Review: A Crude Crypto Scam Review
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Summary might seem to be a promising Cloud mining platform, it’s far from it. From what we have seen, the platform is taking investors for a ride. There are no genuine investment activities taking place.

A platform with poor ratings, is why you need to invest in proper crypto trading tools. has, over the past few months, faced a backlash from members. Those that have already deposited funds are now ruing the decision. Most of the members are either locked out from their accounts or in the process of giving up. It seems the platform took members for a ride with their profit claims. Here’s what we found out in this BITSHARK.IO Review. Review

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A Brief Overview of

At first glance, you notice the website is lacking in clear information. You get to see a man mining and few promises of making money. The promise of making free passive unlimited profit is the headline.

Navigating through the website is easy as the platform has no massive information on display. What we have is a platform that claims to make investors get rich quickly. We had to dig deeper to expose the rot in this platform.

Most members sent their complaints via our help desk. It seems nearly all of them are facing a similar problem. The platform claims to double your money within a few days. According to the support page, the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning.

All these are false claims meant to drive investors into depositing funds. When it comes to withdrawing, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Account opening and registration

Opening an account with this platform is easy, and the process takes less than five minutes. The only issue is the verification process. According to members, they had to send crucial documents for verification.

These documents include a copy of their ID, bank statements, and credit card details. Before releasing such documents, verify whether the recipient is honest or trustworthy. Investors are sending documents to the wrong people.

Once they have your documents, there’s no saying what they will do with them. In most cases, they might charge your credit card with online payment. Others have lost their identities to such fraudulent websites.

We must put an end to this platform before more people lose their identity. It seems the website is a front for harvesting banking data from clients. We urge you exercise caution with the platform.

Affiliate and referral commission

Before joining their 50 percent affiliate and referral commission, you need to know the truth. It means you will get half of what the referred party makes. This is one of the biggest affiliate commission plans we’ve ever seen.

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Of course, they make it this way to ensure you get as many people to invest. Sadly, no one had seen any commission from their efforts. It seems the platform does not release funds.

There’s another problem weighing down on affiliate members. Victims will point the finger at affiliates for directing them to a crypto scam. You might lose the friendship of colleges and friends over this platform.

Authorities will also see you as an accomplice to online fraud. It’s best to stay away from their affiliate plan. All they do is use you to trap more victims into their scams. License and Registration Status

Bitshark Features

Of course, is an unregulated platform working behind the curtains to loot from investors. There’s no sane regulator that would license such a platform. According to sources, the platform is operated by offshore scam artists.

These are professionals who do this for a living. Having a properly regulated platform is out of the question for them. Most already are on the crosshairs of leading regulatory bodies.

Once you click on their terms and conditions page, you’re redirected to the homepage. Investors don’t get to read the available terms. Once you sign up and deposit funds, you are at their mercy. The platform will do what they want with your account and funds.

Members don’t enjoy the protection they would get from a regulated platform. We don’t get to see any license or registration number of this investment firm.

Business holder is a platform operated by anonymous persons. We don’t have any information regarding the actual people behind this platform. Investing in an anonymous platform is risky, and you might end up losing more funds.

These people have your banking credentials and might want to transfer funds. Keep away from anonymous platforms as the page doesn’t even have a contact link.

Comments from users

Once you head to, you can read all the negative comments. The comments date back to the time the website went into existence. We couldn’t find any positive comment, which is weird considering the claim of making users rich.

What we have is a platform that is clearly a headache in the investment world. We only hope authorities can act quickly and shut the entire website down.

Contact and support

A website with no contact or support page is cause for concern. We don’t see any contact information on the website. As we said earlier, the platform is relying on anonymity to keep prying eyes at bay.

It’s only after signing up do you receive an email confirmation. Direct contact with team members is not possible. It’s best to stay away from anonymous platforms with no contact details.

Domain background ( review) Packages

As we publish this post, the platform is 470 days old. The exact date the website was created was February 9, 2020. For over a year, no one has come out with any positive comment on them.

The IP location shows England as their place of residency. It’s funny as the registrant country is marked as the United States. The name of the registrant has been redacted with privacy the reason given.

Hallmark of

Membership Tiers does not offer different types of accounts or packages. Once you sign up, the amount you deposit determines the expected ROI. We couldn’t find any information regarding the account’s features.

Even though this is a cloud mining company, there should be account features. Investors go in blind without knowing the conditions of these accounts. It’s a risk depositing funds with such a platform.

Payment options

Most investors have been using Bitcoin as payment options. Depositing funds is easy, and the process takes less than five minutes to complete. Withdrawing funds is what makes the platform a headache.

You can see on Trustpilot that most users have a withdrawal problem. None of them have been able to withdraw funds for the past few months. We also don’t have any proof of anyone withdrawing since the platform’s inception.

Safety of funds with

Security of funds is a great concern for investors. With several complaints lodged against the platform, we have to blacklist the platform. There are no security guarantees for anyone who signs up.

Scam or legit

Comments on Bitshark is a scam waiting to pounce on investors who rush in to deposit. Please stay away from the platform.

Closing remarks

After viewing all the facts, we have to blacklist the platform.

Over the years, we have found these crypto mining companies to be reliable. Try them out.

Feel free to contact us and ask for any review on any investment platform. We will be happy to oblige.

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