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CapitalXaps is an offshore broker purporting to originate from a reputable country. The risk of dealing with unregulated schemes is numerous. Instead of taking such a risk, we recommend you invest only with genuine entities in the market.

CapitalXaps advertise a wide range of assets. Investors can invest in forex, crypto, or stocks. The venture has over 150 trading instruments. The trading conditions advertised are intriguing. However, the information is unverified. Scammers have a strong A-game marketing strategy.

The company is new in the market. The traffic visiting the site is not admirable. The scheme is also operating behind the shadows. The least a broker can do is to endorse the people behind the scheme. Unfortunately, in this case, we are yet to know the qualification of the account managers and financial advisors.

Invest with genuine cryptocurrency investment platforms. You will earn better returns and enjoy fund safety. These are transparent brokers that feature all the necessary information. You can even check their trading conditions and performance record. Review

CapitalXaps is offering educational materials to clients. The information is available via video. You can test your knowledge afterward and acquire a certificate. The course outline shows you will learn what financial trading is and fundamental and technical analysis. You will also learn when to enter and exit the market, the trading psychology, and how to manage risks. 

The information comes in handy for beginners. However, expert traders will need more advanced materials. The products the venture deals with are volatile. Hence, you can either make profits or losses. Scammers will not tell you this; they will promise huge returns.

CapitalXaps claim to have won multiple awards. The company fails to provide the name of the institution which awarded them the title or what they achieved. This is nothing but a ploy to win more people. These kinds of offshore schemes mainly target novice traders. You will rarely find professional traders wasting their time in a losing entity. 

The venture provides shallow information about its trading activities. It is important you double check on a broker’s authenticity before depositing cash. Look for customer reviews and be weary of false testimonials from the company. Fraudsters manipulate information to appear genuine. 

CapitalXaps Trading Conditions 

CapitalXaps offers MetaTrader4 trading software. This is one of the best software in the market. It is easy to use and has programmed trading EAs. Investors can create custom scripts while utilizing the superior VPS. The problem is the trading interface availed by the firm does not have a terminal. You can get the demo application on the developer site for free. Review, Features

Investors can only use a web-based version. Instead of choosing a shady company, trade with legitimate forex platforms that provide the actual MT4. Another drawdown is the offshore scheme fails to provide sufficient trading condition data on the accounts. 

CapitalXaps accepts a minimum deposit of $1. The amount is affordable, but there is a catch. The entity aims to get many victims their way; every coin is valuable to them. Therefore, this should not be the reason to sign up with them. There are reputable brokers in the market that accept a lower amount. 

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The broker leverage ranges from 1:30 to 1:400. The initial cap manages the risk and is ideal for newbies. However, anything above that limit is hazardous and can lead to unimaginable losses. Moreover, the regulatory bodies cap the leverage limit to protect customers against brokers’ exploitation. 

CapitalXaps also advertises a spread of 1.5 pips. Clients will use small fees to open trade. However, considering the scheme trading platform is not functional, you cannot place a trade. The only thing about this entity is money will be lost. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

The venture accepts funds via BTC only. However, the entity allows clients to cash out via wire transfer. CapitalXaps is not adhering to  Ani Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) rules. It is illegal for a platform to use different deposit and withdrawal payment methods.

The broker cannot accept cash via crypto and withdraw via wire transfer. It is also unfortunate the company is only using digital currency payment. Money deposited on the website cannot be recovered. Additionally, you will never know the individuals who receive your cash.

CapitalXaps minimum withdrawal information is not available. We also cannot find the legal documentation. Such brokers inflict hidden charges on customers. They will set up unfavorable terms to retain clients’ funds. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

CapitalXaps has a generic address of USA. A broker that can fake its location can do unimaginable things to clients. You should not provide them with your data. The venture has a phone number and an email address. However, we doubt the platform will even bother maintaining contact with customers. 

Once scammers get what they want and realize you have run out of cash, they tend to cut all communication. They may even deactivate their phone numbers. The safety of your money is not something to gamble with. You need all the assurance that your cash is being used for the intended purpose. Additionally, the broker should respond in time if you face any challenges. 

CapitalXaps Regulatory Status

CapitalXaps is allegedly based in the United States. The platform claims it has multiple licenses from various countries. The broker should have sought a regulatory document from the National Future Association (NFA) and the Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC). These are the two agencies responsible for regulating financial schemes in the USA. 

The company claims it has a license from Australia, France, German, China,  and the UK. The information is only available via writing, but no documents have been presented. After thorough research, we found out this is a self-regulated broker. The regulatory bodies of the mentioned places are strict. 

They are dedicated to protecting customers against fraudulent activities. CapitalXaps doesn’t meet the capital requirement of the financial watchdogs. UK needs at least 730K EUR, USA $20 million, and Australia $1 million. Of course, scammers cannot afford such an amount of funds. They will only leave you high and dry since they don’t have a compensation scheme. 

CapitalXaps is an offshore broker purporting to originate from a reputable country. The risk of dealing with unregulated schemes is numerous. Instead of taking such a risk, we recommend you invest only with genuine entities in the market. You will sleep soundly knowing your funds are secure. 

Are Funds Safe at CapitalXaps?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of fund safety at CapitalXaps. The people behind the platform are unknown. Any venture operating without transparency is to no good. They will devastate you, and once the venture disappears, you cannot get hold of them.  

The brokers do not consider customers’ security. The entity does not segregate funds in reputable banks. All your money can be lost without a trace. The law requires brokers to keep clients’ funds in separate accounts from theirs. This ensures there is no misappropriate use of money. 

CapitalXaps is an entity that cannot protect clients against negative account balance protection. Clients can lose more money than what they initially deposited. The entity could also change its terms and condition at its sole discretion. This often happens when the venture wants to inflict hidden charges. 

Final Verdict 

CapitalXaps is an exposed scam. They are only after customer funds. When choosing a trading partner, you must ensure all your needs are met. You can only understand what a broker stands for by thoroughly analyzing their website. Scammers use false information to win the trust of traders.

Therefore, you must run a thorough background check. Here are some of the best crypto investment ventures in the market. They work with professionals, and you earn passive income. The safety of your money is also guaranteed. 

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