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Bidswiss Review
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Bidswiss also resembles a clone of a scam platform and you would not risk your funds here, would you? There is also no transparency and the method for operation is unknown raising even more red flags with the investment firm.

Bidswiss is an offshore broker that looks to avail trading services on CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, and Forex. However in the quest to find out if they are legit or not we had to do some research on them and the kind of service they offer too.

You would probably reconsider your thoughts of depositing with the company yet. So as you read this unbiased review on 

Bidswiss Review, Company

Furthermore, you can also choose to invest with reliable efficient forex brokers. Through their well trading strategies, you will gain pleasing profits and your funds are secure. Bidswiss does not seem to have any trading activities going on in the platform. Besides the many attempts to reassemble a trading platform, their murkiness is very visible.

In addition, Bidswiss is a clone resembling SwissFXPro which also has a very bad reputation. Thus it only proves the entity is run by the same goons who also hide their identity from investors.

You should always have the full data of the people behind the platform and the kind of expertise they have. Bidswiss must have a good reason why they do not avail founders data. Hence also assert that they have a hidden agenda that is very obvious.

Bidswiss Review

Bidswiss system and AI that is used is unknown and this type of data is always helpful. Also relying on the wrong system for trading will lead to losses. The platform is accessible via the app with a user-friendly interface. They have innovative tools which are not well known.

Furthermore, they also urge traders your details are secure and in full protection. The security measures in place should be known before trusting the company. Bidswiss does not share customers’ information but this is not enough to earn trust with the entity. It also features a smart trader tool package which includes; Expert indicator, advisor, and risk management tools.

The smart package is to improve your trade executions. The same details available on the Bidswiss are similar with SwissFXPro word for word.

They definitely will not make any profits for you. Newbie customers can also venture with the entity and they feature educational contents to assist you. However, there is no evidence of any training tools on the website. You will only end up gaining losses if you fall for

How Does Bidswiss  Works?

Transparency plays a huge role in gaining the customers’ trust with the investment firm. Accordingly, you not only risk losing your money but also personal data may end up in the wrong hands.

Scammers will promise you expert-level services only to lure you into depositing funds. Bidswiss provides multiple trading tools to aid traders in achieving pleasing returns. They feature 300+ assets and they use MetaTrader 4 as the preferred platform. Nevertheless, you also receive news materials and info to help you get started.

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They also feature frequent market analysis again with the wrong analysis your funds are at risk. With Bidswiss traders can access forex pairs,  Cryptocurrencies, and Forex pairs all through the app. This is all good but they first need to work on their transparency.

The page also has a cryptocurrencies prices chart that is not updated. Meanwhile, to open an account with Bidswiss they require your info and trade experience. In addition, you have to fund your account first then await approval.

Once you fall for the catch and deposit money with them well there the end of the business. They may hold your funds for a long time and keep forwarding your calls. Also, scammers will block your details from accessing any of their services.

Bidswiss Funds Safety

Bidswiss does not seem to have any trading activities taking place. They do not have any past trade history to show the profits they have generated.

It does not have any positive feedback that shows any customers making profits. Moreover, there isn’t any customer that has successfully withdrawn funds from the investment firm. Yet they brag of instant withdrawals. The founders’ details are hidden and your funds may end up falling in the wrong hands. With no refund policy once your money is lost you cannot hold anyone accountable.

The banking information is also hidden from traders.  Banking information is important and the anonymous founders will rob you of all your funds and even they may be storing funds in their personal accounts. Review, Bidswiss Features

Bidswiss also resembles a clone of a scam platform and you would not risk your funds here, would you? There is also no transparency and the method for operation is unknown raising even more red flags with the investment firm.

Nevertheless, they require you to first deposit funds then await verification which seems very shady. Bidswiss should not earn your trust with even a single coin you will only be exposing yourself to scammers.

Bidswiss Contact Support

Bidswiss features telephone contact and email support; +442035296445, respectively. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you will receive any response to your query.

Working contact support is very important and helps in knowing you are dealing with legit people. Scammers will also contact you and you receive customer support for a certain time most till you deposit funds.

They also promise investors 24/7 customer support. The address available pint to, Sincron Ltd House of Francis Room 303 Ile Du Port Mahe Seychelles. However, this address has no association with Bidswiss and raises more doubt on the company.


Bidswiss does not have any regulatory data on its website. Neither are they under the radar of any regulatory body. Meanwhile, regulated brokers always tend to showcase a high level of transparency. Unregulated companies do not exist for long in the market. They end up getting shat down by law enforcers or they simply disappear with all your money.

The founders risk facing criminal prosecutions and it’s why the same data is missing.  Unregulated companies will easily break laws that govern trades whenever they choose to do so.

Regulatory data may require companies to have a certain amount of funds. So scammers can barely afford the charges and they try to play smart. Therefore in most countries generating funds from the public is illegal without regulation.

Final Verdict

Bidswiss is not transparent in the style of operation and there is no demo account to familiarize with the platform. The company also resembles a shady investment firm and this proves a hidden agenda behind the entity.

There is no evidence of any past trade transactions if at all they were making trading easier. The news would spread fast and the traffic on their website would have also been higher.

Therefore you will be wise if you only choose trusted forex brokers to help you attain pleasing trade goals. The company also aims to provide professional and reliable services to all traders yet how they plan to do this is unknown.

On the about us, section Bidswiss even brags to have won international awards that do not exist anywhere.  The main focus the company has is the funds you deposit.  Bidswiss is not regulated and they can easily disappear when they wish. 

There is no refund policy and once your funds are lost reaching them is near to impossible. Therefore you should avoid Bidswiss at all costs.

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