Business at Home Lifestyle Review – Read on to Unveil the Exploitation

Business at Home Lifestyle

Easy money sounds like an exciting idea, doesn’t it? No wonder most of you get lured to get such an opportunity the minute you hear about it.  Thousands of dollars coming into your account seems to be a dream come true right.

The scammer’s cash on this weakness. They know that a person who is struggling to make both ends meet will easily fall flat for some free bucks. Business at Home Lifestyle is a scam that is launched with the same school of thought. You better read each word of this review if you want to avoid uninvited trouble coming your way.

What is Business AT Home Lifestyle all about

Business at Home Lifestyle is a cleverly designed paid affiliate website. It compels you to take your first step towards the ultimate scam My Millionaire Mentor. You are lured into this trap through the story of Amy Jenson a stay at home which is apparently earning $7197 using the My Millionaire Mentor.

What I did not like about Business at Home Lifestyle

The red flag alerts we picked out

If Amy’s story excites you, then we suggest that you better look it up on Google and check if such a story exists in the first place. We did our bit and searched about Amy Jenson’s story, but we did not get a clue. This shows that Amy’s story is cooked up to deceive you people.

Overpowered by the spell of desperation we clicked on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo to find out more about this story. To our utter disappointment, the widgets were not clickable.

We do not want more people to become a victim of this scam. This is why we decided to do some extensive research and decided to explore how Amy made money. We clicked on My Millionaire Mentor link present on the website of Business at Home Lifestyle.

Business at Home Lifestyle This is the time we realized that this scam was bizarre.  We were redirected to a link that offers paid surveys. The minute the page opens you get to see a live chat support screen on the page that is apparently all set to give you robotic answers.

These paid surveys promise you that you can do a maximum of three surveys a day and earn a maximum amount of about $45. Seems too good to be true right?

There were a few text fields on the page as well that ask for your email and name. We condemn the approach of giving out your names and emails readily. This paves the way for your inbox getting flooded with scam emails.

To win your trust some fake testimonials are displayed on this survey page as well. They all appear to be false reviews because there is simply no way you can track the people who gave these reviews in the first place.

Business at Home Lifestyle

What made us more suspicious was that this paid survey page asks the user to register and they will land up in the Member’s area. We are of the opinion that this is equivalent to walking in the dark because you have no ideas about the details of Member’s area.

The payment methods are also suspicious. When you look at Business at Home Lifestyle page, it means that you will get paid through check or direct deposit. Business at Home Lifestyle is a clear cut scam so there is a possibility that the check may be fake as well.

Business at Home Lifestyle has left no stone unturned to attract people. They offer $500 for the first 50 people who sign up with the platform. The truth is that there are little chances that you will receive this money.

Business at Home Lifestyle

Another thing that drove us crazy was that Business at Home Lifestyle has multiple links to the paid surveys. It is quite strange to have multiple links on the same page. The purpose is clear; the makers do not want you to escape the scam.

Business at Home Lifestyle is a perfect example of information overloading. Yes, you find a lot of information on the site which fails to leave an impact.

Think and evaluate do real websites look like Business at Home Lifestyle?

The answer you will get

A big NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Support Team

There is no email address on Business at Home Lifestyle page. This means that you will not be able to contact the support team. The chat support is available, but you only get access to it once you visit the paid surveys page. This should put you off because you cannot start using a platform without reliable support.

Online assets

Do not ponder over the idea that Business at Home Lifestyle will help you build any assets. It is a clear scam, and it will not help you build your brand in any way.

 Community Forums

Everything about Business at Home Lifestyle is a plotted trap, so you will not get any community forums that offer insight about this platform.

 Value addition

By now you know that scams do not have any value or worth. Same is the case with Business at Home Lifestyle.


We strongly discourage you to trust and sign up with Business at Home Lifestyle. It will be a waste of your time and effort. Not a single clue points out that Business at Home Lifestyle is a genuine platform.

It is not worth the risk. If you want to make a comfortable living sitting at home, we suggest that you make use of Wealthy Affiliates. This platform allows you to build a website as per your interest. Remember when you are interested in something you do make money out of it.

Follow one simple rule in life do what you know best and Wealthy Affiliates is helping you walk in this direction. This is the secret to success in real life.

Your efforts have to be in the right direction. Do not let the scammers cash on your desire for some extra bucks. Play safe and earn lavishly.

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