Review: Buying NFTs on worthy?

We all know and have heard of it mentioned. And now, this crypto exchange platform is allowing members to buy and sell NFTs. You can also create NFTs on the platform and sell them.

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What exactly does offer different from other NFT marketplaces? Good question; there are hundreds of NFTs marketplaces, each different in concept and design. We will dive deeper into what makes ideal for buying and selling NFTs.

A Background check and review NFT Marketplace

A leader in crypto assets, is by far the leading crypto exchange platform. The platform is well received by the community due to various factors. Top reasons why the platform are ideal are accountability and transparency.

These are the real deal when it comes to buying and selling crypto assets. You have to feel safe when engaging with such marketplaces. And our review will highlight what to expect when you buy, create, or sell NFTs.

You have seen their advertisements at most major sports events. And that’s how this brand has created awareness on such matters. There’s a reason why we must thrive to ensure safety when it comes to crypto assets.

When joining any NFT marketplace, there are several factors to consider. These include visibility of your assets which is key to success. You also have to see the business model used to buy, create, and sell these NFTs.

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Again, before you engage with any crypto asset, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. We only recommend due to the transparency of transactions on the NFT marketplace.

How to open an account with the NFT Marketplace

It’s easy; simply fill in the form, enter your password, and you’re good to go. The drop feature includes purchasing NFTs created by top creators on the platform. There’s the bid marketplace where buyers bid for a created NFT.

The platform also avails a marketplace where members can showcase their NFT collection. And that includes having to set aside a platform for all your NFTs. And this gives sellers a chance to showcase their quality and overall quotes on their products.

There are over 70 million users who have access to And this gives buyers and sellers a perfect marketplace for a meet. You get to engage with full professional NFT creators on the platform.

The advantage of opening an account with are endless. You have to keep in mind that the platform is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the market. And that’s a winning formula for buyers and sellers.

You get the market and views you want from other NFT investors. And the price range depends on the bid or ask price of the seller.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFT marketplace

Clarity of concept is one of the biggest advantages of dealing with this platform. Members get accurate and concise information on available assets. The platform also offers plenty of products to choose from.

Top NFT creators on the marketplace have earned over $2 million in sales. The platform lists some of the most profitable NFTs depending on sales volume. You get to choose several collections based on several attributes.

Categories of NFTs on

There are eight categories on the platform. These include Art, celebrities, cross-chain, crypto, gaming, Music, PFP, and Sport. Art collection bids start from $ 1 with most having only one mint of the collectible.

Before bidding ends on some of these collectibles, it’s best to be alert of the prices. Some of the prices may spike due to a growing interest in the NFT. There are some NFTs that have a fixed price, and there are no bidding wars on them.

Most of the NFTs on the marketplace are currently based on one of five chains. These include Cronos, Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. The price of the NFT will also depend on the chain used to create it.

Drop Feature on the NFT Marketplace

NFT Collectibles available on

Here’s where creators drop their NFTs and hope for the best. As we publish this post, there are two NFTs on the drop line. These include Gangverse Social Club and Da AI calligraphy. From the look of things, these are valuable NFTs.

You also get to view upcoming NFTs with five NFTs listed at the drop coming up next feature. It gives users or buyers a chance to check the NFTs and get to set up a sale. Depending on the price structure, the buyer can know more about the NFT before buying it.

Buyers can also view ended drops from the page as well. These are the drops that have ended, including Land, the frontier. It goes to show that the platform is also geared toward creating and selling NFTs.

Who are the partners of this NFTs marketplace?

There are global partners that have already set up shop on the platform. These include Angel City FC, Aston Martin F1, DRESSX, DeFi the Game, Visa, and more. Other leading sports brands include LA Kings, Philadelphia 76ers, and Paris Saint Germain.

With these partners, it goes to show how strong the marketplace has become for sellers. You get a marketplace that offers buyers a chance to get ahead of the game. Buyers also have more confidence to invest with the marketplace.

Seasoned partners give the platform more credence over other NFT marketplaces. And that’s why the platform is by far considered the best for NFTs. There’s complete confidence in the market and players.

Is licensed or regulated?

Here’s where matters get dicey in relation to license and regulation status. Yes, the platform has enjoyed several licenses in different jurisdictions. These include in principal, Singapore, France, and Brazil.

Mind you, and these are not clear license details. These are approval of the payment institution license. Singapore was the first to issue the Monetary Authority of Singapore License. And this gave investors a chance to validate and transact on the marketplace.

However, you should know there are risks that come with investing with NFTs. The NFT marketplace can rake in millions and also leave buyers guessing. There have been theft cases and errors, which has avoided.

Support from staff

Here’s where we believe the platform ought to do a lot better when it comes to support. The platform should offer more support to investors. The platform should have a live chat support for the marketplace.

No one will feel satisfied with the FAQ section or sending an email. Support means directly contacting a representative who will help. Newbies often feel safe when a live agent is able to talk them through industry jargon.

Is it safe to invest in NFTs on

Yes, for now, it’s totally safe to invest with the platform. You need to stay ahead of the NFT game and buy, create, or sell NFTs. It’s one of the best marketplaces for this crypto asset by a mile.

What are you waiting for, sign up today!

Our verdict on NFT and the marketplace

Want a chance to invest in future assets, NFT marketplace is the best one so far. These NFTs are sometimes used as currencies on online crypto casinos. It shows how valuable the asset has become.

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