Crypto 300 Club Review: A Bogus Scam is Exposed

crypto 300 club review

Crypt 300 Club Review: A Bogus Scam

Crypto 300 Club is another automated bitcoin software that has hit the market. This app claims to be high powered and has all the trading solutions. Crypto 300 Club also suggests that it’s highly profitable and none can perform better. They claim it can perform and generate 2% in ROI per day within the first 60 days. After the 60 days, you will receive 1% ROI for the rest of your life.

NB: To help you understand more about the Crypto currency world, we have conducted a thorough investigation to reveal the scam behind Crypto 300 Club. There are indeed real and legitimate apps that generate reasonable profit margins, Crypto 300 Club is not one of them.

Crypto 300 Club Platform

From the word go, they claim that Crypto 300 Club has a friendly user platform. This is not the case as we found out. They claim with this software it’s nearly impossible to lose money. They also add in the fact that you don’t have to do any work to get earnings.

Developers even suggested that Crypto 300 Club has no risk of losing your money. We should warn you that all this is a fairy tale. As you know by now, appearances are more often than not, deceiving.

This is definitely the case with Crypto 300 Club. It just seems too good to be true.

This app does not even offer us any proof of winnings. All these claims of it not losing cannot be verified by users or by the developers themselves. Thanks to our extensive investigation, we uncovered some few scam factors that we will review. We will finally get to the bottom of things as we dig deeper.

Crypto 300 Club Ownership and Licensing

One of the very first red flags that we encountered was the leadership of this bogus app. Simply put, the developers of this bogus Crypto 300 Club software are nowhere to be found. You cannot see them on the homepage and also on any social media platform. We could not find any real contact details in regards to the owners. There’s no information on the website on where we can contact the owners of this app. We really don’t know who is in charge.

How can you be expected to invest your hard earned money with an app we don’t know about? Why are the developers hiding themselves? Who would create a software that has an ROI of 2% and not want recognition? Did these guys simply forget to tell us who they were? They have done this on purpose. Crypto 300 Club owners have simply gone out of their way to hide their real identities.

Domain Checker

We performed a domain check and all we found was that everything was private. This was in regards to people who owned the website. Unless the owners are doing something illegal, they definitely should not remain anonymous. This is a good sign that these people just want to rip you off.

There’s no information regarding the Crypto 300 Club itself or where the company is located. We did a search on all known business registries and incorporation databases and this company was not registered. We did not find anything even in the registrar of companies. Crypto 300 Club is not registered in the UK, USA, AUS or anywhere that’s relevant.

This shows this company has no legal standing or offices anywhere. The whole app and structure is totally illegal. It has no authority to claim that it can take your investments and make it grow. This is a total lie and one of the red flags that we raised. Crypto 300 Club will simply steal your money once you deposit.

Unrealistic Profit Margins

There’s no evidence that this app really trades in cryptocurrencies. We have no proof that cryptocurrency trading does actually takes place. They go ahead and inform unsuspecting investors and newbies that this is a highly profitable venture. In real sense, they tell us nothing about how this comes to be. We don’t know the trading strategies and what kind of indicators they use. They don’t even reveal which type of cryptocurrency they are trading. This is a major red flag.

These are some of the questions we need to get answers to. If they want us to invest in them, they need to answer all these questions. However, no one is available to answer. They don’t even show us a screenshot of platform and how it works. As far as we can tell, Crypto 300 Club does not exist. This is simply a way of scammers to steal your hard earned money.

Guaranteed Profits?

The Fact of the matter is, there’s no such thing as guaranteed profits. We all know that the crypto market, just like any other market, is volatile. The value of coins goes up and down by the minute. Trading is always risky as experienced traders will let you know. There’s no way that this software can guarantee you profits. The fact that they guarantee 2% ROI every day is a total lie.

1% ROI for the rest of your life seems an impossible task. It’s simply an impossible task. It’s not realistic and is just another trap to scam investors into believing all the hype. This would mean that all people who invested in Crypto 300 Club earned infinite profits. This is not the case.

Fake Accounts

Crypto 300 Club tells us who has signed up with the app recently. There’s no way to confirm that the people who are signing up are real. All these could be ransom usernames we are shown to convince us to sign up with this scam.

