Atlantic Holdings Inv Review: Absurd Scam

Atlantic Holdings Inv Review
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 Atlantic Holdings Inv allegedly accepts deposits via wire transfers, e-Wallets (ETF, APM), and credit cards. However, to deposit to the broker, you must first contact website support. As a result, we could not ascertain the payment processes utilized by Atlantic Holdings Inv. Why wouldn’t a trustworthy broker give you the means to securely deposit on your own? Evidence shows scammers such as this broker mainly use dubious payment processors, which is why they want you to inquire first.

Atlantic Holdings Inv is a fraudulent broker posing as legitimate. We are not surprised as most brokers claiming to be genuine are quite the opposite. With forex trading experiencing rapid expansion in online investment, many investors now engage in profitable virtual trades in this space. To protect investors from fraud and manipulation, the markets are regulated by oversight organizations, including FCA, CySEC, CFTC, and ASIC. Despite the regulations efforts, some brokers still manage to woo gullible investors and steal from them. Review, Company

As you plan to invest in the forex market, be wary of the numerous phoney brokers in digital investment spaces. It is important to note that most of these brokers employ dishonest tactics to convince you that they are your best investment choice. They will lure you into their malicious schemes with incredible incentives, such as bonuses and commissions.

 The good thing is that identifying an authentic forex broker is not so hard when you are keen. There are usual not-so-veiled red flags you will notice and realize a broker is up to mischief. As a general tip, always look for proof of regulation and contradictions that may stick out in trading conditions, addresses, and client agreements. For more clues, read the following review. Review

According to Atlantic Holdings Inv, brokers on this platform can access over 200 trade instruments, including forex, cryptos, stocks, and CFDs. The information on the website does not reveal which company owns this broker. This tells us that, like other scammers, the broker thrives on anonymity.

Speaking of the platform’s benefits, the broker states that investors will enjoy unrestricted trading and negative zero balance protection. To ensure data and transaction security, investors’ accounts and funds are supposedly protected through SSL encryption. The broker also claims to avail of an unparalleled trading platform optimized for any device. The broker also purports to offer extensive education through ebooks, webinars, and interactive courses.

Upon searching in the whois database, we discovered that the broker registered on 29 July. At only 110 days, the broker lacks a solid track record and may need more time to be established. These findings dispel the broker’s claims about being a veteran in the market.

Contact Details

Atlantic Holdings Inv claims to be in Australia and Canada. However, since the broker has not given their corporate address for either country, we cannot verify the accuracy of such statements. The broker is calculating and knows tagging such location adds credence to its regulation status, given that brokers in the two jurisdictions are heavily monitored. Don’t fall for this.

While customer service support is crucial, be careful who you give access. With most illicit brokers, contacting them presents them with a perfect opportunity to further influence you to invest with them. So, even though the broker provides telephone and email contact, that does not mean you should contact them. In any case, you should only contact the broker after you are satisfied with their regulation status and terms of service.

Investment Plan

Atlantic Holdings allegedly offers five investment accounts. The first is the new investor, with a minimum deposit requirement of $250. Besides that, the plan lacks details on crucial trade parameters like spreads. Next, the passive income plan has a funding threshold of $10000. Traders in this plan also access bonuses.

The third plan is the build wealth package, where an investor needs at least $50000. The perks that come with this plan include level 3 prioritized withdrawals and dedicated account management. To open an investment secrets account, a trader must part with no less than $100000 for an account. In contrast, the Atlantic Holdings legacy account requires $250000.

The initial deposit requirements are way too high, betraying the broker’s intention to steal as much from you. Remember, you can start trading with a registered broker for much less. If you are serious about investment, it also implies you are keen on risk minimization, which you won’t have in this platform.

Deposit & Withdrawal Requirements

Most reputable brokers ensure that deposit methods are transparent and convenient for users. To this end, they allow payment options, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and well-known e-wallets like Sofort, Neteller, PayPal, or Skrill. With most of these channels, you can deposit, identify the recipient, or reverse if necessary.  

