CryptoGainTrade Review: A Broker with Unrealistic Returns

CryptoGainTrade Review
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CryptoGainTrade is an entity that was registered in January 2020. Their domain was recently updated. Currently, it will expire in January 2022. The platform is privately registered. The domain insight of this entity is 2,684,312. It is not much and the location of their customers is not known.

CryptoGainTrade is a company that believes investors can earn money easily using BTC. The entity states that investors will be able to generate returns daily. It avails the necessary tools to its customers. The entity is dealing with BTC and other digital assets.

Moreover, the platform also claims that it has experienced traders who are ready to help investors. All you have to do is register your account, deposit money and start earning. Withdrawal requests are handled fast.

CryptoGainTrade has multiple features like a fast transaction. The firm brags that it is also secure and stable. Their team is allegedly fast and handles all the complaints on time. Additionally, the venture presents an opportunity for investors to exchange their coins.

CryptoGainTrade Review, CryptoGainTrade Company

The company also has several mobile applications which traders can use. It will assist their clients to trade with ease. Investors can also trade across the clock. The entity is also offering free consultations to its clients. You can reach the broker via the contact form, or live chat.

The problem with this company is that it is good to be true. There are no trading activities taking place in this entity. The best thing that you can do is to avoid them not suffering huge losses. The firm is only after investors’ funds. Review

The company states that it presents an easy method for investors to earn without any trouble. The platform states it manages risks. Therefore, investors will experience little to no loss once they engage with them. We also learnt that CryptoGainTrade is involved in mining activities.

Unfortunately, they leave out essential information that can prove they are indeed mining.  The company does not state the mining hardware that it is using. It is also hard to know their drawdown that you can expect.

Mining activities are also not profitable as they used to be in the past. Nowadays it has become easy for scammers to put up a beautiful website and fill it with fluff content. They are very convincing. The big mistake that you can ever make is to share your contact with them.

They will call you nonstop claiming to have the best offers. Afterwards, once you give in to their claims you will regret it since you can only count losses. Avoid investment schemes that are not reliable and only look for opportunities to defraud you.

There are many reliable and genuine investment schemes that are regulated. You will earn high returns without compromising your safety. These are some of the best platforms in the world. They also have a world-class customer support service.

Investment Plans and Returns

CryptoGainTrade has four investment plans that are exaggerated. The starters’ plans promise investors a daily profit of 10%. You will receive daily returns of 1.4%. The universal package promises a daily return of 1.8%.

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You can trade and withdraw funds instantly. The entity also has a New Year bonus on this plan. There are no mining activities for the universal account. The Clarke package assures traders of an overall return of 130%.

CryptoGainTrade Scam Review, CryptoGainTrade Features

Investors can trade and mine at the same time. You can also top up more money once the plan expires. The broker also has a new years’ bonus. The Tardis account promise to generate an income of 160%. However, there are many problems that surround this entity.

It is no longer profitable as it used to be before. Crypto mining and trading associates with multiple risks. Therefore, we are still in the dark regarding the trading mechanism that CryptoGainTrade is using. The broker is using this method to deceive clients into joining them.

CryptoGainTrade features their latest withdrawal and deposit. The platform will not earn you any money. They are looking after their greedy needs. Once you entrust your money with them you will lose full access.

Is CryptoGainTrade Reliable?

The company is one of the fraudulent entities in the market. The kind of returns which the broker projects are too good to be true. Moreover, the company lacks clients’ feedback. This brings up the question if CryptoGainTrade is profitable as it claims why is there no client feedback.

The company is not genuine and the fact that it is operating anonymously shows how shady the firm is. We doubt there are any investment services taking place on their website. Invest with genuine investment platforms that will never defraud you.

CryptoGainTrade cannot be trusted because it is customer support team is pathetic. They will treat you as they please after getting what they want. Research about an entity before entrusting your money with them.

Contact Details

CryptoGainTrade is allegedly located at 101 Grainger St, Newcastle, NE1 5AE. The entity can be contacted via email or phone. There is a high possibility of this venture not being based in this area. The firm only wants to appear as a transparent broker.

Scammers are not sloppy to reveal such information. Once they decide to leave the market there is nothing that you can do about it. They will disappear and come back using a different domain name ready to steal more funds.

Invest with reputable crypto trading companies that are reliable and genuine. They will respond to your query on time. Moreover, there is nothing to hide and the entities are transparent. Invest with the best ventures.

Regulation Status of CryptoGainTrade

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any government in the world. The assets are decentralized and payment done using digital currencies are fast. Nonetheless, the government is trying its level best to protect its citizens against making losses.

Therefore, investment companies are subjected to acquiring a license before starting their investment services. There are strict measures that the brokers must meet. A company must deposit a huge amount of funds as its capital.

The amount can be used to compensate traders. Moreover, they also need to report their daily trading activities to the financial watchdog. Your money cannot be used for illegal purposes. There are several advantages that come with investing in reputable ventures.

CryptoGainTrade is not regulated or registered by any financial body in the market. You risk facing several risks once you trade with them. Investors should avoid all this uncertainty and invest with the right company.

The Domain Insight

CryptoGainTrade is an entity that was registered in January 2020. Their domain was recently updated. Currently, it will expire in January 2022. The platform is privately registered. The domain insight of this entity is 2,684,312. It is not much and the location of their customers is not known.

Final Verdict

The company will not generate reliable income for their clients. It is not certain when the broker will exit the market but one thing is clear that traders will be surprised to find the website down. There are several methods that you can use to generate returns but CryptoGainTrade is not one of them.

The customer support of this broker is not reliable and will serve you as long as their needs are in line. Furthermore, the entity is not regulated by the government. Investing with this shady firm will result in making lose.

Try out some of the best crypto trading companies that are genuine and legit. You will have nothing to lose. The customer support and their professional team will be willing to help. Invest with the best entities that care about your safety.

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