CoinPool Review: a Doomed Scam

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CoinPool Review
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Nothing good will come out of the offshore scheme. Venturing with a licensed company is the only guarantee your money is secure. As far as we know, no regulatory body oversees financial activities. 

CoinPool alleges to be a genuine crypto venture. They are a stake-lend-trade venture that uses crypto experts. The firm assures investors it search for profitable opportunities in the digital currency and share with them. You can expect first and huge returns by venturing with them. 

CoinPool Review, CoinPool Company

However, the big question you should focus on is how reliable the scheme is. Is there proof of payment or trading activities? Who runs the broker? Avoiding such critical data will only lead to bad outcomes. 

Back in the day, you could attain huge profits. The market wasn’t flooded, and the number of investors was limited. Many crypto investment was a scam not until individuals became millionaires. Then, everyone else wanted to join and experience the same outcome. 

Unfortunately, times have changed, and there are numerous digital coins, each with a specific nature. The number of investors is also more numerous than before. The market is super volatile. Additionally, the mining activities are expensive. You will need to purchase top-notch software and hardware. 

There are many scammers like encouraging newbies to join their venture without having experience. They pretend to know what’s best, yet there is more than what meets the eye. If you are looking for genuine crypto companies, stick to legitimate entities. Earn passive income without subjecting yourself to scammers. Review

CoinPool claims it has sufficient capital to run its business. They allegedly use the latest technology to yield more benefits. Unfortunately, the entity fails to provide adequate information regarding its business. 

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We need to find out the mechanism being deployed. Additionally, the platform needs to provide past trading results. Therefore, verifying whether there are investment services and products is impossible. 

The entity thrives in anonymity. It even praises the feature by claiming investors’ anonymity boosts confidence. The qualification of the team and their identity are missing from the website. We need to be made aware of who is handling traders’ cash. 

Investment schemes need to remain transparent. All relevant information should be featured. It is only scammers who remain discreet to avoid being put behind bars.

 The scheme has a referral program. They subject existing clients to invite as many people as possible to increase their earnings. Avoid falling into their trap. It is illegal to promote investment services without a license. Furthermore, once people lose cash, they blame you for the lousy ordeal. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

CoinPool allegedly offers 24/7 customer support services. Investors can reach the team via email or telegram. These methods are inconvenient, especially if you need an issue resolved quickly. Genuine schemes feature a phone number that is in service throughout. Their support team is also professional and friendly. 

Scammers work with rude sales reps. The only these individuals are responsive and ethical is when their victims are willing to spend more cash. They do not care about your experience. They cold call potential clients with promises of earning them huge profits. You can hear in the background other markets closing deals. 

If you are a naive investor, you might fall for their trap. Once you run out of money, CoinPool will cut all communication. They won’t bother responding to messages or picking up your phone. Some fraudsters even disconnect their phone numbers. 

Refrain from sharing personal information with anonymous companies. fails to provide contact details. There is no office address or country of origin information. This is an entity determined to remain behind the shadows.

 It is unethical of them to request your phone number, email address, proof of address, and ID. These are criminals, and giving them access to such information only exposes you to more danger. Why not look for legitimate investment platforms? 

Accounts and Trading Conditions

To get started, you will need to create an account. Then, invest in a pool by making a deposit. From there, you will begin receiving daily ROI all year round. There is a section on the Investment Plan on the website.

Usually, in such areas, you will find different account types. You can then decide what best works for you based on the capital and perks you wish to enjoy. Sadly, CoinPool displays no such information. Review, Features

We do not know the minimum amount that customers can deposit. Data on trading accounting needs to be included. Before registering in any entity, you have the right to see the company’s leverage, spread, commission, and swap. 

CoinPool also fails to disclose the available trading platform. There is no investment taking place on the website. Granting the entity access to your money will lead to automatic losses. 

CoinPool Withdrawal and Deposits 

CoinPool accepts funds via cryptocurrencies. There is nothing wrong with the option. However, fraudsters accept digital currencies since traders cannot issue a chargeback after depositing funds. It also helps the con artists conceal their identity. Information about the wallet recipient is not shared.  

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, which is high. Legitimate companies allow investors to cash out whichever amount they please. Also, cryptocurrency withdrawals are swift. You only have to wait for a few minutes, which is one of the dominant advantages compared to traditional payment methods. 

However, the CoinPool withdrawal request takes 14 days. We do not know what the wait is with the entity. Furthermore, we are yet to see anyone who has successfully cashed out from the system. Investment is all about the numbers, and this offshore scheme has nothing. 

CoinPool Regulation Status

CoinPool is not a registration document or license. The scheme is operating illegally. They don’t even feature terms and conditions. What the entity has in the section is a big joke. 

The legal documentation is a guiding policy. It should feature withdrawal requirements. Offshore companies tend to change their approach to suit their greedy needs. They will even inflict hidden charges on customers. 

The best-regulated investment platforms provide their clearly outlined terms and conditions. If there is any issue, the authority intervenes. Financial watchdogs also require brokers to have particular working capital to prove their financial capacity. Sadly, CoinPool violates the rules of many jurisdictions. 

Without working capital, the entity is likely to misuse traders’ funds. The scheme is also not reporting daily transactional reports to the regulators. They can manipulate the market price since no sound trading tool is used. For a better experience, stick to regulated companies. 

Fund Safety at CoinPool 

CoinPool presents DDoS and SSL certificates to prove customers’ data and funds are safe. Unfortunately, these documents only protect your information from being stolen by hackers. By signing up for this platform, you get in bed with criminals. These are the people you should be scared about. 

Nothing good will come out of the offshore scheme. Venturing with a licensed company is the only guarantee your money is secure. As far as we know, no regulatory body oversees financial activities. 

Another concern is the platform’s lack of fund segregation. Genuine companies should work with reputable financial institutions. It helps keep the traders’ funds in separate accounts from the broker’s. The process also facilitates the smooth withdrawal of funds. You will rarely hear of the inappropriate use of funds. 

Deposit made to fraudulent companies goes directly to the con artist’s pocket. Once their system collapses, it is impossible to recover the cash. Sadly, not even the authorities can come to your aid because scammers operate anonymously.

Final Verdict

CoinPool is untrustworthy and a shady company. The website has limited information regarding its operation. We also found numerous red flags. Ensure you trade with legitimate investment companies to enjoy sound returns and experience.

There are several endorsed crypto ventures. You can also check clients’ reviews and audited trading performance. 

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