CryptoGlobalOption Review: A Filthy Mining Scam Platform

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CryptoGlobalOption claims to be the world’s most popular method to mine and invest in Bitcoin Ethereum and Lite coin. The company states that its crypto mining  activities began at the end of 2013.

The legend founders met while trading in the same bitcoin platform and decided to create their system, which turned out to be CryptoGlobalOption. The mysterious founder allegedly came up with the idea of the mining as a service and built the mining firm in Eastern Europe.

The company claims to have grown and boast of stability and claimed to have paid out a lot of profit to investors. How the founder came up with the company is not mentioned to the investor, and how the system operates is also not well-known.

To purchase this software, you have to pay $150. However, how the platform works is not known. How the software works are also not elaborated to the investor, and you cannot trust what they say.

CryptoGlobalOption global option boast having power and modern mining equipment. The investment firm drugs being the leading hash power providers in the world, offering cryptocurrency mining. The platform claims mining capacity in every range of the crypto market.

No experience is required for you to start mining or earning profit with this investment company. There are better legit crypto mining platforms in the market. The company promised opportunities for even newcomer investors who have no experience in the trading world. Review

CryptoGlobalOption claims they use of GPU 4 Radeon RX 470. The system is, however, only applicable once you purchase TI-miner. The company also promise six months of around-the-clock support system. Additionally, no expense of electricity is expected for half a year while using the miner.

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The scam company claims its main mission is to ease acquiring cryptocurrencies for all its members. The platform allegedly has built high efficient data centers to guarantee stable mining operations.

CryptoGlobalOption claims the beat competition in the market today by investing in the most significant resources. The company also claims to beat the time and effort in the customer’s investment set up.

CryptoGlobalOption Scam Review, CryptoGlobalOption Platform

The company claims the team has built the most efficient mining strategies, and no effort is required from the investor. You also promise you can keep full track of the market and remain competitive in your mining achievement.

The claims contributing to the echo system not only is their main focus in trading. CryptoGlobalOption promises investors high security both offline storage and security. The investment firm boasts the support of a multi-algorithm, the firm boss up to 6 mining algorithms for ten different cryptocurrencies.

How they generate these algorithms, however, is not transparent and only raises more doubts in the company’s deal. The investment firm claims to have state-of-the-art mining technology for every blockchain algorithm.

Crypto global option claims investors can use daily mining outputs, and they have freedom of allocation of the hash power to cryptocurrencies within mining. The investment firm claims that its datacenter guarantees trouble-free operation on the equipment.


CryptoGlobalOption features similar characteristics of pyramid scheme companies. They use fake testimonials to attract investors into trading with them is a major red flag for the investor. Review, Testimonials

The alleged investors claim to have earned pleasing returns and within minimal time, requiring less effort from them. You may be tempted by these allegations into trading with them or believing their promises.

The investors are just fake, and I’ll use the same marketing strategy by Ponzi schemes to lure in more investors. The company will Rob your money once you believe in this testimonial feature.

Investment Plan

CryptoGlobalOption uses massive investment plans to target investors into depositing money into their accounts. The company’s investment plan is; Basic Plan allows minimum deposit of $1000 grant investors 0.5 KH/s, and you are promised free setup.

The standard plan grants investors prophet promise off $35000 having invested $5000, and 4.5 KH/s and the platform offers free setup to the investors.$71,000 is promised profit in optima plan having invested $10,000.

The premium plan is the last in this company and offers you $ 20,000, and the estimated profit is $142 00 in 14 days, while for all the other plans, the company promises to achieve these claims in 7 days.

CryptoGlobalOption Funds Safety

The company does not guarantee you fund safety. No banking information has been provided or the bank location. It will be hard to know who is controlling your funds in this company has no information has been provided regarding the owners or the employees of the company.

The law requires investment companies to avail the institutions the segregate money. The method of payment that CryptoGlobalOption accepts is not transparent as you cannot track your back either can you reverse the transaction.

The company is operating anonymously; the reason they observe this level of discreet remains a mystery. Legit companies always credit their team and founder. It also creates mutual trust between the two parties. We cannot endorse this shady platform to any investor.

Despite the company’s claim of offering massive profits to investors, no evidence has been provided for any successful withdrawal by any client. The method of withdrawal also is murky and not transparent to the investor.

Regulation and Customer Support

This company is not regulated, and the risk is facing criminal prosecutions once they called by the illegal authoritative bodies. Companies that are not regulated will easily swindle your fans and smoothly go out of existence.

Contact tracing remains to be one of the hardest challenges faced by authorities in tracking scammers as no identities have been provided to trace the people behind the firm. The address of the company is 1010 Avenue of the Moon, New York, NY 10018 US.

The location, however, during our research, we discovered that it was just made up to prove genuineness this company lacks. Telephone contact has been provided; +14815162342 and email address is; hello@cry.pterium.wp. Unfortunately,  this does not assert you will receive feedback in case you have a query, or you require assistance.

Scam companies, once you complete your deposit, they block your details, and contacting them is never an easy task. For any company to be allowed to generate funds from the curb, public legal, regulatory procedures are mandatory to observe.

The Domain Insight

The platform claims it has a history of mining, but thanks to, we were able to determine that this company has not been in the market for long. The platform was registered in November 2019, and it is expected to expire in the same month in the year 2020.

A one-year domain raises more suspicion; the company may exit the market after this expiry. It is currently unknown the area they target their audience.

CryptoGlobalOption Final Verdict

CryptoGlobalOption is not regulated, and you risk losing not only your money but also passing personal information with criminals. The platform founders are not known, and this is essential information that the company failed to provide.

You should only trust legit trading companies that offer reasonable investment plans and have evidence to back up their service. How the software operates to generate profit for you is not mentioned and only causes more distrust regarding the company.

Legit mining companies always prove their legitimacy by showing regulatory documents to the investor. The company location is just made up, and this raises more doubts regarding the platform.




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