CMV Capitals Review: Ugly Scam

CMV Capitals Review
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CMV Capitals can change the terms and conditions overnight without notice. The entity can also inflict hidden charges. Even if you report them to the authorities, not much can be done. The only way to avoid dealing with scammers is to trade with regulated brokers.

CMV Capitals claims it will provide the best direction for investments. The entity is allegedly offering the MT5 interface. The broker deals with commodities and forex trading. They provide genetic information on the importance of trading gold. This information can easily be found online.

The company should indicate the trading strategy and methodology being used. They should also showcase their trading performance to win investors’ trust. We cannot blindly believe this is an excellent investment scheme without audited performance.

CMV Capitals Review, CMV Capitals Company

Nonetheless, CMV Capitals claims it has low spreads, commission, and high leverage. Individuals will also have full control of the account despite an account manager being assigned. The venture states it operates in full transparency. 

We beg to differ as information regarding the account manager is missing. We are also not aware of the experts working in this organization. It is impossible to go after the company once it exits the market. Investors have the right to know the people handling their accounts. Review

CMV Capitals registration process is swift. You are required to provide your email address and name. Afterward, you must verify the account using your proof of address and proof of identity. Ironically, the anonymous platform expects you to provide such critical data while they are operating behind closed doors.

You should never share that information with discrete organizations. They can violate your information by selling it to criminals. The fraudsters can also use the information to manipulate you into depositing more money. It also appears the broker has recently joined the market.

We recommend dealing with investment companies that have survived the market volatility. Choose a reputable forex trading entity. At least you will know how they have been faring in the market and their customers’ experience.

Thorough research will save you the trouble of engaging with fraudulent schemes. The market is plagued with numerous scammers. Therefore, if you’re not careful, you could lose your data and cash. CMV Capitals does not have a demo account. Investors cannot familiarize themselves with their trading interface.

Trading Conditions of CMV Capitals

The MT5 is one of the superior interfaces in the market. It has powerful indicators and excellent trading tools. CMV Capitals claims it has clear charts that indicate the current price and history. The entity has four trading accounts.

The micro account allows investors to trade USD/AED/and GBP pairs. It accepts $100 as the deposit. The leverage is that of 1:25 and 1:500. The spread varies, but the limit is 1.4 pips. In top-tier accounts, you can expect tight spreads. 

CMV Capitals has a MetaTrader5 software. However, there’s a name for a different company. The scam has stolen the configuration of a legitimate entity. Therefore, customers should not expect to acquire the advertised returns. The leverage cap of 1:500 is above what the financial bodies allow. If you lose a trade, the scammers will benefit.

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CMV Capitals leaves out essential information regarding the withdrawal and deposit. We do not know the payment methods being used. This being a Ponzi scheme, they may be accepting money using methods that limit users from issuing a chargeback. 

They have only set up a minimum capital deposit. However, information regarding the minimum amount you can cash out is missing. We do not know the charges investors should expect. This being a shady firm, they can have hidden fees for customers. 

Legitimate brokers will feature all the necessary information for everyone to see. You can make a sober decision on whether to join the entity or not. The reason scammers fail to provide the critical data is for them to inflict hidden charges without being questioned. Avoid entities that do not feature Legal documentation.

Customer Support and Contact Details

CMV Capitals feature an office address from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Customer support is available via phone number and email address. Companies located in SVG are hazardous. They do not have sufficient funds to hire a qualified support team. Review, Features

You will therefore be in communication with their sales rep. In the initial stages, they will be friendly and helpful. They will urge you to keep depositing more funds to earn more money. Their narrative will change once you realize it is impossible to cash out.

The phone number will be disconnected. Any attempt to contact them will be futile. CMV Capitals is unethical, and you are better off without them. Look for a reliable company that values its customers and engages with them frequently. Legitimate platforms will even have social media accounts whereby you can interact with them freely.

Regulatory Status of CMV Capitals

CMV Capitals advertised itself as a genuine legitimate platform. They feature a registration number on the website. The venture is allegedly authorized to offer financial services, including lending and borrowing. However, there is a huge difference between having a registration form and a regulatory form. 

The financial body of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines does not license online investment entities. Therefore, trading with companies from this area exposes traders to severe risk. Nobody is responsible for overseeing the company’s activities. Hence, the brokers can manipulate the prices without facing prosecution.

CMV Capitals does not have capitals in its name. Therefore we do not know whether the venture can survive the volatility. Additionally, it is uncertain if the entity can successfully run an investment scheme. The platform is also not reporting daily transactional reports. The information about the founder is missing, and you may deal with unprofessional individuals.

Negative account balance protection is also not available for customers. The entity is not working with a reputable financial institution to segregate its accounts from its customers. Segregation of accounts ensures there is a speedy withdrawal process. Moreover, the company cannot misuse the funds of investors. 

CMV Capitals can change the terms and conditions overnight without notice. The entity can also inflict hidden charges. Even if you report them to the authorities, not much can be done. The only way to avoid dealing with scammers is to trade with regulated brokers.

Clients’ Reviews of

Unfortunately, CMV Capitals does not have client reviews. This could only mean that nobody is interested in their bogus services or no one has tried out the broker’s services. Either way, it doesn’t paint a good picture for them. It would help if you were not the guinea pig of this ambiguous firm. 

It will only result in a devastating outcome. Watch out and refrain from engaging with infamous ventures. It would help if you also were wary, as some schemes use false testimonials to deceive customers they are worth the take.

Final Verdict 

CMV Capitals is another nasty Ponzi scheme in the making. There is nothing unique about this scheme. The people behind the broker will eventually shut down their operation. It will be impossible to catch them. The trading conditions and withdrawal terms are unfavorable.

You can check out these best forex trading platforms. They have an experienced team dedicated to the betterment of their customers. The safety of traders’ funds is also their paramount responsibility. You can relax and earn passive income.


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  1. Kiran

    Are you sure you are providing the right information on this website? That I have been trading with CMV Capitals for the past 4 months. I am getting regular income and withdrawals from CMV capitals. They are genuinely showing up their faces

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