BLINKeTV Review: a Traditional MLM Scam

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BlinkeTv called themself the most exciting launch of SPAKEBOOK. In case if you don’t know SPAKEBOOK, then I will give some brief about it too.

SPAKEBOOK is a media company based in London that provides advertising and promotion services worldwide.

Moreover, if you are thinking of joining BLINKeTV, then read this article till the end because it might change your opinions about it.

There are various red flags for the company, and in this article, I have discussed everything about the company and how the company is doing an MLM Scam.

About BLINKeTV – BLINKeTV Review

blinketv review, blinketv, review, blinketv scam, mlm scam, scam

BLINKeTV is the website brand that produces some products for the company Mediaway Limited. is a genuine media company in the UK, but this is not the company I am talking about.

The company that links with BLINKeTV is, which belongs to ServCorp. There is no relation between and So don’t get confused with this thing.

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Moreover, their domain was registered in July 2014, but still, at the time of release, the company claim that they were nine years old, which is quite misleading.

Furthermore, both domain registration and is set to private, which also gives one more red flag for the company.

According to the BlinkeTv official website, the CEO of BlinkeTv is Kennedy Price. He is also the CEO of Mediaway and Spakebook.

According to the company description about Price. Price has 24 years of advertising experience in several top-notch organizations worldwide.

Moreover, he is also an LLM in Media Law and sells expertise to some selected companies. But when people try to get information about the company owner from outside, then they cannot find any information about him and his experience, which makes him a very suspicious personality.

Moreover, when people try to search the address of a company on Google maps, then also no results show up.

So, in my opinion, you should never invest in an MLM company that cannot even tell that who is the owner of the company.  In this case, you had no idea whom you are giving your valuable money and time.

If you want to invest your money in a safe place, then firstly, you should invest in Crypto Trading Bots. These bots will help you to invest your money safely to get a good return on your investment.

BLINKeTV Package Upgradation for Qbule Affiliates – Ponzi Scheme

Qbule is a Ponzi scheme founded in 2014, which is based on Speak Asia survey-based Ponzi scheme. Before giving you information about the scheme, let me tell you that Speak Asia was shut down by India regulators in 2014.

In the Qbule scheme, they mainly target the Indian investors and operate their work out of India. Furthermore, the promotion material of BLINKeTV is designed in such a way to target the Indian audience.

Apart from India, their other targeting countries are Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, US, Cambodia, and Europe.

BlinkeTv Compensation Plan

In their compensation plan, they pay the affiliate for recurring new affiliates. All the commissions are given in the form of points which can be later on converted into cash.

However, every affiliate has to spend 20% of all points in BLINKeShop, which is an online store operates by BlinkeTV.

Apart from this, 5% of all points are taken for a social cause from every affiliate. So a total of 25% of all points is withheld by the company from each member.

Recruitment Commission

A recruitment commission is given when any affiliate recruits the new affiliate. However, the commission anyone gets depends on how much a new affiliate spends in the company.

A new affiliate can choose any of the below membership while joining the company:

  • Basic package: $299
  • Premium Package: $499
  • Business Package: $999
  • Elite Package: $1299

The recruitment commission on basic and premium package is $20. The recruitment commission for the business package is $80. However, the commission for the elite package is $40, which is less as compared to the business package. It is a very confusing thing for all marketers.

Binary Commissions

In this, a binary structure is used to give the commission. One affiliate is at the top, then that affiliate recruits two another affiliate below it.

In the same way, the two affiliates recruit another four affiliates below them, and this goes so on. When the position in the binary set gets to fill the points will provide to every affiliate depending on their package.

The point that the affiliate get is as follows:

  • Basic: 100 Points
  • Premium: 100 Points
  • Business: 400 Points
  • Elite: 200 Points

The commission is provided through a 1:1 matching ratio on each side of the binary structure. Moreover, a minimum of 100 points is necessary on each side of the binary structure to complete the matching and get the commission.

For 100 points on each side, a commission of $20 is provided. However, the maximum earning limit for an affiliated depend on the package that affiliates choose.

The limit for an affiliate is as follows:

  • Basic: $400 a day
  • Premium: $400 a day
  • Business: $600 a day
  • Elite: $500 a day

Moreover, to qualify for a commission, an affiliate has to recruit at least two members of basic or any high package.

Binary Bonus Commission

A binary bonus commission is available through the swift bonus. In swift reward, an affiliate gets a commission of $25 if that affiliate successfully generates 500 points on both sides of binary structure within 30 days of joining the company.

However, this is a one-time offer. When an affiliate meets all requirements in a specific time, then only the affiliate will get the chance to qualify for a bonus commission.

Performance Bonus

When any affiliate fulfills a specific requirement, then that affiliate gets a special bonus reward.

Criteria for a bonus reward is as follows:

  • 5000 points in five separate days = $5000 plus a MacBook laptop
  • 12,500 points in four different days = $2000 plus a trip to Europe
  • 2,5000 points in three different days = Mercedes Benz E-Class
  • 60,000 points in two different days = Porsche Sports Car
  • 100,000 points in one day = $10000 per month for the upcoming 12 months plus world tour with family.

Apart from this, some other recruitment bonuses are also available. But all these bonuses are only good for the company as it is almost impossible to qualify for these bonuses.

Any person who tries to complete this thing will only give benefit to a company because it is very rare that any person can even qualify for any of the above bonuses.

Final Verdict

BLINKeTv uses various schemes to hide their MLM scam under a variety of things like Internet marketing and advertising.

But if anyone gets an in-depth look on the company and the company compensation plan, then it is not difficult to find out that the only thing the company is doing is an MLM scam.

Moreover, the company is hiding the business opportunity due to which it is difficult for anyone to tell whether the company will survive in the long term or not.

In my opinion, you should not even think about investing in BLINKeTV as they cannot even tell that who is running the company.

Instead of it, you can invest your money in Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. These crypto cloud companies are far better than these MLM scams.

I hope this review is helpful and helps you to be safe from the MLM scams.

Thank you!!!

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