Coin 17 Review: a Plain Subtle Crypto Scam

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Coin 17 is an alleged online innovative and practical digital currency investment company. The platform claims it accepts members from all over the world. brags that they constantly make profits for their clients. Despite their false claim, how the company operates to generate profits is not transparent to the investors. They assure their clients that they observe high-security protocols and that their money is safe in the company’s platform.

Coin 17 claims the development of fully automated trading systems. How this system work is murky, and you should not trust a word the company tells you. The platform boasts having a top-notch experience in the trading world as a way of buying your confidence in trusting them. The company states that they apply mathematical analysis and innovative software.

How the company comes up with the alleged mathematical analysis and how the software operates is not well explained to investors. Trade world like every other business loses will always occur, and no company should promise you to risk free investment.

Coin 17 claim has a system that prevents risks; the system allegedly divides your deposit between different automated trading strategies. Like all the other pyramid schemes, the platform does not outline how their bot works. Review should avail evidence to support their allegations. The platform claim investors trust them with their money because of an excellent reputation. states that they continuously develop their tools; hence the platform never faces failure.

Legit trading platforms are always transparent, and you should only trust such or risk losing your money. The company promises you that even if one system results in a loss, the rest will still generate profits for you.

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The platform claims the whole professional is responsible for your investment. The company founders and even the Professional team are not known to you.

Coin 17 Review: Platform

Investors need the information of the people running the company to boost trust with funds. You may never know who is handling your money in this Ponzi Scheme. The company claim being advanced and offering fast payments to investors.

Coin 17 claims to multiply your wealth, and hence they maintain reliability. Unfortunately, your money is not safe in this company, and you will only make losses.

The funds’ safety in this platform is not guaranteed as no banking information is provided to you. Th minimum deposit is $10 and 0.001 BTC. Once you deposit funds in legit companies, you expect the immediate reflection of the balance. Coin 17 investors have to wait for up to 3 confirmations in the blockchain for the balance to reflect.

Regulation and Customer Support investment opportunity is guaranteed to any investor all over the world. For any company to be allowed to collect funds from public regulation is a mandatory requirement.

Unregulated companies will easily go against the law whenever they choose to do so. The company owners, once they are caught, they risk facing criminal prosecutions.

we took our time and checked on the database of well known regulatory bodies like FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FTA. Unfortunately, we were not surprised when the platform did nit appear in their list of licensed entities.

Legit trade companies always showcase legal documents to prove geniuses in their dealings. Coin 17 only avails company number on their platform, 12576928. The company features no email or telephone contact that you can use to contact them.

The platform claim they can produce crypto-capital and support long time stability in digital funds. The platform alleged address is 164 Chartridge Lane, The Annexe, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England, HP5 2SE.

However, the location Coin 17 has provided just mad; they are operating anonymously. The platform accepts multiple currencies as payments. The withdrawal procedure is not known.

In case you require assistance, legit companies should provide you with email or contact. The main reason scam companies hide their contact is to or event tracing from the authorities, and this scam character is visible in Coin 17.

Coin 17 Investment Plan

Pyramid schemes use high attractive return numbers to lure you into trading with them. The projected return estimation requires skill and patience for you to attain profitable returns. promise you quick returns that will make you rich overnight: The company promises you 117% in just 3 days. The second plan offers 17% daily for 9 days. The company claims to provide you the most attractive plans possible.

The misconception that is being created by the pyramid scheme is wrong and false. Investors need to be very cautious with platforms that promise them unrealistic returns. Ponzi scheme exploits the ignorance of their clients by offering them high ROI.

Before you decide to join the online venture, you should take your time and educate yourself on how the market works. is bring run by a professional con artist who only cares about the money you will deposit in their pockets. They have no intention of enriching anyone.

Now let get a bit realistic. What are the chances of any investment company offering such a lucrative program to the member of the public? If any platform realized such an opportunity, they would use the time to open their portfolio instead of advertising their services.

C17.Top will only leave you high and dry. The company claim to be involved in digital currency trading, yet they do not disclose their winning rates, draw downs, or the business model that they incorporate. The platform is not legit, and if you want to keep your money safe, avoid them at all costs. Affiliate Program

Coin 17 requires traffic on their website, and they urge you to lure members into the company, and in return, you will receive a certain commission from their deposit. The company boasts that the referral program allows you to earn, even without depositing.

The platform creates a referral link for you that you can use to attract new investors. The link is customized, and you are not limited to the members you can refer to.

Coin 17 claims they use a multi-level referral commission. Investors earn 7% from each deposit at the first level.  You can also earn from members you invite into the company.

Domain Insights

Do you know that you can know when the company was started by a quick search on Well, now, you aware. The company was registered in 2002, and the registration expires in 2020 August. The official domain name is

The target audience for this Ponzi scheme is Bangladesh and Ukraine. The company has a global Alexa ranking of 1,181,949. The traffic is not large, which means despite them being in the market for over a decade, they are not popular in the market.

Coin 17 Final verdict

Scam companies will always use overestimated plans to try and lure you into depositing money into the account. Coin 17 is not regulated, and this only proves murkiness in their claims.

The company has not provided investors with any contact data, and this is a major thumb down for the investment farm. Legit companies always provide contact data to investors. Venture with trustworthy cryptocurrency companies in the industry.

The company founders are also not known, and this is an ultimate red flag to you. The company only focuses on your deposit, and once they have your money, the company may even block you.

You risk losing personal information to fraudsters. Funds safety is not guaranteed by the company, as no banking details are known to clients.





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