Crypto Mainia Review: a Proven Scam

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Crypto Mainia Review
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Crypto Mainia offers a web-trader interface. It compromises basic features that limit traders from having efficiency. We wonder whether this is the use of technology the company is bragging about. You will mainly find TradingView charts.

Crypto Mainia claims to be a genuine blockchain investment venture. They deal with products such as binary options, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. The broker accepts traders worldwide and promises fixed returns. One red flag is the platform offering binary trading. These products are considered dangerous. 

Crypto Mainia Review, Crypto Mainia Ponzi scheme

The majority of financial watchdogs disapprove of brokers offering these services. Investors have to predict whether the price of commodities will increase or decrease. The problem of dealing with fraudulent schemes is that even if you make the right prediction you lose. 

Crypto Mainia claims its operating legally. They focus on availing of online investment services that are secure. Unfortunately, this is a false claim. The entity has already been flagged by a reputable financial agency. Faking their regulatory status is a big flop. And there is no reason for you to engage with such a scheme. 

Look for genuine crypto companies offering wide range of products and services. You will earn passive income without subjecting yourself to unfavorable conditions. The safety of your money should be your top priority. Keep in mind that the market is plagued by many scammers. Therefore, trade carefully. Review

Crypto Mainia is allegedly working with a team of specialists. They use the latest technology to reduce risks while maximizing returns. We did a background check on the team presented on the website. 

To our surprise we found the broker is using stock images. These images are stolen online from various sources. The real people running the rogue scheme operate behind the shadow. It’s therefore impossible for the authority and their victims to go after them. Refrain from engaging with such schemes. 

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Investors deserve to know the qualification of individuals handling their cash. Any broker operating discreetly without transparency has a high chance of being fraudulent. Another lie with Crypto Mainia is its claim of being one of the crypto ventures using revolutionary technology. Sadly, the scheme lacks trading tools and products. No investment activities are taking place on the website. 

Their promise of financial freedom is another ploy to lure innocent investors into joining their website. Moreso, their crypto investments are not risk-free. In fact, these are the most volatile products. The prices keep changing. You need adequate skills to profit from the process

Available Trading Platform 

Crypto Mainia offers a web-trader interface. It compromises basic features that limit traders from having efficiency. We wonder whether this is the use of technology the company is bragging about. You will mainly find TradingView charts.

 You cannot place a trade using charts. Expert traders will prefer superior trading software like MetaTrader. It allows you to place orders automatically, utilize advanced analytical tools, and have access to multiple markets. 

Crypto Mainia Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Crypto Mainia has three investment accounts. The minimum acceptable deposit is $1,000. The amount is on the high end considering there are genuine crypto and forex entities accepting a minimum capital of $10 and above. Which unique feature does the broker have to be overcharging customers? 

The duration of all three contracts last between 14 days, 21 days, and one month. There is an applicable commission rate of 20%, 40%, and 60%. Payouts are done automatically. Unfortunately, the leverage, spread, and swap information is missing. We are also unaware of the returns customers should expect. Review, Accounts

Crypto Mainia is holding traders cryptocurrency in the hope of earning them long-term returns. The firm is trading and mines various digital currencies. Unfortunately, we find this hard to believe. The scheme fails to disclose the trading technique it uses to generate the high ROI. 

Additionally, we do not see audited trading results. Our other major concern is the lack of adequate information regarding the mining activity. If they are mining then which hardware and software is used? Where are their mining farms or data centers located? Above all how is the company distributing the huge mining costs to clients? 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Crypto Mainia distributes withdrawals on a weekly and monthly term. The scheme promises investors an instant payout. The amount you make isn’t determined by your skill. Instead, it is all about the capital you are willing to stake. 

The entity also claims you can up to 50% ROI in a week. There is no legal document on the website. The scheme is discreet on the amount of cash customers can withdraw. It is impossible to know if there are hidden charges. This being a newly established scheme we cannot find genuine customer reviews. 

Invest with genuine brokers that provide sufficient withdrawal information. You don’t want your money to be lost in the hand of fraudsters. In an attempt to keep your money fraudsters will start asking for tax money and other fees that were never mentioned. 

Crypto Mainia Contact Details

You don’t need trading experience to differentiate a genuine platform from a scam. You only have to focus on the minor factors. For instance, look for contact information. In Crypto Mainia case the website features no contact details. We don’t know the broker’s country of origin. 

Additionally, it is impossible for customers to reach the company. The only available communication channel is via email. We all know how easy it can be to ignore messages. 

Refrain from sharing essential data such as government-issued cards, and proof of address. These are criminals and they can use the information against you. They might also sell the data on the dark web. Stick to legitimate companies and enjoy professional customer services. 

Is Crypto Mainia Licensed?

Unfortunately, the entity is operating illegally. They make it the responsibility of customers to ensure they comply with the local law. They falsely claim to have a license but fail to mention the financial watchdogs overseeing their business. 

The FCA has issued a warning to United Kingdom citizens to stay away from the offshore entity. Crypto Mainia is working independently. You won’t get fund safety from the entity. Furthermore, the venture fails to mention the top tier-one banks it partners with to segregate investors’ accounts. 

The fact Crypto Mainia accepts cash via cryptocurrency method alone raises eyebrows. The funds go directly to the con artists’ pockets. You can never recover what is lost. To avoid such horrors stick to legitimate investment companies. You will earn better returns without subjecting yourself to risky ventures. 

Is Crypto Mainia Legit or a Scam? 

There is nothing genuine about Crypto Mainia. The shady offshore firm indicate starting its operation on January 2018. They started by inventing profitable sound trading software. Moreover, the entity doesn’t mention its existence using a different name. domain information shows the scheme is new in the industry. They began their business in May 2023. It is direct the scheme is using false information. What else could they be hiding if they are fabricating minor data?

Crypto Mainia mentions reputable companies as their partners. So do not believe them. There is no way these big ventures would risk their reputations by dealing with fraudsters. Unlike genuine companies that limit customers to owning one investment account, the rogue scheme encourages customers to open as many packages as they desire. 

The company fails to disclose the methodology being used to earn. They are only asking you to deposit more cash to be able to earn big. 

Final Verdict 

Crypto Mainia is an outrageous Ponzi scheme. There are no trading activities taking place on the website. The broker is unregulated and cannot afford to hire professional customer support. 

Furthermore, they are working independently and the team is unqualified. They are only best at playing mind games and defrauding investors. Entrust your cash to reputable and legitimate crypto ventures to enjoy top-notch services. 

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