Product Name Final Verdict

Crypto 300 Club is offering no proof that it generates these ridiculous profit margins. This only means that the app is unrealistic and bogus. There’s no transparency when it comes to ownership and it all appears to be a complete rip off. We do not recommend you put your money or confidence in it. We have no option but to blacklist Crypto300Club as a complete scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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17 Replies to “Crypto 300 Club Review: A Bogus Scam is Exposed”

  1. David

    How long were you registered in the app? It could be that it works at first but in the end it doesn’t. Just like what they said. They guarantee you that they can perform and generate 2% ROI per day in the first 60 days. But after 60%, you will receive 1% ROI for the rest of your life.

  2. Jay

    I put 500 in then the withdraw got so called held up pending another deposite, in order to express your money to the front of the line, so I sent 200 more dollars, the very next day it said account suspended, no one to call and no one every responds back to my email, this is a terrible scam, and has put a strain on my relationship with a friend who bought me into this mess, 700 dollar lesson, stay away.

  3. chris

    I invested slowly, i kept 1000, and they gave me 1500 in 10 days, at that time the earning were 30%, and then i invested 5K , they gave me 7 500$, and then i invested 10k , they gave me 15K in 13 days. so i took out all the money that i nevested quickly in 27 days total. now i am in the profit margin of total 10K after taking out all my 20k investment. i am safe. this is all happend in 1 month. now i am playing with 10k which they gave me. and making every day 1K. and per month i am getting paid 30K . i know it looks soo scamy… but i feel they are legit for my investment. not sure when they close it >

    if you want the proof. i can give u proof. of all the numbers

  4. Kev

    Chris is a troll…….the site is a scam and any [person] that gives money to this site is asking for trouble. They [prey] on the uneducated and suckers of the world…please people get some street smarts!

  5. Amos

    Yes I created an account and I was making my money back and then all of suddenly my account is saying wrong ID wrong password and not I can not log in at all

  6. Joshua W. Lassiter

    AMOS go back in again. It happens sometimes. It works for me, and I’ve been doing it for a couple of months. Just beware at around 28% it will do a reset at 50% and you will only get 1% after that. So pull out your money and sit on it. When the reset happens back to 10% start investing again. Sometimes it take 48 hrs to get your money deposited into your crypto bank.

  7. snack

    i put some family and friends on with this club and alot of them a did a withdraw a few weeks ago and are still waiting for their refund to come back since 9/16 the refunds havent come thru yet

  8. David Owusu

    Crypto300club is SCAM. Buyer Beware! and Run away from these suckers. They claim they have a 30 guarantee day refund policy. Once you request the refund, they block your account and give you a bogus id on a website that you cannot access, When you email them, the end up not responding to your email and there is no way for you to contact anyone for assistance.

    Don’t put any of your money with these idiots. They are a total scam. They will suffer heavily for all the bad things they are doing on this planet. We curse whoever is in charge of this scam. That individual will never have peace and will be stricken with a plague that will hurt him/her for the rest of their lives unless they refund all the money they have stolen from people around the world

  9. Wanda

    It seemed to be fine initially now I’m still waiting on my money since 9/15/2020 and it still say withdrawal pending and it is now 10/10/20. It starts off good and then it goes down south. My money will go into a reset wallet and I can only get paid 1% per day. Don’t put alot of money in here. They will keep it pending and reset and you can’t get it out.

  10. Kurt

    SCAM! I invested 1000 at 38% for 5 days. I was only able to withdraw back 600 after which the the remainder + interest was transferred into an adjustment wallet and cannot be withdrawn. Stay away from these scammers!

  11. Hortense

    They are a scam. You get paid all day long but can’t withdraw. I lost a little too much and I voiced my experience on Telegram app under the Bitcoin name to the admin Jakara and she blocked me. I wasn’t saying what she wanted to hear.
    I showed my cancellations that never got paid and get caught up in the reset, which is holding on to folks money for themselves. STAY AWAY FROM CRYPTO300CLUB A SCAM.

  12. Hortense

    I requested a withdrawal on 11/13/3020, for 2days $971.00, never processed; needed to withdraw another $1200+, . It went into reset on 11/29, everything got caught up in the resetas they had no intention of paying. In addition, I must buy 34 more packs 11/30, as of today just to get paid on the already 1344 packs that I already have. SCAM..SCAM. STAY AWAY.

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