Authentic Option Trade Review: a Total Scam

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Authentic Option Review
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Authentic Option Trade does not have terms and conditions requirements. We do not know the minimum amount customers can cash out and if there are charges. Offshore companies ofter imply hidden charges. Deal with genuine brokers that outline their terms and conditions.

Authentic Option Trade is mainly dealing with cryptocurrency investment. Rookie investors are still falling for Ponzi schemes narratives. Cryptocurrencies are not a get-rich-quick scheme. The scheme promises vast profits, but various market factors make it impossible to attain such results. 

Authentic Option Trade Review, Authentic Option Trade Company

There are also fake testimonials. The broker uses stock images and intriguing information to trap more people. The people behind the venture remain anonymous. If anyone could discover a technique that earns such huge profits, they would not share the information or sell it for a low price. 

Authentic Option Trade is a dangerous Ponzi scheme. The venture is illegally in the market. Invest with authentic crypto trading companies. These are platforms that offer high-quality learning material. You will also trade while maximizing returns and minimizing the risks. Review

Authentic Option Trade claims it utilizes the latest technology in its trading activities. Customers will hence enjoy fast order executions and great rewards. Customer support is also available around the clock. Unfortunately, the information is only for marketing purposes. 

There is also a diagram showing the top trader. The information is unverified. We do not know if these are the real customers. We are yet to see any customers that have earned real-time returns from the platform.

Authentic Option Trade Trading Conditions 

It also appears Authentic Option Trade is only allowing specific customers. Scammers usually use intriguing adverts to promote their essential services. They will promise huge returns only to disappear in thin air. Investors looking to get rich overnight fall for the fraudster’s narratives.

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The company does not have trading software. The success of an investment scheme dramatically depends on the trading interface it avails. There are web-based platforms that have standard features. The application makes it easy for novice traders to acquaint themselves with the trading activities. Review, Accounts

On the other hand, we have the MetaTrader software, which many traders overly use. It has adorable features. Customers can chat and share their knowledge. Additionally, you can customize EAs and scripts. The software allows users to keep track of their orders with VPS. The entity has several advanced indicators and trading tools. 

Authentic Option Trade should not refer to itself as a broker. This is because even the trading conditions are not available. The scheme alleges customers can trade forex, crypto, indices, shares, and energies. 

The Ponzi scheme assures customers of 100% ROI after 72 hours. The mechanism and technique being used to earn the profit are unknown. Even the best platform in the markets cannot don’t make such profits. The asset the firms deal with is volatile. Hence, we would love to know how Authentic Option Trade mysteriously doubled the capital.

Withdrawal and Deposit 

Authentic Option Trade requires a minimum deposit of $500. Why would you deposit such huge funds when there aren’t trading services and products to invest in? The company is also only accepting funds via BTC and ETH. Scammers usually use cryptocurrency payments to hide their identities.

Investors cannot issue a chargeback once the deposit process is complete. Do not deposit money in digital currency with anonymous brokers. Instead of this scam making you rich, you will make them rich. 

Authentic Option Trade does not have terms and conditions requirements. We do not know the minimum amount customers can cash out and if there are charges. Offshore companies ofter imply hidden charges. Deal with genuine brokers that outline their terms and conditions.  

Contact Details and Customer Support 

The company contact information shows a USA address. Given the nature of the broker, we highly suspect the entity is using false information. The government of the United States would not allow such a bogus scheme to operate in its jurisdiction.

Despite the scheme promising high returns, it seems the broker cannot afford to employ quality customer support. Investors who face a challenge can either fill in the contact form or email the scheme. 

Authentic Option Trade will ignore your messages. The company does not care about clients’ needs. They will easily ignore your query when you contact them. Ironically, the platform requires customers’ data. Why would you share your contact information with a dodgy firm? That would only put you at more risk. Scammers are infamous for stealing the identity of customers. 

We also urge traders to look for customer feedback. Ventures that are new in the market or shady will rarely get the endorsement. Ensure that you know the experience of those who have used a particular broker’s services before. Choose reputable platforms as they have survived the market volatility. 

Authentic Option Trade Regulatory Status

Authentic Option Trade is an illegitimate company. The company should be in the financial watchdog database if it operates from the USA. The National Future Association (NFA) and Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) are the agencies supervising the trading activities of all brokers.

The watchdog has strict measures, and any entity operating from the region must have $20,000,000 capital. Additionally, the scheme should submit the name of the experts handling customers’ funds. All genuine schemes must operate in full transparency. If there is a problem, they are responsible. 

You will rarely find a licensed company violating the rules. Any mischief would lead to their license being revoked. The capital requirements are implemented to identify the severe brokers and those after clients’ funds. A licensed company will hardly go bankrupt. 

Genuine companies also value customers. Authentic Option Trade is using false information to gain more audience. Visit your local regulator’s website and check whether a broker has a license. Refrain from doing business with shady offshore companies 

Authentic Option Trade Fund Safety 

Suspicious offshore ventures do not offer fund safety to customers. The scheme observes a high level of anonymity. This is to help them to avoid being arrested. It is illegal to collect more from strictly jurisdiction areas. Scammers’ ultimate goal is to vanish with your funds. They will come up with vague claims of being hacked or going bankrupt. 

These schemes also enter the market as they please. Without putting into consideration the regulatory bodies’ requirements. The ventures work independently. Authentic Option Trade does not partner with a top-tier 1 bank. There is nobody keeping watch on your funds. 

The company could use the money for personal gains and not for investment. The shady broker does not offer negative account balance protection. Clients would therefore lose more money than what they initially deposited. 

Authentic Option Trade is not reporting its daily transactional reports to the financial bodies. Therefore, the chances of the firm manipulating market price are high. No action will be taken since this is an untraceable scheme. 

The bogus firm has been in the industry since June 2022. The firm lacks trading results and positive reviews from customers. The scheme cannot prove its authenticity. You are better off without them. Therefore, ensure you choose a reliable broker. 

Final Verdict 

Authentic Option Trade fakes its office address. You cannot trust a scheme unwilling to disclose its actual operating base. The trading conditions are not ideal. The people behind the platform are only looking after their greedy needs. 

Ensure that you trade with the best cryptocurrency investment platforms. These are reliable and transparent companies. They have been in the market for years. You can easily see their verified results. The brokers also clearly outline their terms and conditions, eliminating any surprises. 


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