CryptoRegularFX Review: Avoid this Crypto Platform

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CryptoRegularFX is a cloned crypto investment platform. No investor gets the chance to withdraw after investing. Learn more in our detailed Review

A cloned platform, CryptoRegularFX (, claims to increase your profit. Unfortunately, over the months, the platform has failed to release withdrawals. Most of the clients who have signed up have given up hope. We expect the platform to lose its credibility after the review. Regulators are warning investors from signing up with get-rich-quick crypto schemes. Crypto Regular FX is the same. Here’s our clear CRYPTOREGULARFX REVIEW.

About CryptoRegularFX

For most investors, the CryptoRegularFX looks like a perfect place to invest. The platform claims to increase your investments tenfold. But, surprisingly, the only one who profits from your investment is the platform.

CryptoRegularFX Pros and Cons

Our investigation revealed that the website used to go by the name FXBIT. Once you check the slide on the homepage banner, you will see the name. Unfortunately, the creators didn’t think of deleting or replacing the original banner.

There’s a lot to point to the platform being a clone as the names on the client section are the same. We will get back to that later on in our in-depth review. For now, we have to concentrate on the homepage issues.

For most clients, the allure of making quick returns is what drives them to sign up. As a result, none of them bothers to do a background check on the platform. And that’s where the platform takes advantage by claiming to make huge ROIs.

NOTE: Investors need to invest in credible investments that operate effectively. We recommend using crypto trading robots that offer credibility and transparency. These are the robots you need to increase your chances of winning.

Back to Crypto Regular FX, the platform does a terrible job in trying to sell its services. There’s no actual in-depth information on their background and history. The platform leaves this vital aspect out of the homepage.

As an investor, you need to research a platform before committing funds. Try and find out from other investors regarding their experience with the platform. It will help you make a more informed decision on what to expect from the platform in question.

Accounts CryptoRegularFX

CryptoRegularFX operates its platform by offering a wide array of investment accounts. There are six investment accounts, each offering a wide variety of features. These include Starter, Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP.

Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;


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For the starter account, the platform claims newbies are best suited for this tier. You have to make a minimum deposit of $300 to get started. The account promises an ROI of $1,500 and over. That’s more than 100 percent ROI.


The basic account is for crypto investors with a little bit of investing knowledge. Members have to deposit $500 to get started. The account promises an ROI of $3,500 and above with each investment.


You have to make a minimum deposit of $1,000 to get started. After that, the account offers a guaranteed ROI of $9.500. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the available vesting period on any listed accounts and tiers.


Starting from the gold account, the platform targets skilled investors. First, you have to deposit $3,000 with the platform. After that, the platform guarantees a profit of $25,000 with each deposit made on the account.


There’s a minimum required deposit of $6,000 with the account. However, the account promises an insane ROI margin. You get a promise of making $62,500 with the account. That’s an ROI of well over 1,000 percent.


As the name suggests, the account targets high-end investors. The account also targets institutional investors. There’s a minimum investment requirement of $10,000. You get a promise of making a profit of $102,500 and more.

Accounts CryptoRegularFX

Account features

While looking at these accounts, the platform claims to make 98 percent daily wins. And the wins are a guarantee which lures naïve investors into signing up. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed investment.

Every investment is a risk, and there’s a chance of facing losses with trading. Even skilled traders face losses due to market volatility. And that’s why we insist that the platform is taking investors for a ride.

No expert or robot can achieve such a high ROI, let alone make guarantees. The platform claims to have a large Bitcoin mining facility, a point not explained further. There are no pictures or proof of the platform’s Bitcoin Mining farm.

The platform claims that all you have to do is invest with them and watch as your profits grow. These are false allegations as the platform only uses dummy accounts to help fool investors. There’s no profiting after investing with the platform.

Another huge issue with the platform is failing to include the vesting period. Members get an email claiming the platform offers daily payouts. However, there’s no mention of the vesting period with each account.

The minimum vesting period in a normal crypto investment is three to four months. Unfortunately, the platform fails to include any vesting days to fool investors. Instead, members deposit large chunks hoping to earn more within days.

Business holder

The platform does an incredible job of hiding their actual address. So we don’t know the people working behind the curtains. And this makes CryptoRegularFX an anonymous investment platform.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity at all costs. There’s no way of recovering funds from an anonymous platform. Those who attempt to hire recovery agents only end up losing their funds. These agents don’t have the power to freeze bank accounts belonging to the platform.

Client testimony

Are funds safe with Crypto Regular FX? NO

And here’s where we come in and expose the platform. On the client testimony section, there’s the name Rinda Smith. The name is also found in the crypto scam website The images are different between the two; the comments are the same.

We see a pattern that indicates that these two platforms belong to the same person. The client’s testimony is only a way to fool investors. There are also pop-up withdrawal messages all over the platform.

These messages are an attempt by the platform to try and lure investors to sign up. It’s a testimonial or proof that people are depositing and withdrawing with the platform. Don’t believe anything listed on the platform.

Compliance, License, and Regulation CryptoRegularFX

CryptoRegularFX is not a compliant platform and holds no registration. There’s no business registry of the entity anywhere in the United States. And that’s why we insist that the platform is a hoax.

Despite claiming to reside in Los Angeles, there’s no regulatory compliance. Neither the NFA nor the SEC issued a license to operate. Therefore, it would be best to avoid such platforms as there’s no protection from regulators.

Contact and support

There’s no live chat support despite the platform claiming assistance is 24/7. Instead, we have a message board where investors are to leave their messages. The platform uses the message board to gauge the stance of investors.

Investors who send a withdrawal request via the message board are rudely shocked. The owner automatically knows you want out of the platform. That’s when the platform decides to delete your account.

Daily Payout claims

Is licensed or regulated? NO

These are false claims that the platform offers daily payouts. No one has come out with proof of withdrawing from the platform. And that makes Crypto Regular FX a dummy crypto investment platform.

Final verdict

We don’t recommend investing with

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