Congent Trading Review: A Traditional Bitcoin Crypto Scam
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Congent Trading Review
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Congent Trading is not a reliable crypto investment platform. There is no genuine information available about the team behind the company and the kind of trading bots it uses. Therefore, it is much better to rely on genuine crypto trading bots that are known for helping people make lots of money via crypto trading.

Congent Trading is a company that claims to be a reliable crypto trading platform. It encourages users to invest in the company and lets the experts behind the company do the trading for them.

However, the information provided on the company’s domain – – is highly questionable. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly review this company and determine whether it is a reliable company to invest in.

Keep reading to learn all about Congent Trading and make a smart investment decision.

Overview of Congent Trading

Congent Trading presents itself as a reliable crypto trading company that can make huge profits for investors through efficient crypto trading procedures.

Moreover, claims that all of the trades are carefully calculated and executed by professional crypto traders with years of experience in the industry.

Yet, the company does not provide any information about how exactly the trading works or what kind of trading bot it uses.

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Congent Trading Logo

The company also does not provide any information about the owner of the company or the name of the crypto traders who are running the company. Further research shows that a person named ‘Kevlin Hilles’ is claiming to be the CEO of Congent Trading on social media, but there is no other information available about him.

Domain Insights

The footer section of shows that it has been operating since 2017. However, an analysis of shows that it was actually registered in 2021 and was inactive for a few months before turning into a full-fledged website. The website does not seem to be getting any significant traffic. Hence, it is highly possible that the company can collapse at any time due to a lack of investment.

Registration Fee of Congent Trading

The initial registration on Congent Trading is free of cost. However, if you want to qualify for any kind of returns from, you’ll have to invest in one of its paid packages. The website states that the company offers a wide range of plans to accommodate the changing requirements of the financial technology market.

However, you must keep in mind that most crypto scam companies and MLM platforms also offer such wide-ranging packages to attract more users and get their investments.

Following are the 7 different packages that Congent Trading offer:

  1. Privilege: Investment range is from $1000 to $4999
  2. Starter: Investment range is from $5000 to $19999
  3. Platinum: Investment range is from $20000 to $49999
  4. Enterprise: Investment range is from $50000 to $99999
  5. Options: Investment range is from $100000 to $249999
  6. Stock: Investment range is from $250000 to $499999
  7. CBD: Investment range is from $500000 to $10000000

These packages show that Congent Trading offers a variety of investment packages to make sure users are encouraged to invest in the company. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you’ll get any return, even after investing in any of these plans.

Features of Congent Trading

Congent Trading claims to have many different features and functionalities through which you can make money. It is important to evaluate these different features in detail so that we can determine whether you should invest in 


One of the most prominent claims of Congent Trading is that a team of highly professional and experienced crypto traders are behind the company. The website even states that the traders have years of experience in trading and have a huge amount of profits for the investors. 

Yet, the company does not provide the names of any individuals who are running the company or performing crypto trading for the investors. This kind of business structure invalidates the company’s claims of being a reliable and legit platform. 

Automated Trading Bot

The techniques and working efficiency of an automated crypto trading bot are something that not every company can crack. Yet, Congent Trading claims that it has a tried and tested automated trading bot with maximum efficiency to make profits for investors. 

Nevertheless, the lack of information about such a bot makes the entire company suspicious. It is also important to note that many companies have the trend of promoting trading bots without having actual access to them. Congent Trading might be doing the same thing to gain your attention and make you invest in it. 

Trustable Platform has a section in which it states that 150,000+ individuals trust the company. However, there is no proof that the company has such a large client base. In fact, the website does not seem to be getting any significant traffic, which proves that this is a false claim.

This is the only place where the company mentions a few names of people working as CEOs and CFO. However, the names and their roles seem to be randomly generated because there is a work history of these individuals on any other platform. 

Referral Program

Congent Trading claims to have a robust referral program through which users can generate a lot of money by referring their family and friends. However, not much information is available about this program. The website only states that a 5% referral commission is given to the investors in the company. Even if the company provides you with some referral bonuses, there is still no proof that it will actually give you the other profits. 

Payment Gateway

Congent Trading claims to have a comprehensive payment gateway system to accept payments from various blockchain websites and platforms. Yet, the website does not elaborate on this claim. It does not give the name of the crypto sites or exchanges with which it has partnered. Such kind of exaggerated claims shows that the company is only trying to present itself as something which it is not to get as much investment as possible.  

Income Structure offers a wide range of registration plans and investment options to attract potential investors. You have to make an investment of at least $1000 to get started with it. The website provides these investment details in USD, but the actual investment is made in BTC or ETH. 

Each of the different packages has varying returns on a daily basis. The breakdown of these returns is as follows:

  1. Privilege: Daily 2.5% returns
  2. Starter: Daily 4% returns
  3. Platinum: Daily 6.5% returns
  4. Enterprise: Daily 12% returns
  5. Options: Daily 15.5% returns
  6. Stock: Daily 21% returns
  7. CBD: Daily 30% returns

Other than these returns, the company also promises a 5% referral commission. The purpose of offering such a commission is to make sure users promote the company and make their friends and family invest in the company. 

These are the returns that the company is promising to provide you with. However, the features and overall working of point to the fact that there is a high chance that you won’t get these returns because it is not a legit platform. 


Overall, Congent Trading is not a company that you can trust with your money to make money. It is marketing itself as a simple, effective, and reliable method of investing in the crypto industry and making money. Yet, the working of the company does not prove that it is actually capable of generating any kind of revenue for the users. 

Therefore, you should avoid investing in Congent Trading. Otherwise, you can end up losing your money. Instead, it is much better to rely on genuine crypto trading bots that are known for their reliability and effectiveness in making profits via crypto trading. Such trustable bots allow you to make profits through their user-friendly working procedures instead of losing money in scams like 

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