Coin Mining Review: Another Scam

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Coin Mining is another pyramid scheme that is a clone of The platform assures investors that they will acquire automatic mining cash from venturing with them.

However, the company does not have adequate information to support there is mining taking place on their website.  They claim to undertake mining services, yet they have not disclosed the location of their mining farm or servers.

Coin Mining states that for you to start your financial breakthrough journey, all you need is to authorize your Payeer wallet and start generating real funds. Crypto mining is not as easy as these pyramid schemes make it look.

You need to have adequate skills and information on how the market works. Coin Mining creates the notion that for you to earn more returns, you need to deposit more money into their system.

The claims are familiar with Ponzi schemes, is not left behind. Investors need to invest 10 rubles in acquiring high earnings. The speed of mining is 0.00093000 Rub per second. Additionally, the company offers investors a daily income of 80 Rub.

The amount is very enticing, and a lot of newbies might fall for it. Coin Mining promises its clients a total of 240% return per month. Invest only with trustworthy mining platform that will not scam you. Review

The company features sections that showcase their top users. Usually, such information is meant to create transparency with investors. Upon investing a low amount of money, you will receive rewards, but once you cash in huge cash, you will lose it all and never hear from the website.

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Additionally, they promise investors a power bonus of 0.00000186 Rub per sec upon completing the registration process. You can as well begin earning immediately. The withdraw can be done once after 12 hours, and the least amount that you can cash out is 10 rubles.

The profit that the client can yield in a month raises suspicion, given the volatility nature of pyramid schemes. Despite there being numerous risk, Coin Mining seems to have a unique method that other platforms have not yet discovered. It is only Ponzi schemes that will offer you ridiculous returns than their competitors.

Coin Mining Regulation and Customer Support

Coin Mining does not have a license to carry out its investment services. They may go about breaking the law as they wish. The company states that they accept funds from all over the world without discrimination.

For them to do it legally, they need to have several regulatory documents on their website from various financial bodies. Unfortunately, they do not have even a single certificate from any financial watchdog.

This should tell you of the type of platform that they are; it is only Ponzi schemes that don’t will disclose their founder to the public. You have the right to know who is handling your money and the qualifications that they possess.

Coin Mining Review, Coin Mining FAQ

You can reach the support team of Coin-mining through their email, Their working hours are from 10:00 up to 20:00 Moscow time, seven days a week.

The company does not have a telephone number that you can reach them through. An email address is not a convenient method to contact an investment company. They should have a telephone number.

You might have to wait till eternity before receiving feedback from the company. If you deposit a considerable amount of funds, the company will ghost on you, leaving you high and dry.

Investment is not a light task; moreover, with companies emerging daily in the market, you need to be very careful. People are losing money daily; the industry is flooded with scammers. You need to be extra careful with your hard-earned money.

The Referral Program

Coin Mining, just like all other pyramid schemes, is not left behind when it comes to offering their clients an affiliate program. Without traffic, there is no revenue that the company will earn. They offer their clients a 12% of the deposit that their referral will make.

You can invite as many people as you can, there is no limit. However, it is essential to note that by inviting your friends into this shady company, you will be helping them achieve their goals to scam as many people as they can.

The only people that will benefit from the Coin Mining platform is their shady marketers, and sometimes their initial investors whom they pay to create credibility. The company will not be in the market for long.

Once their system collapse, you will lose your money in it. Hence you should not allow these fraudsters to steal your cash.

Coin Mining False Testimonials

The platform has a section that features reviews allegedly coming from those that have ventured with them. If you observe keenly, you will realize the same people are providing proof of payment.

The trick of displaying false testimonials is familiar with a pyramid scheme. They post a bogus, manipulative review to get investors to deposit funds in their shady companies. The payment available in their review area may be from their marketers.

It is funny that the platform has a lot of traffic coming in, yet they cannot get different investors to endorse their services. With this kind of murkiness, you should refrain from depositing, or depositing money with them.

Scam or Not?

Coin Mining is a proven scam platform that has a lot of traffic coming their way. The marketers of the company are working tirelessly to fish in as many victims as they can.

It is an anonymous system that you should not waste your time on; additionally, they do not have regulatory forms. The business model, win rates, and drawdown information is missing.

Moreover, no mining activity is happening in this firm. The mining farm location, server, and how they plan to attain the high returns for their clients is not transparent. How Coin Mining handles the mining expenses of their users, and especially the electricity bills remain a mystery.

On top of all the red flags they have, the company has not availed any verifiable accomplishment they have attained. If you invest with them, you will only lose funds, and no one will come to your rescue since this us an offshore company.

The Domain Insight

The official domain name of this company is The registration of this platform took place in May 2020 and will expire in the same month the year 2021.

Even though the platform is less than a year old, they have vast traffic coming into their website. According to Alexa ranking, they have the traffic of 203,547. Their victims come from Venezuela, Russia, and Egypt.

Coin Mining Final Verdict is another shady company that assures investors they can earn money that will replenish their balance. The higher the amount you invest, the greater your return will be.

Sadly, this platform is operating doubtfully, and we would not recommend it to any investor. Invest only with legit platforms in the industry that will help you gain a reasonable amount of profit.

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