Crypto Boom App: Ordinary Known Crypto Scam App

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Crypto Boom App is an application that targets novice investors in the market. The company allegedly assist uses to make vast profits from bitcoin trading. Nobody knows how this app works.

The application claims that they have made a lot of people rich in the market. However, despite their claims to help a high number of investors, there is no proof of payment.

The registration process for this platform is straightforward. The financial narrative of this platform is very appealing, and you might end up making a mistake of trusting them with your money.

Cryptocurrency Venture has enabled a lot of people to make a reasonable amount of money in the past and present time. However, this does not mean that you can become a millionaire overnight by just downloading an app.

The platform accepts a deposit of $250. However, they state that for you to earn more, you should deposit a higher amount. The only accept found using Bitcoin

About Crypto Boom App

Crypto Boom App deals with Bitcoin investment. They market themselves as the best digital currency selling app in the industry.  They promise that you can make hundreds of up to a thousand dollars in a matter of a few days.

Platform ridiculous states that they are a secure entity that offers your clients a chance to be part of they’re growing community. The application enters the market 0.01 second ahead of all other exchanges. The Crypto boom app claims that they have an accuracy of 99.4%.

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Sadly this is false information. There is no trading bot in the industry that has such an accuracy rate. To make money with the digital currency, you need to have the background knowledge and adequate skills to thrive in this niche.

Crypto Boom App Review, Crypto Boom App Platform

The company expects Traders to believe them blindly. The model of this platform is lacking. They do not disclose how their system operates. Avoid being a scam victim by investing with the best crypto trading bot in the market.

According to Crypto Boom App, all you have to do is download the application deposit some initial capital, and you are ready to go. The platform openly states that prices go up and down; hence you need patience for your earn.

The platform urges their client to stay calm when they see their income fluctuating. Crypto Boom App impulses investors to hold their funds.

How does the Crypto Boom App operate?

Crypto Boom App claims that users can trade multiple digital currencies on their platform. The cryptos include; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash,  IOTA, Monero, and Ripple. The Application algorithm analyzes the market and performs the trade for its clients.

Investors can also perform trade for themselves. However, they recommend you use their bot before you familiarize yourself with the app.

Set the Crypto Boom App to trade automatically for you to gain high returns. Such promises are made by the Ponzi scheme to lure innocent investors into their fraudulent activities.

The application is allegedly is effective, and they urge people to sign up as soon as possible before they start charging higher. Nothing about this application makes sense.

Customer  support

Crypto Boom App is a shady company that does not even offer customer support services to its investors. Before you invest in any company, you need to ensure that they have an active support team.

The Crypto Boom app does not have a telephone number or an email address. It raises the question of how they handle the grievances of their clients and anyone interested in investing with them.

The only reason they observe such anonymity is to avoid being caught by the law. The application additionally does not disclose the address of their offices.

Regulation and registration

Crypto Boom App is an application that is collecting money from investors all over the world. The company is operating illegally as they do not have a regulatory form document permitting them to undertake the investment services.

The unregulated platform is very dangerous as they are not bound by the law. Hence, they do whatever they please. The company does not even have an faq page. Moreover, the business model that they are utilizing is also murky.

Before you invest in any online venture, ensure the system is operating legally. Trusting anonymous investors with your hard-earned money is an unwise decision. You have the right to know who is handling your money.

There’s no regulatory or a registration form available on their website. Sooner or later, the law will catch up with them. If you lose money in this application, there’s no method of recovering it back.

False testimonials

There are numerous false reviews online endorsing this application. According to the testimonials we encountered online, the investors are earning in a matter of seconds.

If you are a keen investor, you will realize there is no screenshot to show the earning. Some even claim they were able to recover their invested capital instantly.

The reviews also ridiculously state that the negative reviews that are available online are misleading, and they are coming from those who were not patient enough to wait for the Crypto Boom App to earn them profit.

Safety of Funds

Funds are not safe in Crypto boom App. The app is operating anonymously. Additionally, there is no visible evidence of investors earning from their services.

The deposit method is not disclosed. The banking information that the Application safeguards users money in is also missing. The company does not have DDoS and SSL encryption certificates. The company is prone to be attacked by hackers, or they may use the factor against their clients. They may lie about being hacked to steal the money.

Crypto Boom App claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%, which is bogus and false. Cryptocurrency is a venture that numerous associate risks and even the trustworthy trading bots in the market do not have a performance close to this one.

Is Crypto Boom App Legit?

The answer to this question is no. The company is a pyramid scheme that has an enticing financial narrative that may lead to many newbies falling for their scheme.

Crypto Boom App is operating anonymously, which is evidence enough; the company should not be trusted. Tell me of any developer who would design such a great trading software, and shy away from getting the credit.

The website accepts payment via cryptocurrency. Once you deposit the initial capital, you cannot recover the amount as it goes directly to the pockets of fraudsters. The money cannot be traced.

The reason behind this is because there is no trading taking place on this platform. The software does not exist. Additionally, the accuracy of the bot is unheard of. There is no proof of payment despite many marketers endorsing the scam bot.

Crypto Boom App Final Verdict

Crypto Boom App is a pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. The app states that you only need to register and immediately start earning profit. Only invest with reliable cryptocurrency software that will help you to gain profit in the industry.

The return that this application is offering raises red flags. Moreover, they do not have any customer support services. Hence if you encounter any challenges, there is no method available for resolving the matter.

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