Auxitrading Review: A Perilous Broker

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Auxitrading anonymous founders are the only likely beneficiaries, and no data is showing previous trade results. Trade results help in gaining more trust with the entity. Therefore you should find atleast three months or more before you opt to make any investment.

Auxitrading is an offshore broker that looks forward to maximizing your bitcoin gains. The platform allows you to invest in; Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indexes, Commodities and Forex all in one platform. It allows users to get access to leverage of up to 100x.

Auxitrading Review, Auxitrading Company

However, high leverage is also significant when it comes to losses. Therefore you are probably wondering if Auxitrading is a scam or legit? The answer is no, and you are very likely to lose all your funds to the shady broker as they expose numerous reasons not to trust them with even a single coin.

Auxitrading mainly focuses on getting you to deposit, and from the first glance on the platform, you come across so many popups urging you to start trading. Even so, you should consider so many factors before you can fully invest your funds in any entity.

Meanwhile, these forex brokers apply tried and tested strategies to attract reasonable profits your way. They also have risk management features in place, such as stop-loss, unlike Auxittrading. They claim to give you immediate access to Cryptocurrencies like no other platform. Review urges its users that it takes up to 40 seconds to start trading with them. However, they should atleast have a demo account for you to familiarize with how the software work. They do not reveal any mechanics that it uses either, and you might end up relying on tools that do hard work in making profits. promises you top-notch expert-level services, and you should expect to operate with professionals. The level of professionalism in the showcase is questionable since there is no data on the founders or employees.

Therefore not only are your funds on the verge of falling into the wrong hands. You risk dealing with criminals and people who do not have any expertise in the trading world. Auxitrading allows users to open an anonymous account, and they don’t require your personal data. If perhaps you still want to trade with them, you also should not reveal your personal data.

To start trading, you have to fund your account with Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies. The trading world faces high volatility, and you should apply effective methods in case this happens to avoid massive investment losses.

How Operates aims to allow you investment opportunities in various Cryptocurrencies such as; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. They estimate capabilities of making profits that are barely attainable with the kind of strategies they apply.

Auxitrading claims to be a trading platform that is compatible with both new and experienced traders. However, the firm does not feature any helpful educational materials that will help you understand trading basics.

They will persuade you into making deposits and seize the one-time opportunities they allegedly have. Once you make a deposit eying the attractive bonuses up to 50%, you have automatically fallen for the bait, and that’s the end of any business between you and them.

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They may block you from accessing any services they provide or ignore your calls, or any means you use to reach out to them. Auxitrading does not seem to have any trade activities, and you can confirm this due to the lack of any trade activities history. So they are likely generating losses and are too ashamed to showcase similar info.

Auxitrading Client Feedback

Auxitrading does not have any reliable customer feedback that should persuade you to invest a single coin. They have no positive feedback, and they are likely to have paid for the same if you come across any.

Scammers find professionals on various platforms to develop fake positive reviews, and Auxitrading does no work any different. On the website, they have testimonials from well know trade-related entities such as MarketWatch.

However, you should stay cautious of such claims because scammers will use anything to lure you into making deposits.  Testimonials are also highly welcoming into any platform but without proof of the allegations are just mere. Also, you may find pyramid schemes using stock images and names that barely match.

Funds Safety

Auxitrading does not have any factor that shows your funds or personal data are safe. They do not have any banking information to show. That your funds are being kept safely. Banking information is helpful since you can easily contact the bank in case of any queries and creates an easily follow up process. Accordingly, there are many factors that you should consider before you can make any investment steps and confirm your money is safe.

Auxitrading anonymous founders are the only likely beneficiaries, and no data is showing previous trade results. Trade results help in gaining more trust with the entity. Therefore you should find atleast three months or more before you opt to make any investment. The anonymous founders may actually be keeping funds in personal accounts.

Auxitrading Deposit and Withdrawals

Auxitrading accepts Cryptocurrencies deposits, and we all know that such transactions cannot be reversed. Also, they do not have any refund policy that can help claim your funds back. They do not have any specific amount as the minimum deposit. Moreover, you should consider making deposits through credit/debit payment options as you can request a refund up to 540days after making a deposit.

Auxitrading Review, Auxitrading Trading Conditions

Nevertheless, you can trade with companies that accept various payment options such as Skrill, Visa Mastercard. Auxitrading only limits you to one funding option. There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals made by traders. You are likely to go through a hard time accessing your funds after trading.  Auxitrading does not have any withdrawal information that is helpful to customers. Hence it would help if you stayed away from

Customer Support

Auxitrading does not have telephone contact, and you can only reach out to them via writing through a chat section or email; Auxitrading will barely respond to any queries that you may have. They should atleast have a telephone number, and working customer support helps gain more trust with the company.

Therefore once Auxitrading has your money reaching them is very difficult. You should get a response to your queries almost immediately, and this creates a user-friendly interface. It also helps the customer feel more appreciated, and Auxitrading is just the opposite.

Auxitrading Regulation

Auxitrading claims to adhere to regulation measures fully, yet they do not fall under any legal, regulatory body. Accordingly, regulated forex brokers that you can count on show high levels of transparency, and you can always find and verify similar data.

Unregulated brokers do not last for long in the market. Auxitrading is likely going to face bankruptcy, or once they achieve targets, they can easily disappear with all your money.

The founders of the platform risk facing criminal prosecutions from their illegal operations, which is probably the reason for hiding similar data. They aim to provide services globally, yet they do not adhere to any regulations. Due to the rampant increase in scammers, different countries have set measures to protect citizens, and they have made regulation mandatory.

Final Verdict

Auxitrading accepts one payment option, which is barely reversible. The company has numerous red flags that should warn you from making any investment steps with them. The people behind the company are unknown, and there is no guarantee in the method they apply or the software in use.

Therefore you should avoid the affiliate program because you will only be persuading your friends and family to fund scammers. Transparency is key to successful trading, and any murkiness should raise concern.

Thus you should stay away from Auxitrading and choose these reliable forex  brokers for successful profits. They apply effective tried and tested methods, and they feature risk management measures.


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