BTC Perfect Invest Review: Scam

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BTC perfect Invest is an investment company that boasts offering investors first-class methods of cryptocurrency trade.  The company claims it has the best team with experience in the crypto world.

The company allegedly uses classical and advanced algorithms to gain profits. The farm indulges in trading activities on the world’s leading crypto exchange.

The company boasts having a group of qualified managers and traders with unmatched experience in investment management.  BTC Perfect Invest claims they mainly deal with Forex investment.

BTC Perfect Invest Review, BTC Perfect Invest Platform

The platform founders and employees are anonymous and only raises more question regarding their transparency.  BTC Perfect Invest analyzes the market and claims only to generate positive results.

The company uses the DDoS protection system, supports SSL certificate authentication. To assert security, claim they use license scripts. However, this is not a guarantee that your funds will be in safe hands.

You should not trust this platform with your data.  No visible evidence is available to assert the companies’ safeness. If you fall for the catch, you may end up a scam victim and loosing delicate personal data.

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The company brags you will receive payment and regular income once new investment strategies are put to place. The firm grants analysis of great deals of financial data, upcoming and improving investment techniques.

The platform claims to specialize in stock trading and playing financial markets mainly. BTC Perfect Invest promise you smooth trade round the clock. You are guaranteed a 100% return of funds. The investment company allows Perfect Money and Payeer as payment method.

however, it is important to note that you cannot reverse the payment once you make a deposit. The company does not provide a banking information. Hence, they do not segregate users funds. You will only end up losing huge amount of money if you trust this shady firm.

No visible evidence has been provided to support these allegations. brags having several years of experience in the trading world. The company claim that they can make vast profits due to the numerous years they have been in the market. Hence they have theoretical elaboration and practical experience.

The method the platform plans to use to generate for you the agreed returns is not mentioned and only creates distrust. Nothing BTC Perfect Invest says or promises you makes sense; hence it may be considered a waste of cyberspace. Ensure you invest with only the best platform in the market.

BTC perfect Invest Funds Safety

It would be best if you did not trust this Ponzi scheme with your funds as no banking data has been showcased to investors. The methods for withdrawal is not known to raise more suspicion on the company’s dealings

Banking information is a vital requirement under any trading company. Platforms that provide you with bank data are easily traceable in the case of fund queries. BTC Perfect Invest lacks fund transparency, and you should not risk a coin expecting returns.

Once you deposit funds into the platform, you may never hear from them again. You may even end up in their blacklist. The platform method of operation is murky, and when you deposit funds, you are only benefiting the scammers.

Regulation and Registration

BTC Perfect Invest is not a regulated company. No regulation certificate has been provided for the investors. The crypto world is fast-growing, and also the scam platforms are consistently emerging.

BTC Perfect Invest is obtaining funds from the public illegally without regulation. They do not have registration document as well which can verify they are incorporated.

we checked with famous regulatory watchdogs in the industry like FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FTA but unfortunately the company did not appear on their list of licensed entities.

The platform founders risk facing criminal prosecutions once they are caught by the law. No location address is visible to investors; hence tracking the platform once your money is lost seems will be an unachievable task.

Ponzi schemes never provide company founder information. Since no data regarding the owners. You may never realize who is handling your funds. Legit companies will always showcase legal documents to assert genuineness in their dealings. Companies that have telephone contact prove legitimacy, and you will be wise only to trust such.

BTC Perfect Invest Customer Support

Usually, you will find legit companies boasting of their excellent customer support, which is ready and willing to help at any time. The platform will offer 22/7 support services.

Additionally, they offer a telephone number that all investors can use to reach them. BTC Perfect Invest is a platform that does not care about its clients.  In case you have query getting assistance may be a hard task as the company has not provided any contact data you can use.

Investment Plan

BTC Perfect Invest feature a common trait in scam platforms, the use of attractive, lucrative, overestimated investment plans. Legit trade platforms will always provide reasonable and achievable returns.

BTC Perfect Invest has these investment plans: 107% after a single day, the minimum deposit is $40, and the maximum deposit allowed is $10000.  The second plan grants investors a 470% after five days’ minimum deposit is $150. Scam Review, BTC Perfect Invest Plan

The last attractive plan estimates return every two hours up to 105%. All the investment plans in the company allow the same maximum amount of deposit, with the principal inclusive in each plan.

The plans, however, should not tempt you into believing what the company offers you. The main reason behind the huge package in Ponzi schemes is to attract you into depositing funds.

Once you deposit money, you may never hear again from the company. BTC Perfect Invest will swindle your funds while you expect to earn profits.

You can gain profit in the digital currency trading niche. however it not as easy as these pyramid schemes puts it. Effort, and time is required to make a substantial earning.

Affiliate Program

Initial members in can invite new members into the platform, and in return, you will receive the agreed amount of commission. Ponzi schemes need to generate traffic to their website; hence they use the invite programs.

Initial members can invite unlimited members of new clients, and once they complete a deposit, you will receive 3% as a referral commission. The platform urges you to do no need to deposit funds to start earning, as you will gain from the referral program.

BTC Perfect Invest Final Verdict

BTC Perfect Invest has several red flags that prove you should not waste your time with the firm. The company is not regulated, and they may easily break the set guidelines governing trade.

The company method of operation is not clear to the investor: no supportive backup or history regarding the platforms of previous trades. Invest with reputable cryptocurrency companies that will help you achieve your financial goals. Nothing offers makes sense, and the platform is no doubt a waste of cyberspace.

Patience and experience of the trading world are vital elements you need to apply to attain profits in the competitive trade world. BTC Perfect Invest, investment plans are way over the limit, and you should not expect returns like this overnight.

The trading world, like every other business, features good and bad days; hence no company should promise 100% successful days. The location and company founders of this firm are anonymous, and once they rob your funds, you can’t contact them.




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