Blinko Trade Review: a Stupid Scam

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Blinko Trade claim to be forming the highest reachable profit. The platform allegedly manage multiple trading mechanism  for their clients.

Blinko Trade offers investors a guarantee of experienced traders to grant numerous profit returns. The company, like every other Ponzi scheme, uses attractive narrative to lure investors into their scheme.

The farm has failed to provide any support for their claims.  You are not informed on how the company plans to work with your money to generate profits. There are multiple trustworthy companies that will not steal your funds.

The method uses to bring you profits is murky. Keen entrepreneurs with experience in the trading world will, at first glance, realize red flags shown by the company.

The platform boasts having updated financial instruments, techniques, and strategies to generate profits. Blinko trade uses Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin as the method for deposit.

The company uses big investment plans with unattainable figures to lure investors into depositing g funds expecting high numbers. assures investors withdrawal is via manual mode, and the payment is made within 24 hours.

The farm allegedly is a decentralized system that carries out transactions after numbers confirmations under the blockchain network; however, the method the platform uses to operate is not well known to clients.

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Once you deposit funds into Blinko trade, the funds’ does not reflect immediately, and you have to wait for five confirmations to access your money. Investors does not need to participate in anything while investing in the company.

The platform will do all the work for you and urges investors only to withdraw funds. Thee trade world is vast growing, and for you to start receiving high profits, you need to apply patience and general knowledge of the trade you are venturing in. Review

The platform was established in early 2018 and brags that ever since its existence, the company has only attained profits. The trading world, like every other business, has bad and good days, which you should always expect before indulging in any trade. address is 156 Milton St, Walsall, United Kingdom, WS41 5PS. This location, during our research, we found out the location is just made up to hide the platform’s murkiness.

You should not waste your money on this platform as it will create pain in your pocket. Trust only legit companies that provide accurate information about them to you. boasts the team of alleged experienced personal coordinates ideally to bring top-notch performance.


Blinko Trade Review, Blinko Trade Platform

Blinko trade claims to apply synergy and response to the slightest fluctuations in organizational situations. Hence this is the reason for the overall growth of the farm. The company founders are not mentioned lowering the trust level even more.

The platform has not provided investors with any banking information; hence funds safety is not guaranteed. allows a minimum deposit of 20 USD, and the platform does not limit your deposit limit.

Once the funds reflect as the balance, you expect returns immediately all over the world based on your location. grants customers daily profits.

Regulation and support is not a regulated company; hence you should not believe a word they promise you. The problem with companies that are not regulated, they will smoothly go against the law and rob your funds.

The company is generating funds illegally from the public. Blinkotrade risk facing criminal prosecution once they are caught by the law. Legit platforms will always provide you with the legally required documents and contact information to assert legitimacy in their dealings. only has the email that you can use to reach out to the whole you require assistance, The email, however, does not grant that you will receive feedback from the company.

The platform features an incorporation certificate, but this should not tempt you into trading with Blinko trade. Investors who fall for their catch end up regretting, and reaching them remains an almost impossible task.

Legal bodies all over the world have set laws to protect members of the public from fraud. Ponzi schemes still exist despite the laws, and you should identify such by doing extensive research before trusting trade platforms.

Blinko Trade Testimonials has a testimonial section that has fake images of happy investors. Testimonials are the main tactic used by scam companies to hide murkiness in their dealings.

The stock images used and the names used are just made up, and you should not be tempted to trade with the company.

Domain Insights

During our research, we were able to gather useful insight regarding this company all thanks to The companies domain name is The firm was registered in 2019, December till 2020, December. The company is barely an year old in the market.

Blinko Trade Investment Plan

Scam platforms offer huge tempting and lucrative investment plans that they use to attract investors into depositing funds into the company. The returns you expect you may never receive.  offers 8 investment plans you can choose: Starter Plan offers investors 5% after one day is guaranteed, and the minimum deposit $250 and a maximum deposit of up to $4000.

The advanced plan grants investors 7% daily and allows up to $5000. A business plan offers 9% after one day in investment returns; this plan you can trade up to $10000. Scam Review, Plan

Premium plan in 72 days grants investors 12%; the maximum trade limit is $13000. The enterprise generates 15% after a single day, and the maximum deposit $15950.

Representative plan promise 10% every 2 hours, and you can deposit up to $50000 in this venture.  Blinko trade platform features two premium plans; after 5 hours in this plan, you can earn 15%, and the maximum deposit is $10000.

Gold plan is the last investment plan in the alleged trade farm members are promised 20%, and the maximum deposit in this plan is unlimited.

Blinko Trade Security and Safety of Funds

Investors’ money is not secure in the company. You risk sharing your personal data with these fraudsters. Their website can suffer from hackers’ attacks since they do not have SSL and DDoS certificates.

Furthermore, the owner of this platform is running it anonymously. The financial institution where Blinko Trade segregates users’ funds is also missing. Why would you want to invest in such a shady company? Affiliate Program

Ponzi scheme survives by generating traffic to their website. The method used mostly by scam platforms is inviting program. Initial members invite new members, and in return, a certain percentage is given.

Affiliate program under assures investors that they do not need to deposit money to the account for you to earn.  For every invite yo generate in the company once they complete the deposit, you receive 5% of their investment.

Invites rarely limit you on the number of members you can invite, and the amount you get depends solely on the people you invite.

Blinko Trade Final Verdict

The platform is a Ponzi scheme you should not trust with your funds, and once they have your money, you may never hear from the company ever. Invest with legit companies in the industry that will help you attain your financial goals. is not regulated, and they may easily go out of existence once they attain the target they set. Nothing the platform does makes perfect sense, and no evidence supports their claim. Avoid this company, and warn your loved ones against their activities.



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