CrypTime Review: A Repeat Crypto Investment Scam

CrypTime Review
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CrypTime offers a comprehensible package that is only found in movies. The packages give the appeal of a successful investment platform. Far from it, Cryp Time is a huge scandal. A few individuals profit from the website including the creator and those who market it.

A cloned investment website is what CrypTime is all about. The platform used to go by the same name but with a different domain. A few years back, Cryp Time went by the domain Today, they have made a few changes and come up with Despite their efforts to try and come back, they still offer the same services. The entire platform is a front to scam Russian investors. Learn what we found out in our CRYPTIME Review.

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A Brief Introduction of CrypTime

CrypTime Review

On their about us page, CrypTime claims to offer several types of arbitrage trading. When it comes to the company’s history, mission, and objective, it’s all missing. The platform does not have any adequate information on who they really are.

We find it hard to believe they are merely a crypto investment platform. Our efforts to try and reach out to the people behind it bore no fruits. Through our research, we found some disturbing features about Cryp Time.

The first red flag to spot is the scam before them. was the name of the website which started it all. After complaints reached authorities, the website was shut down, and the domain is now on sale.

In terms of aesthetics, the platform does not have any issues. The people behind it know what they are after. To impress investors and get them to deposit funds in the hopes of making quick returns.

Accounts and packages offered by CrypTime

The marketing strategy employed by this platform is to lure investors with huge profit margins. CrypTime claims to help investors earn up to 55 percent of net profit in just 10 days or 10 months.

Such daring claims are what naïve investors go for as they look to earn quick returns. What most don’t know is that these over the moon claims are traps set by crypto scam artists.

First Investment Package

The first investment package offers 0.44 percent in daily returns. According to the package, the deposit works after 310 days. The body of the deposit is included in the final payment. $10 is the minimum, and $50 is the maximum allowed deposit.

Second investment package

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With the second investment package, investors get a promise of 0.48 percent ROI. Deposit period works after 310 days. The amount to invest is set at $50 to $100.

Third investment

0.5 percent daily ROI is what the third plan brings to the table. It has the same waiting period of 310 days. The minimum deposit is $151, with the maximum set at $500.

CrypTime Accounts and packages

There’s no one with proof of ever withdrawing funds from the platform. The testimonial page has an image of a user withdrawing funds from Payeer. These are the same people behind the platform.

The withdrawal post is meant to show promise to investors. Sadly, no other normal investor has had the chance to withdraw funds.

Business holder

What makes this platform risky is the fact that we know nothing of the people behind it. As an investor, you would want to know the person who handles your funds. There’s no way we can invest funds with an unknown partner.

Worse still, the people behind it don’t want any direct contact with members. What’s to stop them from shutting investors out once they deposit funds? We have seen it happen in more cases than one.

Contact and support

If you have any questions, there’s a message box where investors leave their message. You can also send an email and wait in vain for a response. There’s no phone number you can call to reach out to an actual person.

All these features point to a platform hiding its identity. Anonymity is a risky feature, and investors must avoid it. Without direct and proper communication channels, investors stand to lose their investments.

CrypTime License and Registration

CrypTime is far from being a compliant and legal Crypto investment platform. We couldn’t find any information on their legal status. It’s the reason why they had to change their domain to avoid detection.

Without any valid documents to show compliance, there’s no oversight. The people behind this platform are getting easy money without much hassle. We don’t know the professional level of the person handling funds.

It goes to show why the platform is a huge financial risk. The platform enjoys no compliance or support from regulators. Worse still, they also hide their license and registration status from investors.

What looks like a legit crypto investment platform ends up being a risky option. Without any compliance, we can’t recommend them. The risks involved outweigh any promise of making huge returns.

Domain background ( review)

Cryp Time Features

423 is the number of days the platform has been active. Despite having a Russian default language, the IP location is in France. This tells us the people behind it are located in Isere, France.

The name of the registrant has been redacted for privacy reasons. We didn’t expect to find the name. No scam artists would want their names plastered on the web domain records. With the records showing their online presence, we doubt their credibility.

Payment options

According to information on the homepage, the platform uses Payeer and Perfect Money. Investors can use these two channels to deposit funds. We were expecting the platform to offer some Crypto options since they deal with such investments.

There’s no need to deposit with them as withdrawing funds is impossible. No investor has come out with proof of withdrawing funds with the platform. We hope this is reason enough to ignore investing with the platform.


Some statistics and testimonials seem to hail the platform’s capabilities. Some of the statistics include top refers, new deposits, and new conclusions. We don’t know what the latter stands for.

Testimonials, on the other hand, could be their people posting positive comments. All other crypto platforms and forums have negative comments. It goes to show how far they have gone to try and market the platform.

Safety of funds with CrypTime

Scam or Legit

Without any oversight, the safety of funds is a major concern. We won’t engage with the platform due to the numerous safety concerns. The platform offers no legal recourse in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency.

When making depository transactions, the platform could lead you to a trap. With a lack of DDoS protection and SSL encryption, the website is a hacker’s playing ground. There are no safety measures in place to protect investors from third-party attacks.

Scam or Legit CrypTime

CrypTime offers no real advantage, and no one has profited from their marketing gimmick. The platform is solely out there to steal from naïve investors. Our investigation reveals the truth behind this bogus platform.


With all the facts out there, there’s no way we would recommend Cryp Time.

The best way to invest in Crypto is using dependable crypto trading bots tested by experts.

Stay safe, and feel free to leave a comment or email us with any Crypto-related query.

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