Blockparty Review: Considering for your NFTs?

Founded in 2017, Blockparty is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace suitable for creators. The platform hopes to bring arts and music in one integrated NFT place.

That’s not all; the platform has been growing, and the arts are producing reasonable income for creators.

You, too, should join the if you’re interested in creating meaningful content.

Here’s our candid BLOCKPARTY REVIEW.

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A Brief Look at Blockparty

Based in California, the portal launched a new version of Blockparty 2.0 in early March 2021. It’s a significant improvement to the original version.

With the improved version, users would easily sport the new design, functionalities, and artistry involved.

One of Blockparty’s central themes is to empower digital content creators to express their unique points of view.

In August 2020, the platform launched its NFT and garnered over $100K in sales. That’s how impressive the platform has become to investors.

It shows the potential the platform offers to NFT creators and buyers. And that’s why Blockparty is growing by leaps and bounds.

Within the first four months of the Blockparty version 2.0, the sales were over 70 arts in just four months.

It is nearly a record breaker that shows what you should expect with

To find out more, continue with this review for more.

Advantages of Blockparty

Blockparty Review

One of the most significant advantages of Blockparty is the fees involved. However, creators and investors feel the platform is way better regarding costs.

And that’s backed by many creators who have joined the platform over the past few months. In addition, it has driven most investors to sign up with the platform.

You get several exciting and leading NFT creators in one platform, therefore getting quality products.

We also need to mention that the platform uses Ethereum, one of the most stable networks.

With Ethereum, verifying transactions of any kind is faster and more secure. That means the NFT on offer is unique and one of a kind.

The layout of the Blockparty NFT marketplace is another avenue that’s an advantage. You can also place your design and wait as clients bid.

Platform members are excited about the venture’s bidding process and time set. And that means there’s no need to go for over-the-moon price ranges.

Most of the NFTs available are high quality, with some going for over $2K.

Features of Blockparty

Affordable fees

The marketplace offers affordable fees for both parties. And that means the platform’s cut from creators isn’t high as in other NFT marketplaces.

An affordable NFT marketplace is hard to come by. Yet, these high-value items can fetch up to $1 million.

As we have seen before, Blockparty has no match regarding ensuring clients are happy with the fees.

Payment methods

There are plenty of payment methods that don’t limit clients when buying these NFTs. These include credit card payments as well as crypto payments.

The creators and the platform also accept PayPal deposits which is a plus.

With several payment methods, it shows the platform has an ideal way of interacting finance-wise.

You won’t get caught up in linking your crypto wallet when buying or selling the NFTs. And that’s what makes the marketplace different from others.


Regarding support, we feel this is where NFT marketplaces fall short. Blockparty is no different, as it also has no live chat support.

Contact with sellers is not available.

Quality of NFTs

The quality of these NFTs is, without a doubt, high. Several creators on the platform have sold NFTs for over $10,000.

Once the bidding closes, you can see all the bids set. And this shows how transparent the platform is regarding offering quality services.

Login and Sign up with Blockparty

Creating an account with the platform is fast, and there’s no complicated way of doing it. Just fill in your email address and password, and confirm the password.

You will receive an email notification requiring you to verify the account. Once that’s done, you can head to the creator’s tab or marketplace.

The creator’s tab is well-defined, with the platform offering a chance to create Ethereum-based NFTs.

Buyers can head to the marketplace and use the platform to get ahead of the pack. That’s how exciting these features are when buying high-quality NFTs.

Each item on the platform has a specific tag or ID, which helps clients place informed bids.

You also get a detailed list of the product and what it entails. That includes the Blockchain information, general details, and history.

Transparency is one key aspect the platform has decided to keep, which makes it interesting.

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What’s the best way to buy NFTs from the marketplace?

Why Blockparty is the best NFTs marketplace

There’s no right or wrong way of buying NFTs in the marketplace. Review the product and see whether it will fit in the coming days.

Most NFTs are usually used in games, which can help you decide which is best.

Place the bid with the price you feel most comfortable with. After placing the bid, go back and check whether there’s any competition.

Once your bid gets accepted, there will be an acquired email notification.

The dashboard also has an ‘Acquired’ tag with details of the bid placer.

That alone tells you how transparent the platform is, as it has all the relevant information for everyone to see.

There’s no risk of losing your funds with the platform. After all, the platform is growing and is a proven NFT marketplace for creators.

Safety of purchase on the Blockchain NFT marketplace

There’s safety when it comes to the NFTs marketplace. You need to take into consideration what it takes to mint coins.

With the Ethereum network, every transaction gets recorded on the Blockchain network. So you also get to see the platform’s aspects in terms of accountability.

Your funds are completely safe with the platform. And that shows we are dealing with a unique and, hopefully, the best NFT marketplace.

Our Verdict Blockparty NFT Marketplace

Blockparty is one of the most interesting NFTs marketplaces with quality collectibles. The list is high caliber and an exciting option for most users.

Make sure to sign up with the platform today.

What are you waiting for?

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