Atradez Review: a Dangerous Platform

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Atradez uses a fake office address. This is not new to us, as we have reviewed thousands of similar fraudulent companies. They st up random addresses for transparency purposes. Fraudsters are not foolish to blow up their cover by letting the authority and their victims know their whereabouts.

Atradez is a company that is allegedly offering a trading solution to investors. They also provide educational material to increase the trading knowledge of clients. Their main target audience is day-traders. Clients are assured of great success and income. All this can be achieved by following the brokers’ strategy. 

Atradez Review, Atradez Company

The platform is also targeting novice traders. Those that have never traded before. It is through firm guidance that adequate skill shall be obtained. The entity state investors can attain thousands of profits in a day. The only thing the company requires from clients is their effort and dedication. 

If trading were as easy as con artists make it appear, then there wouldn’t be any reason for us to work. Everyone would be taking a vacation and enjoying themselves. The economy would end up collapsing. What scammers propose are mare fantasies. The lies sound so sweet, but you will face agony when their plan doesn’t work.

Some of these fraudsters lack a trading background. They only set up attractive websites and fill them with sales pitches. Those looking for get-rich-quick schemes will only have themselves to blame. Atradez is proposing something that even the leading forex investment schemes cannot guarantee. Review

Atradez fails to disclose the financial expertise it works with. The reason behind the company not crediting the professionals in their workforce could be because there are no experts in the first place. Investors have the right to know the people handling their money. Additionally, the law mandate brokers to operate in full transparency. 

Therefore, companies must submit the parent company’s name, financial advisors, and account managers. This way, the authority knows who to go after if things go south. Your safety should always come first. Never settle with an anonymous scheme. They end up abandoning their course, violating clients’ rights and defrauding users. 

Atradez educational course only targets rookie traders. The information is not beneficial to expert traders. Their trading chat room allows clients to interact with professionals. Investors can learn from like-minded traders. There is also a live audio feed. Investors get to listen to “Ahmed Zamzam.” We do not know who he is and why our clients should trust anything he says.

Scammers tend to come up with fictitious characters to win customers’ trust by appearing transparent. The bottom line is that you cannot count on a shady firm to generate passive income.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading entities. The platforms are genuine and reputable. They are also fully regulated and transparent. Investors get to enjoy ideal trading conditions. The schemes have also been in the market for a long duration. You can check on their trading performance to make a sober decision. 

Trading Conditions of Atradez

Instead of showcasing its strategy, the venture purports it has a live streaming stock scanner. The tool allows users to identify all the profitable opportunities in the market. The broker is also sending weekly market analyses in the form of a video. 

Atradez is also trading cryptocurrencies and binary options. The latter has been banned in various jurisdictions due to the assets’ high risks. Binary options are not trading products. Investors need to determine if the price will increase or decrease. The analysis of the price is not considered an investment activity. 

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It becomes worse when dealing with offshore firms. Even if your assumption is right, the con artists will still find a way to manipulate the price. The only way you can avoid scammers is by trading with legitimate investment firms. 

Atradez has various trading plans. The least amount clients can deposit is $1000. The ROI ranges from 30% to 70%. Unfortunately, the company does not specify the maturity timeline. It could be days, months, or years for all we know. Scammers tend to provide inadequate information to serve their greedy needs. Withdrawal and Deposits 

We are not aware of the payment methods available. Atradez, a murky entity, could accept money via options that limit users from issuing a chargeback. The platform lacks a terms and conditions policy. They can, therefore, inflict hidden charges on customers. Review, Features

We have seen cases whereby unlicensed platforms ask for taxation and other malicious fees. The information will only be disclosed once clients request the withdrawal. The moment you deposit money, it is impossible to get the cashback. Investing with legitimate platforms gives you certainty. You have the guarantee your cash is safe. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Atradez uses a fake office address. This is not new to us, as we have reviewed thousands of similar fraudulent companies. They st up random addresses for transparency purposes. Fraudsters are not foolish to blow up their cover by letting the authority and their victims know their whereabouts.

The broker lacks a phone number and an email address. If you face any shortcomings, there is no way to resolve the issue. Ponzi schemes use different phone numbers to reach out to potential customers. Their sales reps are convincing. Even without intending to deposit cash, you may find yourself signing up. 

At first, they are friendly and professional. Things will take a turn when you realize something is off. The same individuals will become rude and unethical if you question them. They end up blocking your number. It is impossible to trace the fraudsters. Invest with reputable and genuine brokers to enjoy professional and world-class customer services. 

Regulatory Status of Atradez

Atradez misleads the public it is legally in business. The company is allegedly licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The financial watchdog is one of the best regulators in the market. A company must deposit a working capital of 730K EUR to acquire the license. 

Not many can afford the amount, which is why fraudsters choose offshore regions. They do not have to follow any rules. The financial body monitors the trading activities of the brokers. They must report their opening and closing account transactions every day. 

Scammers cannot risk sharing their trading results. This is because most of them are not trading. They only come up with fake statistics to trap more victims. Atradez does not have legal documentation. Surprises will hit their customers when they try getting back their cash. Taxation and other unmentioned charges shall arise.

Moreover, the platform is not working with a reputable financial institution. They may be units to survive the market volatility. Additionally, the platform will leave clients high and dry when they list expect. Invest with reputable investment schemes that observe the rules set by financial bodies. They provide better trading conditions. Their withdrawal terms are also favorable, and you can earn passive income. 

Final Verdict 

Atradez is an offensive Ponzi scheme. The platform is not worth traders’ funds. The entity is illegally in business. They promise high returns, yet nobody has come out to showcase their earnings. It is only fair to assume nobody has eaned using their shady platform. The scheme will eventually exit the market. Those who ventured with them will have to count their losses and move on. 

To avoid all the shortcomings of offshore firms, you can try out these legitimate forex trading companies. The platforms have years of experience and excellent trading performance. Additionally, their trading conditions are ideal. The brokers also handle the withdrawal request on time. 


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  1. MohammadPS

    I dont know who wrote this review but apparently he never was on atradez, they sell courses and have a live chat for preparation and live trading . They dont trade your money and the fee for the course is about 25usd a month . I have been with them for 6 months now and they teached me alot and never ever offered to trade my money for me

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