Auvoria Prime Review: AI Bot Scam

Auvoria Prime ( is selling itself as an educational provider and trading tool. Our first impression of the AI managed robot is having a high cost compared to the industry’s standards. The website is full of suspicious activities as they don’t back any of their claims with evidence. There has been a lot of negative press on the platform due to service delivery. After receiving a number of complaints, we decided to carry out our own investigation. The review is meant to reveal what the AI robot is all about.

About Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime Review

On their about us page, they claim to offer clients world-class financial products. They want to help investors create a true legacy while creating financial security and stability. And they add a personal touch by claiming to care for client’s families as they create a joint legacy. Auvoria Prime claims to provide trading tools that specialize in the financial market. What this AI robot claims to give visitors is how the AI software works. They just offer information on AI technology without giving the technical details.

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Reading their core values, one would think that this is a worldwide organization. They try to sell themselves as a leading international brand. The problem is this brand is not recognized by players in the AI world. It is a huge problem trying to sell a product from an unknown entity. They claim to believe in altruism but the complaints surrounding the robot show otherwise. Investors should be wary of this platform as it is all sales talk and no service delivery. It is a robot pouncing on unsuspecting investors.

Analysis of the robot

It is an AI robot that goes for $149 and $267 a month. We have a huge problem with it as it fails to disclose the strategies available. They also fail to give investors the timeframes available on the software. Another problem is that they fail to disclose the number of currency pairs on the platform. It would seem that the bot is incapable of producing ample information to investors. And this is a sign we are dealing with an amateur platform. The website design may look professional, but the information reveals its true nature.

Assets traded on the robot

Information regarding the types of assets the robot works with is missing. No one knows whether they deal with CFDs, Commodities, Cryptos, or Forex. And this is a letdown as it is best to inform users of the assets available. In the case of Forex, users get to know the currency pairs available and leverage used. The problem with this bot is that it fails to give credible information on assets. Investors who purchase the products sign up blindly not knowing the full details. It is the main reason for their downfall.

Business Owner

Auvoria Prime is coming out as a big corporation with offices in the States and the United Kingdom. On the team’s page, we are introduced to a number of faces who play their staff part. According to the team’s page, Bill Wynne is the CTO of this platform. Joshua Phair is the Chief Financial Officer of the platform. These are stock images with made-up names. We tried to get their social medial handles and profiles but couldn’t find them. And this is why investors should shy away from the platform.

Comments from members

The few members who have bought the products are ruing buying such a worthless robot. Most of them have gone to social media platforms to rant their anger. They have been against the use of this robot for one reason. The end result is not what they expected. None of the members have had the chance to withdraw any profit. They also claim to make a huge loss which is a huge problem. It seems that the platform is nothing but shoddy AI robot software with no trading experience. Investors should be wary of such software.

Domain checker records

Domain details reveal that the website is one that was recently created. The information shows that the platform was created on 1st January 2020. And this is what makes us question the ability of the robot. For over four months, there has been no confirmation of an investor making any profit. New AI trading robots have one huge mountain to climb, convincing investors. The platform lacks the credibility to offer any meaningful AI managed robot trading services.

Products on sale

Auvoria Prime Product Packages

There are three customer packages available for sale on the platform. The packages listed include Ainstein, Alexander, and Airis. From what the packages offer, their biggest product is not available for US investors. Ainstein is a product solely for the European market which is a bit odd. They should offer the best product to every investor. Why they block US investors is what makes us know they are a scam. They are afraid that the US regulators will be able to track them down.

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Both the Ainstein and Alexander package go for a one-time price of $267 and $187 monthly later. The cheapest product is Airis which goes for $110 monthly and has a $39 monthly fee. They also offer affiliate packages that go for $10 monthly with a miscellaneous gift card.

License and Registration of Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime is not licensed or registered to offer any trading services to investors. The CFTC and NFA have not been given the robot any mandate to operate in their jurisdiction. And this is the main reason why investors should stay away from the platform. These are online scam developers looking to take advantage of the AI trading world. Investors should know that their investments don’t get any insurance cover. Once you deposit funds, there is no money-back guarantee feature.

In the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority has no product regulated under this name. The robot does not also have any license and regulation details under their terms and conditions. And this goes to show how the platform is careless. A real trading platform will ensure they post their compliance details for all to see. Without compliance, investments are far from being secure. There is no recovery agent that will be able to recover funds from an anonymous led platform.

Restrictions of Auvoria Prime

Contact and Support

Their contact page has a number of phone numbers and a message box. Visitors will have to give their names, email, and phone details. After we gave them our business address, we started receiving hundreds of spam emails. The emails were from their other products. And this shows that the message box is being used to harvest data. They use this data and sell it to third parties for promotional purposes. Ensure you don’t share your personal information with such platforms.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The platform is using two depository and withdrawal channels. Investors can deposit funds using MasterCard and Visa. The main problem with this platform is that there are no positive results on the robot’s ability. With such huge claims, they fail to provide any concrete trading results and show their AI bot works. And this is the main reason why we have to tag the robot as a scam. It has no proof of concept.

Safety of funds with Auvoria Prime

When it comes to the security of funds, it is clear there is none. The majority of complaints are from investors who fail to get their investment back. It is also clear that the robot does not have concrete proof of success. The website is also a security risk as it has no credible software. Hackers can easily hijack the product purchase process and steal credit card information. And it makes it a risky platform that needs to be flagged down.

Scam or Legit Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime Features

Auvoria Prime is an AI robot scam that must be exposed to ensure investors remain safe. The bot offers no trading results and is anonymous. Stay away from it and ensure you share this post with other investors.

Our Verdict

To protect our readers, we will be adding the AI software to our robot scam blacklist.

Stay safe and use recommended and trusted Forex trading robots. They are what you need to start trading safely and get realistic profit margins.

2 Replies to “Auvoria Prime Review: AI Bot Scam”

  1. Tom

    I have lost money with Auvoria. My acct was canceled due to an unsuccessful attempt on my credit card ( with plenty of limit). Four days went by and $3000 got wiped out as there was no mgt? I allegedly had $1800 in profit but with draw downs and negative profit I am out my entire investment. This deal run by networkers brings new folks in under the guise just let me get you set up so you only have to answer and approve all trades presented. You don’t have to do a thing? With the USD declining so to speak their bot AI bullshit system did not recognize the big swing and left me with a bunch of trades that can’t close. All this does is have you pay high monthly fees waiting for a USD comeback. Bad news and the upline are certainly acting as financial advisors without licensing likely required.

  2. Melanie

    Sorry but your assessment is completely incorrect. There are a group of us having success with one of their programs and their weekly training and insights are invaluable.

    I started small as I was skeptical however months in I am convinced. This is just another string to my portfolio that keeps me not only making money but keeping connected with frineds who are also enjoying the journey.

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