 Atlantic Holdings Inv allegedly accepts deposits via wire transfers, e-Wallets (ETF, APM), and credit cards. However, to deposit to the broker, you must first contact website support. As a result, we could not ascertain the payment processes utilized by Atlantic Holdings Inv. Why wouldn’t a trustworthy broker give you the means to securely deposit on your own? Evidence shows scammers such as this broker mainly use dubious payment processors, which is why they want you to inquire first.

Most brokers rarely request a withdrawal fee, but when they do, it is usually negligible. So if you find a broker asking for a significant sum, then it is obvious they are rogue. Like the scam it is, the broker levies a minimum of 30 USD/GBP/EUR. A 1 percent of the amount withdrawn also applies. Such an exorbitant fee aims to prevent you from withdrawing funds.

Trading Platform

 Atlantic Holdings Inv offers a web-based platform. These web platforms, which have some basic TA tools, are nowadays common offshore brokerage companies. After scrutinizing its trading platform, something piques our interest; the assets option says “suspended.” Why are the assets on a market that operates 24/7 suspended?

Atlantic Holdings Inv Review, Atlantic Holdings Inv Feature

Although unlicensed brokers may give access to more advanced platforms like MT4 or MT5, doing business with them is risky as they could manipulate their platforms. Turns out these scammers are employing rigged software to trick naïve investors into believing that they are investing money, while in reality, no trading is happening. Needless to say, you require a company with higher software uptime. 

Atlantic Holdings Inv Trading Conditions

Genuine brokers give customers access to a wide range of legal documents. The fact that such fine prints are accessible does not imply accuracy or truth. But the absence of these components strongly suggests that you are dealing with crooks. Atlantic Holdings Inv has availed requisite documents, shedding more light on the broker’s “exceptional conditions.” Surprisingly, the broker states that its T&Cs are subject to SVG’s laws. We’ll come to this later.

Another alarming statement on the broker’s FAQs caught our eyes; an investor must choose between GBP, EUR, or USD currencies. Once selected, you cannot change the currency. No decent broker limits the currency pairs you can trade or change, for that matter. But as you can guess, this broker is not even halfway decent.

The broker’s leverage is 1:400, while spreads are 3 pips. The leverage sets you up for excessive losses, and the spreads do not favor your profit prospects. Also, the broker offers a bonus, but the conditions attached are outrageous. For instance, a broker must meet a trading volume of 50,000 times the bonus amount before being allowed to withdraw. This standard is impossible, and you may never get your funds.

 Regulation status

Genuine brokers are usually licensed to offer services in respective jurisdictions only after fulfilling specific requirements. Conversely, illicit brokers never get a licence since they do not meet the standards for one. Despite claiming to be in Canada and Australia, the broker provides no license number to prove that. That’s one sign it is shady.

Moreover, if it operated in the alleged jurisdictions, we would have no trouble finding it in the respective agencies’ registry. But as it stands, Atlantic Holdings Inv’s details are missing from Canada’s CSA and Australia’s ASIC databases. So even if it were there, it would be operating illegally.

Now let’s come to the troubling part; the broker claims to be subject to SVG’s law. For those in the dark, SVG is a favorite Den for unscrupulous brokers like Atlantic Holdings. The jurisdiction appeals to lawless brokers since it has no regulations in place. Worse still, this country is known to protect these scammers from lawsuits. Save yourself the trouble by dealing with compliant brokers.

Our Take

While the evaluation may not exhaust all red flags, it at least shows that Atlantic Holdings Inv is not who it claims to be. Else, what with all those claims, we have disapproved. You need to be intentional with the standards you hold brokers to.

Therefore, consider the issues we have raised before investing and judge whether this is an authentic forex broker. Whatever you conclude, remember only a legit broker has your back in such an investment.



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  1. Dan

    Thanks for this information I now have decided from this review I will not be investing any more on my money into this offshore scam. Wish me luck with getting back what I’ve already invested…

    Another thing to add with these rouges is when ever you advise them you no longer what to deposit more for bigger gains they get very impatient and tell you they will liquidate the account. I am thinking it’s a scare tactic to make you invest more funds. They manipulate you to make you feel like your making the wrong decision.

    Thanks a million for the heads up and now I’ll be doing my homework before I jump the gun.

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