BinaryMarketOption Review: A  Bogus Scam

Binarymarketoption Review
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Binarymarketoption shows a lot of murkiness in the style of operation to determine it is a Ponzi scheme. Avoid this unregulated company at all costs. 

Binarymarketoption is a trading platform that offers forex, binary, and Crypto services. However, they do not seem to be legit in any way. Here we tell you why your funds are at risk in this company. There are various factors that you should consider before investing a single coin with any trading platform.  They boast of being unbeatable when it comes to trading. How they plan to do this is unknown.

Besides news spreads fast in the 21st century. So if they were told they were making trading any easier or profits. Then the traffic ought to be higher and recognition across the globe for their incredible services. Scam Review, Binarymarketoption Company

Binarymarketoption was anonymously brought into the market in early 2015. The team behind the investment firm plays an important part for traders. The company uses stock images of people they claim are the team behind operations.

However, the people whose images are used do not have any relation with the company. Scammers will try each and every way to lure you into depositing money and you should be watchful of every trait.

Meanwhile to avoid massive unwanted losses you should probably consider trying legit and tested forex brokers. Through the various risk measures in place the losses you may incur here are minimal.

Binarymarketoption has 3000+  members and more than $350million in funds under management. No evidence is available to support these claims and is just a way to hide their murkiness. They provide unparalleled trade conditions and sign-up is fast with a user-friendly platform.

Transparency is very important in gaining customers’ trust. You do not know the kind of qualification the people behind the investment firm hold and your funds are definitely at risk together with personal delicate data. Review promises clients high returns upon every successful trade. Furthermore, there is no such thing as constant returns and you may face some bad days while investing. The strategy and algorithm that are in use to come up with profits are unknown and this is a major red flag. The company has a  core management team of experts whose details are also hidden from the public. 

Nothing they do or say makes sense and you will only be wasting your time and hard-earned investment funds.  They also boast of being honest and committed to delivering you tremendous customer service.

There are price charts and graphs on the web page showing trade progress but all these are made up. The results have been similar for quite a long time now. Binarymarketoption bitcoin prices are allegedly the best and offer the first Bitcoin Unlimited pool.

They also claim to be the most popular choice for; Foreign Exchange, commodities, Stock, and Indices. Scammers will always try and use attractive details with no proof to support the same data.

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The people whose names have been used should be an example that not a single piece of information you provide is safe. They also feature an affiliate program for clients who cannot afford the startup amount. 

You may be paid the said commission but you will only be inviting your friends and family to a risky venture. Besides during our research also we discovered that some of the names they use of the founders are just media influencers. The company mainly seems to focus on affiliate marketing. In addition, Binarymarketoption should stop trying to disguise as a trading company.


Binarymarketoption shows a lot of murkiness in the style of operation to determine it is a Ponzi scheme. Testimonials are very important but falling for the wrong ones will have a significant effect. Ask yourself if at all they openly lie about the team behind their operations.

Binarymarketoption Review, Binarymarketoption Testimonials


Then what are the odds that the testimonies are legit? The “happy investors” claim to have made smooth withdrawals and deposits. Moreover, legit testimonials will always feature back up of past trade transactions and you can rely on such information. 

Binarymarketoption Funds Safety

On the FAQ section, a customer asked how secure funds are while investing in Binarymarketoption. Your funds are not safe with the investment firm and here are the reasons why. The testimonials used are made up to seem legit.

There is no data on who controls money within the company. Hence without banking information once you lose funds. Reaching the platform for a refund is almost impossible. They also claim to have a refund policy. This is a common feature among Ponzi schemes there is no refund that you are going to get.

The main outcome will be your details getting blocked from accessing the website. They may also hold your funds for a long time until you give up on any refunds. So if any customer is benefiting from their services. Then past trade data and evidence of customers’ withdrawals should be available on the website.

There aren’t any trade activities that seem to be taking place and your money is not safe under Binarymarketoption. Withdrawals take up to 7 days this is apparently to nurture your funds. They support various deposit methods; Skrill Neteller and Money Gram among others.

Regulation and Customer support

Binarymarketoption is a shady investment firm and they do not have any regulation details that you can rely on. Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency and they are reliable for a long period.

However, scammers will try to go seem legit by providing registration data to be regulated or they end up creating false data. Regulated platforms abide by all laws and you can easily find all the details and verify the same.

Binarymarketoption is not recognized by any regulator and they can easily break laws. With no one to answer to such quacks will swindle all your money if you give them an opportunity.

Therefore it is only wise to invest with regulated brokers for your own good and earn reasonable returns. Working contact support is very important in picking a profit eyeing investment firm.

Binarymarketoption provides telephone contact +1 2052177229 and emails support [email protected]. Nevertheless, we cannot rely on the contact data available because a lot of murkiness is visible.

The whereabouts address is 200Markley, St.Port Reading, NJ 06064 USA. The address is also made up and has no relation with Scammers barely provide any data that may lead to tracking them down.

Consequently, they also risk facing criminal charges for operations against the law. Different countries have set up measures to protect citizens from scammers. Therefore you should only invest with companies that follow the mandatory legal measures. Also, it is easier to track down-regulated investment firms, unlike Binarymarketoption.

Final Verdict

Binarymarketoption is a bogus scam that you should be cautious of and avoid at all costs. The company has a shady method of operation.  Furthermore, they also seem to be only focused on customer deposits and affiliate marketing. There is no trading activity taking place and you will only be making losses with them.

The banking details are hidden so is any information leading to the founders. The location address is also made up. Thus when you deposit money reaching them for a refund is almost impossible. We can go on and on listing why Binarymarketoption is not legit and transparent. In addition, you should perhaps think of investing with legit forex brokers that give you service for your money.


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