Crypto Nation Pro Review: a Stupid Scam

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Crypto Nation Pro is a trading bot the Promise investors up to $800 daily for massive cryptocurrency surge. The platform claim that they have over 15000 users who are benefiting from their system.

The platform is another pyramid in the market that you should keep off at all costs. The shady company allegedly offers trading signals to investors.

They brag of having an Accuracy rate of 99.8%. There’s no trading bot in the industry that has such an accuracy rate. The amount of earning that they promise users are high and unrealistic. They require investors only to follow the signals that they provide for them to make a tremendous profit.

The time they have been in the industry is enough for them to avail of financial reports that can verify their high performance. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there is no trading taking place in

About Crypto Nation Pro

The trading bot is, unfortunately, a fraudulent application that you should not trust with your money. Crypto Nation Pro is a typical scam application that has nothing new to offer. They have used regular media videos that are common with other pyramid schemes.

The trading signals that they claim to offer are not profitable. Furthermore, it is unknown who is operating this company. There is no information regarding the owner of this murky website. The pyramid scheme claims anyone can join their venture to generate insane profits.

Crypto Nation Pro Scam Review, Crypto Nation Pro Platform

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They assure trader that their money is in safe hands as the software analyze the market for you and grant accurate signals. Crypto Nation Pro brag that they have the fastest system in the globe. They enter the market 0.03 seconds ahead of all other trading platforms in the industry.

Despite their deceitful allegations of making over $2 million income for their clients, there is no tangible proof to back up the claims. Moreover, if at all, they were generating such returns, then every trader would be flocking at their website while this is not the case.

How does operate

The company claims they are involved in crypto trading activities. It is not clear how they plan to offer investors such as high returns.

However, despite their platform being a scam, they encourage all investors, novices, and experts to join their cause. You only need to sit back and wait for the bot to do all the trading activities for you.

The accuracy of their trading bot is suspicious and does not create credibility with the crypto community. All you need to have to enjoy their services is an internet connection. Invest with legit crypto trading companies in the industry.

The Ponzi scheme assures traders that their trading software is entirely free. The deal sounds too good to be true. You are only required to deposit an initial capital of $250. They call it seed money, which is meant to grow your account.

When you sign up, you can immediately start earning. The financial narrative of this platform is lurking and false. It only takes less than ten minutes to get started. Before you deposit funds into any system, ensure you perform thorough research to avoid being scammed.

Media Endorsement and Awards

Crypto Nation Pro will say anything to gain the trust of investors. They claim they have been endorsed by various renowned media like Financial Times, CNN among others.

If you pay attention, you will realize the video that they have put up on their website is talking about Cryptocurrency in general and not Crypto Nation Pro services.

The Ponzi scheme shamelessly proclaims that they have been awarded as the leading trading application in the market. Their clients are allegedly gaining over $500 daily by just following the signals they provide.

It is a major red flag that you should not turn a blind eye on when they lie about such detail, nothing else they say you should believe.


Crypto Nation Pro is a notorious scam that claims they collect money from investors around the world. Unfortunately, they are not regulated by the financial authorities in the world.

Pyramid schemes have been exploiting investors across the globe; the various government has put up strict measures to protect their citizens from being scammed.

Crypto Nation Pro is not a legit platform, and there are not in the cluster of FCA, Cysec, ASIC, and other financial watchdogs list of trustworthy companies.  Avoid trading with unregulated platforms, as in the long run, you will only lose funds.

Customer Support

To reach the customer support of this company, you need to fill up a form available on their website. Crypto Nation Pro does not offer support services. They have not disclosed their location to the public.

They do not have an email address or a telephone number details on their platform. The only reason they observe such a high level of anonymity is to operate without being traced.

Why would any investor trust this shady venture with their hard-earned money while they have not offered any factual data that can create transparency? Investment is not a light task that you should do hastily.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts deposits via Bitcoin. They claim their operations are entirely free but require a deposit of $250.

According to the Crypto Nation Pro, the withdrawal process is handled instantly without any delays. Unfortunately, they do not disclose the minimal amount that you can cash out.

You do not even need a computer to start earning or any technical skills. You can only follow easy instructions to enjoy their services.

Crypto Nation Pro Safety of Funds

Investors’ money is not safe on this platform. The company is not transparent, to begin with, and they have no trading history.

They feature documents that are meant to show their website is secure and safe. However, the only protection that you need is from these scammers. The law will catch up with them, or they will exit the market once there is no more revenue coming their way.

The founding fathers of this platform are not disclosed to the public. The company is operating anonymously, raising even more suspicion. There is no evidence of payment, and investors have not been able to cash out funds from this fraudulent entity. Moreover, the company displays false information that they have been endorsed by multiple platforms.

Investment platforms that do not disclose their banking information are precarious. Crypto Nation Pro does not feature the financial institutions that they segregate investors funds. If you venture with this platform, you will be risking the safety of your funds with a Pyramid scheme.

The Domain Insights

The official domain name of this website is The registration of this company too place in October 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2020.

The platform is not doing so well in the market. According to the data we gathered from Alexa, they have a global ranking of 7,539,259, which is too low.

Crypto Nation Pro Final Verdict

Avoid becoming another victim of Crypto Nation Pro. Please do not give them a chance to steal your money. Trust reliable trading software that will provide you with real-time results.

It falsely claims they are verified by various media, and there is a legit platform while in reality, they are a Ponzi scheme that will leave you high, and dry.n

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