Bitinsure Review: What a Scam Company! is a platform that promises investors hourly profits. The company is a typical scam that will still fund, and exit the market once there is no more revenue coming their way.

The shady company state they are the financial breakthrough to investors who trust them with their money. They assure clients that the information is secure in their hands.

However, you should not trust a word of a Ponzi scheme as they can say anything to get you to register in their fraudulent venture. They allegedly offer mining and trading services.

The founder of this company is running it behind the shadows; there is no information regarding who they are or the qualification they possess to handle investors’ money.

Sadly, the data available on their platform is lurking, and it does not create confidence; there is investment taking place. They accept funds via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Dash, and Dogecoin.

About Bitinsure

The company assures its clients they will yield a tremendous amount of profit. Bitinsure allegedly has cryptocurrency mining farms all over the world. They accept all forms of investors, even novices.

You don’t need to have background knowledge for you to earn. This is a catch line that numerous Ponzi schemes use to attract you into their fraudulent ventures.

Bitinsure Scam Review, Bitinsure Platform

Additionally, Bitinsure claims they undertake digital currency trading as well. They have a trading bot that navigates and analyze the market. Sadly, we are not aware of the performance accuracy of this software.

There is no evidence of investment taking place on this platform. Most noteworthy. They do not disclose the location of their mining farm to the public. Invest with legit company in the industry.

They feature statistics of their latest withdraws and deposits. The amount seems high, considering they do not feature any financial reports to show how they are performing in the market.

Mining used to be a profitable venture in the past, and a high number of pioneer investors made a vast fortune. Things have changed, and currently, the initial capital required to start mining activities is immense. Small scale investors cannot enter the market without joining a company that has running software.

Investment Plan and Returns

Bitinsure has four investment plans that they offer to their clients. The amount of profit that they promise users are way too high, and it raises red flags.

You can yield returns within a short span. The maturity period of their packages is ridiculous since most legit companies sometimes take about one month before their clients can withdraw.

The minimum amount that you can deposit in their account is $30, and you will earn a profit of 20% within one day. The account that vast yield returns accept cash worth $2,000-$100,000 in return. It promises users a profit of 300%. Review, Bitinsure Plan

The company states that they handle withdrawal requests instantly. They also have a referral program; they promise users a certain percentage of commission if they fish in victims for them.

The company does not charge any fee when you are cashing out. The minimum amount that you can withdraw varies depending on the method you used to deposit funds.

If indeed is offering this kind of return, then everyone would be flocking in their platform. Moreover, there is not even a single payment proof online that can validate their claims.

Regulation and Registration is a company that has put up its registration certificate number on its website. There are registered under no 12175433, unfortunately, the number seems generic, and we consider they have not displayed the document; it raises more doubts.

The company is not regulated by any financial watchdog in the market. They do not care about the law; hence the company may change their terms as they please. They are not in the FCA cluster or any other regulatory body. should not collect funds from a member of the public. A legit company will display its regulatory forms for everyone to see. Without any restrictions, the platform may exit the market anytime they please.

Customer Support

The company claims that its customer supports teamwork 24 hours around the clock, ensuring you get the best services. They welcome their clients to reach them in case of any query.

Nonetheless, does not offer email or phone number that you can reach them through. To air your grievances, you will have to fill up a contact form on their website and wait to hear from them.

You might have to wait till eternity, and your question or issue will never be resolved. There is no legit platform that would risk their PR like Bitinsure. Usually, trustworthy companies will avail a phone number that you can

The company office address is at Crown St 1 Crown St, London, England, UK, SW4 2ZT. The company is operating discreetly, and we couldn’t verify this is their actual location.

Safety of Funds in Bitinsure 

The platform claims to have DDoS guard protection to protect your money against Hackers. The safety of your funds is not guaranteed in this company; as you can see from their payment method, you cannot track your money.

Once you deposit funds there, you cannot reverse the money; additionally, if you don’t know who is handling your money as the platform is observing a high level of anonymity. There is also no banking information available on this platform.

The real people you should be cautious about is the owner of this platform since they will leave you high and dry when you least expect it.

The Domain Insight

During our research, we were able to gather useful insight, all thanks to was registered in November 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2020.  The information regarding the owner of this platform is missing.

Is Bitinsure Scam?

Yes, Bitinsure is a notorious pyramid scheme that you should avoid. It is an offshore platform that claims to be located in the UK to gain your trust. Yous should not give these professional scammers a chance to fraud you.

The platform claim they accept money from all over the world, yet they are not licensed by known regulatory bodies like FCA, CySEC, or ASIC. Please do yourself a favor and avoid them because nothing good can come out of their services.

Which legit investment company does not offer customer support services? Why would any investor proceed with such a platform? We cannot find any reason as to why you would trust this shady firm.

Moreover, your funds are not secure in their hands. There are better mining companies, but Bitinsure is not one of them. They should avail banking information to their users to gain credibility.

The only thing they seem to care about is the money you will deposit in their system. The registration document on its website is fake.

Bitinsure Final Verdict

Bitinsure company is operating illegally, although they claim they are a secure platform. Nothing they say makes sense, and they promise users huge returns raising even more doubts.

Venture with trustworthy trading bots and mining firms that will help you earn realistic returns. Keep off a company that has features of a pyramid scheme; nothing good can come out of it; always walk away from their false allegations.


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  1. Tuyen Nguyen is a real scammer they have scammed me and my friend $24.500 that’s all the truth about their scam they have a fake telegam team that privides false infomation so that you can follow them

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