AstroFxBtcm Review: Absurd Broker

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AstroFxBtcm Review
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AstroFxBtcm is mainly looking for novice traders. They even claim to lead in the market as the best investment platform. It is a bold statement coming from a venture that is only a few months old.

AstroFxBtcm is a company that assures investors of high income. The platform is mainly dealing with cryptocurrency trading. All you need to do to earn these high returns is open an account. The venture is also trading forex. 

AstroFxBtcm Review, AstroFxBtcm Company

The venture claims it deals with crypto mining activities. However, the scheme does not disclose the location of the mining farm, software, and hardware used to mine. Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most expensive activities. The majority of investors cannot afford to set up mining farms. 

Therefore, they join existing companies and earn retail returns. AstroFxBtcm alleges it works with professionals. They have people who are qualified in various sectors. However, it is hard to believe this information. The scheme does not credit the team. The most minor an entity can do is to operate in full transparency.

Customers need assurance that their funds are in safe hands. Another unverified statement is the company’s claims of earning huge profits. The venture does not have a performance report. Investing in the venture simply because it makes some claims is a blind move. Review

AstroFxBtcm guarantees its system is secure. Therefore, customers have nothing to worry about in terms of their safety. Unfortunately, DDoS encryption is not enough to protect your information when you get to bed with scammers. The people who will be handling your cash are con artists. They can choose to sell your data or use it for manipulation. 

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You can never be certain with fraudulent entities. Moreover, we are not aware of the mechanism being used by the platform to generate constant returns. The market is super volatile. Even the best entities in the market don’t guarantee the outcome. They do their best to minimize the risks while maximizing returns. 

AstroFxBtcm is mainly looking for novice traders. They even claim to lead in the market as the best investment platform. It is a bold statement coming from a venture that is only a few months old. The firm made its first digital footprint in June 2020. The domain will expire after one year. 

The is a high likelihood of the shady venture exiting the industry prematurely. Our main concern is the lack of a license and anonymity. If the venture has nothing to hide, it would observe transparency. Ensure you choose the best cryptocurrency investment company. A platform that is indeed investing instead of wasting your time and resources. 

AstroFxBtcm Trading Conditions 

AstroFxBtcm trading accounts are ridiculous. The scheme has four packages. The Starter perk expires after one week. It requires clients to deposit $250 to $499. You can expect a return ranging from $250 to $850. That is 25% ROI in 7 days. Things get better in the Legend account. 

If you invest $3000 to $50,000, you will earn 100% returns. That is a profit of $2,840 to $35,000 on top of your capital. The mechanism being used by the platform is still a mystery to us. No venture in the industry we know of generates such ROI. 

Who would need to work if there is a scheme capable of generating attractive profits? Furthermore, the more money you are willing to deposit, the greater the outcome. Watch out for such schemes as they use deception to win you over. The only thing you will end up getting is devastating losses. Review, Features

AstroFxBtcm also has a referral program. You will earn a 7% commission for every person you invite. To participate in the affiliate, you don’t have to deposit cash. However, you should note that promoting investment services without a license is illegal. People that you invite to the shady scheme can sue you when they lose funds.

Refrain from referring people to new bogus websites. There are many ways to earn money, but choosing a Ponzi scheme will only leave a dent in your pocket. Invest wisely and stick to licensed firms.

Withdrawal and Deposit 

The unregulated venture state observes fund safety. It does this by ensuring it reviews the withdrawal requests carefully and handles the transactions manually. The scheme brags it pays customers within 5 minutes. We are yet to see anyone that has earned from the site. 

Sadly, we have yet to see a successful trader who has cashed out from the firm. AstroFxBtcm is likely to ask for hidden charges when you attempt to withdraw cash. Be wary of schemes that do not feature withdrawal requirements. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

The entity is using a fake office address. Suppose you cannot trust a scheme with its contact details. You better quit any further engagement. AstroFxBtcm provides a phone number and email address. However, we highly doubt the scheme will maintain contact after they have stolen your money. 

The scheme is not transparent. Therefore, refrain from sharing personal data with the venture. The platform is also using fake testimonials to win over more people. The firm is using stock images to persuade more people to deposit cash with them. 

AstroFxBtcm is a pure Ponzi scheme. The firm is not worth your time. The safety of your cash should be your main priority. If you deal with exposed scammers, be rest assured you will lose everything. 

AstroFxBtcm Regulatory Status

AstroFxBtcm claims to be in business legally. Instead of presenting a regulatory form from the entity with a registration certificate. The document does not serve any use. The form is easily and cheaply acquired. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the UK’s financial watchdog. 

The agency is reputable and oversees the activities of investment schemes in the country. A broker cannot operate if it cannot afford 730K EUR capital. The broker should also operate in full transparency. It should submit the name of individuals managing its activities.

AstroFxBtcm is not working with a reputable bank. There is no segregation of accounts. The money you deposit goes directly to the scammer’s account. The firm is most likely going to exit the market when you at least expect it. 

The benefit of trading with a licensed company is that you trade with peace of mind. You have the assurance that the broker will be there even when you least expect it. The trading conditions are also idyllic. If any issue emerges, the authority will solve the problem amicably. 

AstroFxBtcm Fund Safety 

AstroFxBtcm is a deceptive scam. The entity claims it has been in the market for over four years. As we have seen, the website is new and only a few months old. A venture that can lie about such minor details can do the unthinkable. The firm is only looking after its sole well-being. 

The company also feature statistics showing the total deposits and withdrawal done since its existence. You should not put such information into consideration when choosing an investment venture. Ponzi schemes use false statistics to make them appear reputable. 

Final Verdict 

AstroFxBtcm is a scam purporting to be dealing with crypto investment activities. The venture is operating illegally and does not care whether customers make losses. The advertised returns are vague and unrealistic. Even the registration form number is fake. 

Invest with genuine crypto companies in the market. You will earn passive income without having to worry about your safety. These are schemes that have established themselves. The customer support is also professional and reliable. 


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