COTP Safe Miner Review: Ambiguous Platform

COTP Safe Miner Review
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COTP Safe Miner is trying its level best to retain customers’ funds in its system. The platform does not care about fund safety. They are not working with a reputable financial institution to segregate the accounts of traders. Moreover, the scheme is not using technology or advanced tools for mining. 

COTP Safe Miner is a crypto venture promising clients a 3.3% daily ROI. Is it possible to attain such an amount of profit in such a short duration? Unfortunately, it is impossible. Gone are the days you would become a millionaire with a click of a button. The worse thing is this company is linked to a notorious Ponzi scheme that recently collapsed (COTP).

COTP Safe Miner Review, COTP Safe Miner Company

The shady entity openly states there is no link between the two. However, we beg to differ as all evidence shows these Ponzi schemes are run by one and the same person.  You won’t receive a penny once you decide to test the waters with the firm. 

The earning process is straightforward. Investors only need to link their wallets and accept USDT trading. Once you register indicate the amount of Tether coin to invest. Then activate the bots to do the magic for you. Later on, you can withdraw the amount generated by the software. Sound easy, right? If making money was as easy as these schemes purport then everyone would be trading. Review

COTP Safe Miner’s website design is vague. You do not need any skills to identify this is a scam. There is insufficient data on what the company is offering. They only claim to be mining but which token is it they specialize in? 

It is also important for investors to know payments done in crypto are untraceable. Digital currencies observe anonymity. The information of the account holder is not available to the public. Additionally, you cannot issue a chargeback once you deposit cash. 

COTP Safe Miner is trying its level best to retain customers’ funds in its system. The platform does not care about fund safety. They are not working with a reputable financial institution to segregate the accounts of traders. Moreover, the scheme is not using technology or advanced tools for mining. 

Before depositing your hard-earned money into any platform it is best to perform thorough research. Otherwise, you will only end up entrusting your money to incompetent individuals. We have done leg work for you and found some of the best crypto trading companies. These are trustworthy and legitimate companies. They have detailed information on their products and services on their platform. Go through the terms and conditions to see if they meet all your needs.

Who is COTP Safe Miner Founder?

The ownership information of the broker should be easily accessible. Investors have the right to know the qualification of the people handling their funds. Unfortunately, COTP Safe Miner is running its business behind a closed doors. Review, Features

The reason scammers operate in this manner is to limit the authority from coming after them. Ponzi schemes don’t intend to offer long-term services. Once they realize there is no money coming into their system they will shut down the business. 

On the other hand, legitimate brokers credit their team for excellent services. Their years of experience facilitate the growth of the company. They also have nothing to hide as they operate by the books. 

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The Domain Insight

COTP Safe Miner is a recently established company. According to the firm registration took place in May 2022. The broker has nothing to prove its genuineness. There are no existing client reviews or performance reports. 

It is better to choose a reputable company that has been around for years. Otherwise, you will be the guinea pig. The platform is running its shady business mainly on the Telegram group. They approach random people with their irresistible offers. 

Is COTP Safe Miner Legit or Not? 

The number of scammers in the market is on the surge. COTP Safe Miner is an unreliable entity. The entity claims to be mining yet fails to disclose the mining technique it uses. We are not aware of the mining software and hardware being utilized. Additionally, the location of their mining servers and farm is unknown. It is also hard to tell if the entity is using cloud mining. 

There is no evidence company is mining cryptos. Venturing with them will automatically lead to losses. Moreover, mining activities are expensive. It is hard for individuals and retail miners to purchase the mining tools. Therefore, they opt to join existing mining pools.

Additionally, COTP Safe Miner fails to mention how they distribute the mining fees and electricity bills. They only feature a Dev fee of 3% which is deducted from investors earnings. The daily profit of 3.3% is unattainable due to various market factors. 

Cryptocurrencies is volatile. What you earn today won’t be tomorrow’s outcome. You cannot predict the direction of the market. Whoever is behind the scheme is a tactical scammer. There is also a referral bonus of 12%. For every new member, you successfully convince to deposit into the entity you earn a commission. It is unethical to promote the services and products on an illegitimate platform. When the scheme fails your referrals will blame you for their losses.

COTP Safe Miner Returns and Commission

There is no company that will pay you such high ROI and commission. Hardly will legitimate brokers generate more than 2% daily returns. Moreover, COTP Safe Miner lacks a viable investment mechanism. Moreover, the referral bonus is 12% of the USDT deposited by the person you invite. 

 If the company is able to generate a high outcome why doesn’t it fail to avail proof? The scheme lacks existing positive reviews. The broker also lacks a mining history. Their system will collapse when you least expect it. 

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Unfortunately, COTP Safe Miner does not provide contact details. We do not know it country of origin. Additionally, the company has not invested in customer support. It is impossible to reach them if you face any challenge. Usually, with legitimate schemes, you will find a phone number and an email address. 

They also handle customer queries in time. Ironically, this scheme advertises absurd returns yet it cannot afford world-class support services. Avoid them as the people running the firm are only looking after their greedy needs. 

COTP Safe Miner Regulatory Status

COTP Safe Miner collects funds from countries all over the globe. There is no limitations yet the broker fails to adhere to various regulatory bodies’ requirements. Multiple countries have set up financial watchdogs to protect citizens against fraudulent firms. Therefore, any venture that wishes to collect funds from the public should have a significant amount of capital. 

The money act to proof the scheme can successfully run its business without violating customers’ funds. Additionally, it also shows the broker can withstand the market volatility. The problem is nobody oversees the operations of the offshore companies. It is therefore impossible if a platform is indeed investing your funds.

COTP Safe Miner lacks legal documentation. We are unaware of the withdrawal requirements which customers have to meet for them to cash out. It is easy for the scheme to apply hidden charges. Never trust such platforms as they withhold investors’ cash. 

Final Verdict 

COTP Safe Miner is an exposed scam. They have tried stealing from investors before. The platform was previously known as COTP despite the scheme refuting claims it was one and the same scheme. The entity is not licensed. They are also not mining crypto as they proclaim. Depositing cash into their system will automatically lead to a big loss. 

Instead of wasting funds and time with a dubious company choose a reliable crypto company. You will earn passive income without exposing yourself to scammers. These entities have 


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