Coin-Stone Review: A Dubious Broker

Coin-Stone Review
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Coin-Stone does not have a license. The entity is shamelessly collecting funds from traders all over the world. Unfortunately, they are doing this without observing the rules that the financial watchdogs have enforced.

Coin-Stone states that this is the platform where individuals transform their lives. They have numerous advantages awaiting those that choose their scheme. The venture has no commission and advertises lucrative leverage. The only problem is that their conditions expose traders to more risks

Coin-Stone Review, Coin-Stone Company

Their spreads are nowhere from being tight and will lead to traders paying more. Additionally, the features that the entity advertises are unverified. They use essential features like stop loss, stop limits, and trailing stop. The firm also states it has certified negative balance protection. 

Coin-Stone sends an email notification to alert clients when a winning offer arises. Our primary concern is that the broker lacks a trading history. There is nothing that proves the scheme is genuine. They even pull out an old trick of using false testimonials to trap in more victims. 

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You might be wondering who the founders and the team of Coin-Stone are. Unfortunately, this is something that we are also in the dark about. It is mandatory for every investment scheme in the market to disclose the people behind their entity.

This builds trust when a scheme is being transparent. However, considering that we are dealing with a dubious venture, we are asking for too much.  The company features insufficient information about its trading activities. It makes us question their business. 

Coin-Stone will soon be out of the market. Those that grant them the benefit of the doubt will suffer the consequences. Save yourself the trouble and only trade with a licensed broker in the market.

Trading Conditions of Coin-Stone

One would think that Coin-Stone has enforced the best technology in the market. However, we were shocked to find that the only available interface is a web-based platform. The MT4 and the MT5 are the most prominent software. They allow investors to trade automatically. There are also several indicators and charting tools.

The entity has a spread of 20 pips for the EURUSD pair. Traders should forget about making profits with such caps. It is also beyond the market limit as the average cap is one pip. The leverage starts from 1:2 for the crypto and 1:400 for forex. These are alluring promises, but you are most likely going to lose your funds.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Coin-Stone is also an expensive platform. The average amount that one can deposit is $200 and others less than that, while for this firm, it is $1000. The company is also using methods that will not permit clients to issue a chargeback. Clients can only deposit via Bitcoin. 

The problem with digital currency options is that you will not trace the receiver of money. They observe anonymity. The least amount that customers need to withdraw is $250. Often the transparent and best firms allow customers to get even as low as $10. 

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Those who gladly accept the bonuses must execute a trading volume of30 times the incentive they take. If you fail, Coin-Stone will not process your cash-out request. All that the venture wants to do is to withhold the payment. 

Regulation Status of Coin-Stone

Coin-Stone does not have a license. The entity is shamelessly collecting funds from traders all over the world. Unfortunately, they are doing this without observing the rules that the financial watchdogs have enforced. For instance, in their terms and conditions, the firm forgets to feature the name of their company. Their legal documentation is thereby worthless. 

They are not regulated, and this is a significant concern. There is no single authority that will hold this venture liable for your losses. Therefore, the scheme will quickly steal your savings without giving a hoot about the financial bodies. The anonymity of the system is another worrisome fact.

It is point blank that the venture is only looking after its greedy needs. There is no evidence of trading as well. Legit platforms segregate the funds of traders. They also send daily reports to investors. In the case of this firm, they do not even bother to disclose their parent company. 

Before you invest, check with your financial body whether a firm has a license.  There are numerous advantages like being compensated in bankruptcy, enjoying security, and having peace of mind. 

Clients Testimonials 

The entity has several positive reviews from its alleged users. These are people who do not show their social media profiles. Trustpilot monitors are not strict, and people who have not used a particular service or product can easily mislead others. Review, Platform

The reviews appear to be cherry-picked and too good to be true. There is also no proof of payment. They praise the support claiming the team is responsive and always on the lookout for the investors. 

This is a company that we do not understand where they are operating from or who they are. Investors should be keen as the marketers of the schemes often use their promotional code to get a fat commission—Check-in other third-party websites to see if there are endorsements or complaints. Performing a thorough reach will save you the trouble of dealing with the wrong firm. 

There are also misleading reviews that feature contradicting information claiming the Coin-Stone is a genuine venture. Do not buy their narrative. This is a determined venture that is only looking for ways to defraud customers. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Coin-Stone leaves no office address behind. Nonetheless, they have a phone number and an email address that users can use to reach the firm. The code of the phone is from the UK. However, this does not prove this is their operating area. It is possible to use VoIP phone numbers. 

Once the broker realizes that you have run out of funds, they will cut all communication with you. It will be impossible to track them down. Their phones shall be disconnected, and emails will go unanswered. This is the trend with fraudsters. 

The thing is, they do not have enough funds to hire a professional team. Why would they waste money while all they want is to steal from naive traders? It is also unwise to share your data with the venture. They will steal your information and do the unthinkable with the data. 

The Domain Insight

 Coin-Stone is a platform that is anonymous. The domain name of the firm was registered in March 2021. It shall expire in a year. A short time frame signifies that the venture does not target being around in the future. You will hardly see the entity renewing its contract. This is an anonymous scheme with low traffic visiting the website. 

Final Verdict

We have exhausted why you should avoid investing with Coin-Stone. The entity is just another fraud in the making. No benefit comes from trading with them. The scammers behind the broker are only going to frustrate you. The best thing is to refrain from engaging with them. 

If you want to make simple returns, only deal with the best forex trading ventures. You will earn passive income. Trading requires patience. If you rush into it and expect to become rich quickly, you will lose it all. 

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