BitQT Review: Ordinary Crypto Application Scam

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BitQT App is an alleged automated trading system that offers people the opportunity of becoming rich while trading crypto. The company features are common scam characteristics of a get-rich-quick scheme, which is used to lure investors into depositing funds into their accounts.

The Investment firm tries to prove genuineness by claiming they have been featured on CNN Financial Times BBC World News, among other news platforms. The company has a section with total users’ profits and active users, which is entirely overestimated to hide their shady business.

BitQT claims investors from all over the world can benefit from their investment and earn guaranteed profits. With the use of your tablet, you can make money from this company or through your mobile phone.

Investors in the company are guaranteed automated trading software running on every device. The company claims 100% security, and withdrawal is possible every time.

Immediately the Investor completes registration. They start earning, and you are promised free lifetime support. The Investment firm promises you that the minimum profit they can generate daily is $1100.

In just 20 minutes, the company claims it’s enough to generate the required amount of profit. The legend software can handle all the trading amount needed. The Investor only put minimal effort into the trade.


The platform does not limit on the amount you can earn within a BitQT. The company claims the capability to offer you up to 1 million in just 61 days.

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BitQT claim they have no hidden fees, no broker fees or commissions. The money clients earn is 100% theirs and they can withdraw the amount anytime. Do not be so quick to believe that this company offers you as nothing they do makes sense.

How this platform operates to generate profit is not Known to the Investor. It is an ultimate red flag. The Investment firm promises investors laser-accurate performance.

The company claims trading with them offers a 99.4% level of accuracy and is unbeatable by any other company. The platform claims because of the high level of accuracy, members of the company worldwide trust them to generate returns in there hard and income.

BitQT Scam Review, Platform

The approach used, however, by this company to generate the accuracy level is not well outlined and lacks evidence to back up this allegation. BitQT brag of having a superior technology. They use advanced programming in the trading world that has never been seen before.

The company drugs being ahead of old markets in 0.01 seconds. Hence they guarantee timely promote consistency in their profit.

The Investment firm drugs being award-winning trading up and claim to have won multiple awards. The most recent award was the trading software category for the international trading Association.

The award was just made up to assert genuineness that they lack. The platform promises an opportunity, two ordinary people, that they can become rich in a short time.

Investors are urged to read-only small initial deposit they can generate enormous profits for the members. However, how they plan to create this profit is not Known.

Regulation and Customer Support

This investment firm is not regulated, and once they accomplished their target, they will smoothly go out of existence. Reaching their support will remain a hard task. No address has been provided regarding the company whereabouts.

Investors have been provided with Skype username, BitQT, and the email is, Clients can use this methods to contact the platform in case they require assistance.

However,  this does not guarantee that you will receive feedback regarding your query. No contact information has been provided by the platform, and this is a keep off sign.

Companies that are not regulated will smoothly go against set guidelines whenever they want. These platforms risk facing criminal prosecution, so once the authorities catch them for breaching the set guidelines.


BitQT features similar traits as Ponzi schemes. They use reviews from their alleged happy users who claim to have benefited in a short amount of time.

The trait is used to lure you into depositing funds with expectations of higher profits intern. You will get your funds robbed by the company.

The company uses stolen images from the internet without the permission of the owners to lie about their legitimacy. Any investor with experience in the crypto trading world will immediately notice shadiness in this statement and will withdraw from indulging in any operation with the company.

Funds Safety

No banking information or location has been provided to you, and this Ponzi scheme does not guarantee you funds safety. You risk losing hard, and income and personal information as who is handling your funds are not mentioned.

How the platform plans to operate to generate the profit is also not known; hence how your money will work is murky. Despite the claims of having made so much profit for investors, no visible evidence of any successful withdrawal is available

Is BitQT Trustworthy or Not?

BitQT is not a crypto trading application. It is another pyramid scheme that has a narrative to sell. The company seems to have a very active and able salesperson as the traffic they are receiving in their platform is high despite the company not being in the market for long.

First and foremost, investment is all about the number, something BitQT has not availed to their pubic. The company founders and team are not known. Without financial reports, we cannot see how BitQT is fairing on the market.

The Ponzi scheme is trying so hard to remain relevant in the industry. For instance, they feature a testimonial section, which is so obvious they are cherry-picked. There is not even a single negative review.

The checked with various regulatory bodies in Asia, Pacific, and Europe, and it is clear BitQT is not a licensed company. Once you make payment into their system, you cannot recover the money.

Moreover, the method of communication which is email is not convenient at all. The platform may ignore or never respond to your query. The company will not be in the market for a long period. It is evident it is doomed to fail.

The platform is a pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. Nothing positive will come out of their activities. Please do yourself a favor and do not invest blindly.

Domain Insights

Thanks to, we realize that this company is no doubt a scam platform. The company is registered under registrar Namecheap Inc. The scammers use this registrar because of the freedom to hide their identity.

The company was registered in 2019 November, and the registration expires on 2020 November.  The domain name is According to Alexa global ranking, the company ranks at 946,988;. The target audience for this company is unknown.

BitQT Final Verdict

The method of operation used by this company to come up with the profit estimation is not outlined to the Investor. Numerous red flags have been exposed by this company, making it a professional scam company.

This company is not regulated, and they will easily swindle all your funds and block you. The co-founders of this platform are not known, and you risk sharing or losing personal information to criminals.

The location of the company whereabouts is unknown and proving Shady business behind the company. Legit trading platforms offer you contact support, and in turn, they earn your trust.

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