Astute Limited Review: Mining Scam

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Astute limited is an alleged Australian-based company that strives to stay at the forefront of Bitcoin Industries. The company claims to be fully active in Bitcoin mining, the company promise to offer numerous investors attractive investment opportunities.

The investment firm, the use of advanced infrastructure, and automatic payments generate more profit for its members. Astute Limited promises investors zero losses incurred while trading with them.

The company claim it mainly focuses on crypto mining, and the only currency they operate bitcoin once you deposit the bitcoin it gets converted into the dollar. The trading world, like every other business, has some good and bad days, and losses are to be met while trading. How this company plans to operate to meet the said return is not known to the investors.

The company also claimed involvement in the insurance products and promised to make your business shine by the use of the two massive Investment plans. Once you make a deposit, you will need to wait for the deposit to get processed for a couple of days.

Legit trade platforms will always make the deposit available in the balance section, and you can easily trade at your own desired time. The company also does not provide the withdrawals instantly, and you have to wait until the withdrawal is ready for you to access your funds, and even the time you have to wait is not estimated. Review

How alleged infrastructure plan to operate is not transparent and only raises more doubts on the platforms dealing. The company founders are not known, and this is a red flag.

The company claims the risk management protocol involves rigorous internal controls and limits.Call Traders are promised to be taken with a focus on risk management and proper leverage.

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Legit trade companies will always provide information to the employees and the owners of the company to prove the genuineness. The platform accepts 3 e-currencies partners Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. Scam Review, Astute Limited Platform

The company does not Grant fund safety to investors have no banking information has been provided, and this only proves that you should not trust them with your phone. The method for withdrawal also Shady.

You are promised lightning-fast transactions, and you can transfer funds to your wallets whenever you want instantly with no delays or extra charges. The company claims to offer a user account security by applying: the two-factor authentication method, safe code cryptocurrency storage, and financial viability.

Nothing this platform promise you makes perfect sense, and you should not believe anything they promise to offer in return, the approach towards the profit return is murky. Trust only legit crypto company that have a trading history.

The location for the company is also not known to the Investor. The Investment firm loses the customers’ trust because of the lack of transparency by hiding their location. Hiding the company’s location only proves from Shady dealings behind the platform.

Regulation and customer support

Astute limited has telephone contacts +46764482761. The support email is Despite the contact information being available, this does not prove that you will receive feedback from the company if you require assistance.

This platform is operating illegally, and  they are not regulated by the legal, regulatory bodies. The company risks facing criminal charges once they are caught by the authorities.

For any trading company to be allowed to access funds from the public, regulation is a mandatory requirement by the law.

The trading world is vast growing, and different countries have said different regulations to protect the Citizens from scam companies.

Legit trading platforms that follow legal requirements always show investors legal, regulatory certification, and they easily earn the investors’ trust. Contact among investors and clients is a major builder of mutual relationships between the company and the client.

Astute Limited Investment Plans

Pyramid Scheme uses massive return numbers to lure investors into depositing funds in their accounts. Astute Limited has tempting investment plans. The minimum deposit is $50 in the first plan and offers investors a 2.5% daily profit for up to six days. The second investment plan of a 3% daily.

This return number, any trader with experience of the crypto world you will notice some shadiness in the claim investment plans. Logically speaking, the ROI that Astute Limited offers its clients raises red flags.

Their competitors are not offering anything close to this company. Let get a bit realistic; do you think that any company, after realizing a profitable venture they would share it with the public? They would probably use the time to open their portfolio instead of wasting it to advertise their services.

It is everyone for himself, ask yourself what is in for the pyramid scheme. The withdrawal method is not even clearly outlined. Usually, what happens with pyramid schemes you will be able to see your earnings, but you cannot withdraw the money.

Additionally, funds are not secure in this company as they do not avail of information regarding the financial institutions where they segregate their clients’ funds. The loopholes should not be taken lightly.

The lucrative program that they have is only meant to fish in as many victims as they can. However, it seems they do not have a lot of traffic coming on their website. The company is destined to collapse, and sooner or later, they will go out of existence.

Affiliate program claims the affiliate program is a great way for you to make money by attracting new members into the platform. platform to stay Active they need to generate traffic into their websites.

Initial investors can invite new members, and in return. They earn a specific percentage return commission from the new member deposit. 10% of the customers’ deposit is projected as a referral commission that you receive.

The Investment firm claim that once you complete registration. You can access the referral section and a referral link will automatically be created. Additionally,  you can use to invite friends using the link. The referral section features are representative bonuses where are you receive 15% once you become a representative of the platform.

Astute Limited claim that in the referral section. You will be able to find banners that you may share with new members once the member uses the link of the banner to join the platform. Hence, you can automatically become a member as your invite.

Domain Insights

According to, the company is registered in 2020 May for one year till 2021 the same month. The domain name for the company is The ranking for the platform, according to Alexa global ranking, is 6,076, 620. The company’s target audience is unknown.

Astute Limited Final Verdict

The company’s investment plans do not add up, and you should not trust them with your money. The company is not regulated, and once the main agenda is attained, the company will cease to exist.

The location of the company whereabouts is not known and this is a thumbs down and a major red flag. Ensure you invest with reputable investment company in the market. No banking data has been given to members of the company. Hence trusting the company with your money is an unwise decision.

Astute Limited method of operation is murky, and no evidence is visible to back up their claims. You risk sharing your personal information with mysterious people. Moreover, no company founders, or employee information has been availed to the Investor.

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