to wait for mysterious returns. The company does not have positive feedback from its customers, yet they brag about making thousands of customers rich.

ASJ Forex Global Deposit and Withdrawals

The company does not reveal to its customers the minimum investment amount. Additionally, you have to contact them for similar details. Scammers will then persuade you to make hefty deposits for no reason. The company does not have any appropriate funding options that you can use. Nevertheless, wire transfer and cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Hence you should stick to the credit card debt option for chargeback up to 540 days.

The company does not explain how long it takes to process your request. Additionally, there is no evidence of any successful withdrawals made by customers. The company will likely hold on to your money for long as they find ways to disappear with your cash. Also, you may come across hefty commissions and still be unable to access your funds.

Customer Support

ASJ Forex Global does not have any reliable support system. Also, the location address is unknown, and the only claim to be based in Hong Kong with no address. Nevertheless, scammers tend to maintain high anonymity. The investment firm is likely to cut off communications upon receiving your money.

Working customer support boosts the trust between you and the entity. Additionally, looks forward to a friendly interface that is impossible to attain without proper customer relations. Also, you should receive an instant reply to your query, if not fast. 

Regulation Status of ASJ Forex Global

ASJ Forex Global it’s not under the radar of any legit regulator. Also, the company does not provide any relevant information to prove otherwise. Accordingly, it is illegal to generate funds from the public without mandatory following regulation measures.

However, these regulated forex companies showcase tremendous transparency. You can easily find and verify the regulation data with the responsible watchdog due to the rampant increase in the number of scam entities. Different countries have set up various organs accountable for issuing regulations, and you should always check with the responsible organs. 

Moreover, scam companies barely survive in the market for long, and they go against guidelines quickly. ASJ Forex Global cannot afford regulation fees, and they easily risk facing bankruptcy quickly. Also, the company does not provide details of the founders and its employees because they risk facing criminal charges. 

Final Verdict

ASJ Forex Global has a terrible English translation. The company barely meets any standards for investment to recommend its services. Additionally, there is no safety guarantee for your funds or personal data.

Therefore you should invest with these reliable forex companies for application to investment experience. Unlike they apply a tried-and-tested investment approach to attract sensible returns.

12 Replies to “ASJ Forex Global Review: A Dangerous Broker”

  1. RK

    I got a request to join this platform for forex trading without any deposit payment. The person who introduce me will make the payment on my behalf.
    Once i start trading everyday, i will earn a little profit and my introducer will earn commission.

    I didn’t deposit any money yet. Wonder how they make money out of us?

  2. Trenz

    Hello RK, it’s been a month since you joined this platform. How’s the company? Is it not trying to scam other people? I also have a friend who introduce this to me and several websites or reviews claimed that the Asj Forex Global company is a scam which is understandable since it didn’t comply with the regulations of the local regulator like HKSFC (Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission).

  3. Lily

    I’ve joined asj last march because my friend who is working as public servant made a lot of money in it. He withdraw money and i saw it with my two eyes.

    • April

      Hello i just want to clarify something regarding on withdrawal .i also joined the platform a month ago and i withdraw my other funds yesterday morning but until now is still pending i would like to ask how long is the process to be approve?cause im starting to worry about it.

  4. Lee Ann

    I am in ASJ for about 2 months now. My money really grows. They are giving signal once a day from Monday to Friday. From my 10k in peso, it grew now to ₱110,000. I was able to withdraw. I think there are points here that are not actually true. Because it says no positive feedback from real customers. We are not just posting things on the social media, but We have a GC and a TG account where lots and lots have grown profits and withdraw profits in regular basis. Withdrawal is successful, in binance and Gcash as I tried myself. Just wait for 1-2 days. Also, they have been resolving issues very fast. Example my friend who is in PH asked his son residing in Canada to open his account and change his password. Later on ASJ detected it, and they banned his account. The owner of the account was given 24 hrs To chat customer service to verify his indentity. They secured his account Because Asj thought his account was hacked by someone in Canada. But They resolved the case within the same day. Also when the closing option seems a bit delayed in trading due To server issues, they fix their server immediately. I think the writer of this is bias and a competitor. I myself is also reluctant at first considering all mentioned here in the internet. But I gave it a shot, little money at first. And if I was able to withdraw. I found out many who posts to spread misinformation about ASJ are merely competitors of them. So that’s why.

    • ronelski

      I am a new member of asj forex and my problem now is how to withdraw my funds because there’s no option for withdrawal.

  5. dj

    for now asj alwys say for update server so you can withdraw easly but for now nothing happen and they move your account into new site and you canot git your money or transfer you need to make new account and they give you equity at 0.05% only

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