COMEX Trades Review: a Pure Scam

COMEX Trades is another suspicious platform in the market that you should be on the lookout. The platform claims that they deal with cryptocurrencies, Forex, stock markets, and the future in commodities markets.

The company state that they are a legal entity that is located in the UK. However, nothing about this company makes sense. The business model that they utilize is lurking despite them promising investors profitable opportunities.

The cryptocurrency sectors associate numerous risks, mainly due to the volatility nature of the currencies. How COMEX Trades plan to achieve the vast returns they have projected remains a mystery.

The company entirely depend on its team of professional to analyze the market. It is hard for any investment company to achieve such rewards without having the required trading software. The company cannot entirely depend on their team.

COMEX Trades assures their clients’ funds will be safe in their platform. Unfortunately, this company does not avail banking information to its investors. Trusting such a company with your money is risky.

Additionally, the platform guarantees its users’ timely payment and constant growth. They allegedly have reliable investment plans and fast withdrawal process. Review is a company that is dealing with various assets that associate numerous risks. Nonetheless, they still promise their clients high rewards raising suspicion. The platform brags about their team endlessly, yet they do not show their qualification.

Investment is all about the numbers; without them, we cannot endorse the eligibility of COMEX Trades. There is no financial report available on its website. Therefore, we cannot recommend them to any investor.

COMEX Trades Review, COMEX Trades Platform

Cryptocurrencies are risky assets, and figures are continuously changing. COMEX Trades has not disclosed how they plan to mitigate this risk or the mystery method they are using to deliver such high earnings.

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Most notable, they are not using a trading bot, so it is ridiculous they amount they are projecting to investors. The owner is also operating behind the shadows. Anonymity is not something that is appreciated in the investment sectors.

The company does not disclose the amount of investors’ money that is used to cater for operational expenses. Additionally, the info they have on their website is insufficient legit companies provide accurate up to date data.

Regulation and Customer Support

The investment company state that they are a legal firm that is registered under the number 12377000. The numbers seem generic, moreover acquiring such a document in the UK is easy and cheap.

Despite the false claims of this company, you should avoid them at all costs. Venturing with unregulated companies has its advantages, but it is never worth the risk. Such platforms can exit the market at their own time.

For a company to operate in the United Kingdom, it needs to have a license from FCA. is not featured in the financial watchdog cluster. They are running against the law, risking facing criminal charges.

The location of the company is at 1st Peter’s Square, Manchester, M2 3A4, UK. COMEX Trades offers live support to its clients. You can reach the support of via email or telephone number.

Their email address is [email protected] and their phone number; +441639471701. However, what usually happens is that the salesperson of a Ponzi scheme will be on your toes, convincing you to deposit more money into their company for you to earn more.

Unfortunately, once you heed to their demands, they will cut all communication with you. They will even go a further mile to blacklist you. Never allow a shady platform to scam you. Investment Plan and Returns

COMEX Trades has six investment plans, which are ridiculous and unattainable. The maturity period also raises red flags. Their first package offers a reward of 2.1% in just 20 days. 2.5% in 35 days and the third plan offers a profit of 3.5% in 55 days.

The other package of this Ponzi scheme promises investors a return of 605% in 35 days. The other plan offers a reward of 1500% in 55 days. 3000% in 70 days, and 6500% in 100 days. Scam Review, Plan

The cryptocurrency market has helped people to make reasonable profits in the past, but this does not mean you can make the absurd returns that pyramid schemes are projecting.

Usually, they target newbies who lack knowledge of how the industry works. They project unrealistic profits to lure you into their system.

However, if you deposit a huge amount of money, you will never hear from them again. You will lose all your money, and nobody will come to your rescue. Do yourself a favour, and avoid any pyramid scheme that assures you such rewards.

Security of Funds in COMEX Trades

Your money as the investor is not secure in this pyramid scheme. You will be compromising the safety of your data as well as your cash.

The law requires investment entities to avail their banking info to their client, something COMEX Trades has not done. Why would any trader trust these fraudsters with their money, yet they have not disclosed their real identity? The platform is operating anonymously and does not have a business license.

The sales team of this shady company will be on your toe, convincing to deposit an even higher amount of money to gain more. Unlucky are those who heed into their demands. They will lose all their earnings.

The amount of returns the company is promising investors is too high, and they may pay for the first few clients to gain credibility by soon they will go out of existence as they are doomed to fail.

COMEX Trades Referral Program

The company has an affiliate program that they offer to their clients. Their referral program has a commission of 5%, 2%, and 1%.

Without a referral program, pyramid schemes cannot survive in the market for a long period. They depend on their existing clients, or shady marketers to drive traffic to their doorsteps.

Such a platform uses the money of new investors to pay their pioneer clients. Sometimes you will be able to see your earning in their dashboard, but you cannot cash out the amount.

There is a conflict of interest between the marketers of COMEX Trades and the platform itself. You will encounter a positive review mentioning that the company is legit and that people are earning. Without showing any proof of payment, you should not believe blindly any words of these fraudsters.

The Domain Insight

During our research, we were able to gather useful insight regarding this company, all thanks to and Its official domain name is

The registration n took place in December 2018, and will expire in 2024.  According to, they have a very high Alexa ranking of 63,038. Additionally, we discovered that majority of their audience comes from Taiwan, Brazil, and Russia.

COMEX Trades Final Verdict

COMEX Trades is a typical pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. They are operating illegally; they do not care about the law what makes you think they will mind about making you rich.

The platform has been in the market for some time now, yet they do not have any financial history on their website. Trust only the best cryptocurrency platforms in the market. Always ensure before you venture and deposit your hard-earned money, you do a background check on a company.

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    am still scared, i really want to invest but dont know if my money is save for investment with Comex, i need confidence to enable me invest.

  2. Alisha

    I am Alisha.I have a account in user Name is Alishaboss77. I invested 139.50$ before 2 weeks 5 days ago. But From that investment time i can’t make any withdraw. My withdraw is pending also. As their rules my deposited 139.50$ is so little.But they paid others peoples i don’t know who are they but From that deposited time they don’t pay my withdraw. I want to say that they have to pay my withdraw. Everyone should be careful this time you don’t invest this platform.

  3. Shiktong Catherine

    Only comex knows their intentions for keeping the site open, but for me, may be they ate going through some challenges which can occur in any small or big businesses it won’t take them anytime go offline if they really want to just like the case of pennywise company does after requesting for company maintenance they went offline immediately my money is tied in comex l have not made quarter of investment am just waiting to see the end I will follow up till the en

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