Bitcoin Circuit Review: Nasty Scam

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Bitcoin Circuit is another crypto trading bot that allegedly makes its clients rich daily. The market itself like a platform that has made of people millionaires in the industry.

However, this is mare PR. If the company is performing highly in the industry, we should see a lot of success stories from investors all over the world. The Ponzi scheme brags they have been featured on Forbes, CNN,, and Time.

The pyramid trading bot features a live profit result on their website. Such info is meant to create credibility with investors. Without displaying proof of payment, you should keep off this company.

Bitcoin Circuit offers investors an opportunity to trade Bitcoin CFDs. As the investor, you need to predict the price of Bitcoin accurately. You will be making a profit when the BTC price increase or decrease. The accurate you are, the more profit you will make.

Before venturing with any investment company, you need to perform thorough research to ensure you do not lose funds. The company is using a similar sale video to scam investors. The video on their platform is fake, and they have not been endorsed by these public figures.

Ensure you invest your money in trustworthy trading software that will not compromise your funds or the safety of your money. Review

The platform has a high accuracy of 99.4% in your trading activity. They assure their clients they will enjoy the best trading experience in the market. Additionally, this company brags it is created on cutting edge technology, which enables it to enter the market 0.01 second than any other bot in the market.

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The company has so many false claims; they state that they are an award-winning software. According to them, they have been crowned the number one trading bot in the US. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that this company is nowhere in the best trading software cluster in the market.

Bitcoin Circuit Review, Bitcoin Circuit Platform

To start your financial breakthrough journey with Bitcoin Circuit, you need to register on their website. You have to deposit funds into your account to start trading. accepts minimum funds of $250.

The amount is withdrawable at any time, together with the accumulated profits. The company boldly states that they are numerous advantages that come along trading with their software. Additionally, they proclaim that what they offer is nothing close to their competitors.

Unfortunately, all this fraudulent company cares about is your money. They have no intention of making any investor productive. The platform allows their clients to trade automatically or manually.

Regulation and Customer Support

Bitcoin Circuit is a company that is collecting funds from members across the globe. The bot is operating illegally as they do not have a regulatory document permitting them to receive money from members of the public.

Various governments have put up strict measures to protect their clients from scammers in the industry. Nonetheless, people are still losing money. It is dangerous venturing with platforms that are not licensed.

Despite the platform claiming they do not have any hidden charges, you should be very wary. The unlicensed platform may change their term of use as they please without minding their clients. Bitcoin Circuit is one of that platform that does not disclose their location.

Additionally, they do not offer customer support to investors. The legit platform would not risk their PR; hence they provide a method that their clients can reach them in case they encounter any challenge. They avail of an email address together with a phone number.

Bitcoin Circuit, moreover, is a platform that does not disclose who its founder is. They are operating discreetly, and this is enough red flag not to trust them with your money. You need to know who is handling your money.

How Does Bitcoin Circuit Operates?

The company is allegedly a trading bot that promises investors absurd rewards. Investors who join this venture will have access to an exclusive club that is designated for BTC millionaires. The platform is another Ponzi scheme that will only steal your money.

The platform has been accused of losing investors’ money deliberately. Once you deposit funds into their system, you will make losses before the day ends. The market does not have software that has a success win rate of 99.4.

It is only pyramid schemes that make such claims to lure innocent investors in their platform. There is no method available to recover your money back. You should do yourself a favor, and keep off this fraudulent company.

Bitcoin Circuit is not free software to enjoy their services you need to fund your account. For you to make a substantial amount in the crypto venture, you need to understand how the market operates and acquire relevant skills.

With these elements, you will have an advantage, and it will be hard for pyramid schemes to scam you.

Bitcoin Circuit Fake Testimonials

Bitcoin Circuit features bogus manipulative reviews. They use stock images to create credibility with investors. Pyramid schemes have become smarter, and they will only leave you high and dry if you buy their narrative.

The amount that their alleged reviewers have received is high, raising even more red flags. If their claims are valid, they should attach screenshots to prove the company is indeed paying out or link the social media platform of their clients to guarantee these are real investors. Scam Review, Testimonials

Additionally, this pyramid scheme is being endorsed by their shady marketers. The company is trying so hard to convince investors to venture with them. There is nothing good that will come from this company.

You should be very cautious there are adverts, videos, and written content that claims Bitcoin Circuit is a legit company. The allegations are false, as nothing about this site makes sense.

Legit Bot or just another Scam?

Bitcoin Circuit is another cryptocurrency scam bot that offers high accuracy to traders. The platform does not avail of any proof of payment to the public. They use fake testimonials to gain the trust of novice traders.

Additionally, the company does not disclose who is the owner of tremendous software. Tell us who would not want the credit of designing such a credible trading software? Without a shadow of a doubt, the whole operation of this company is fraudulent.

The Ponzi scheme should collapse; it has been in the market long enough. Avoid falling a victim by not venturing with this company.

Sooner or later, they will exit the market without being traced. It does not make sense to invest with Bitcoin Circuit, as they do not even provide funds security. Moreover, the company does not have proper licensing from financial watchdogs in the market; hence they are operating against the law.

The Domain Insight

The official domain name of this company is It was registered in June 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2021. Sadly, the information regarding the owner of the company is not available.

Bitcoin Circuit Final Verdict

Bitcoin Circuit promises investors that they will yield profits every day. All you have to do is deposit money in their shady platform, and spend less than an hour on your computer to start earning.

There are legit cryptocurrency bots that you can venture in. However, you should keep off as they are not a transparent company.

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