Cryptos Investing Review: is a Scam

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Cryptos Investing ( is a company that guarantees a fixed profit margin which is unrealistic. They are claiming to offer fixed interest for investors regardless of the current market conditions. And this is where we draw the line with such a trading platform. These are most likely offshore brokers who plan to cause havoc in the Crypto trading world. Such platforms should be highlighted and authorities shut down their websites. Get to know more in this detailed review.

About Cryptos Investing

Cryptos Investing Review

The owners claim that the software is a unique digital currency trading platform with unmatched capabilities. A few of the members have reached out with concerns about what they term as harsh conditions. To find out more about the platform, we conducted a thorough investigation. What we found out regarding the platform is shocking beyond words. CryptosInvesting is falling short of their promises. It turns out that this is another online scam with the intent of stealing from investors who deposit funds.

They claim to help make a guaranteed profit margin regardless of the market conditions. These are the types of claims and promises investors should watch out for. The market is full of unprecedented events that make it hard to predict market prices. And this is why we strictly believe these scammers are using a guaranteed profit tactic to entice investors. No matter the type of investment, no expert or robot can maintain and promise such high pledges. The only close thing to a successful Crypto profit investment opportunity is Crypto trading robots. Thanks to these robots, investors have a realistic chance of making realistic profit margins.

Company Information

The company information is missing from the platform. And this means investors are signing up to an unknown and unproven platform. The homepage terms the company as an investment platform for the traditional market. Assets named on the homepage include crude oil, diamond, Forex, and metals. Crypto is the main selling point as digital currency trading has taken full effect in the trading market. Such companies take advantage of investors’ lack of market knowledge. And this is why reading reviews is important. It makes it possible to understand more about a product or service.

CryptosInvesting is also throwing off investors with claims of being located in Belize. They are using a false certificate to throw off investors. Scam brokers know for fact investors don’t bother checking registration details. To try and scare off prying eyes, they use false registration details. The proof is the fact that their certificate of registration is a Word Document that has been converted into PDF. And this is why we must expose the platform for using false information to mislead investors.

Company’s Website Information

Thanks to domain registers, one can tell when exactly a website was created. Records indicate the domain was created on 19th January 2020. And this is proof we are dealing with a rotten scam broker. They have been claiming to be in the industry for more than five years. Records have clearly shown the platform is barely six months old. Victims have started coming out with an indication of things to come.

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False Risk Claims

According to their FAQ’s page, the platform claims to have minimal risks. It would seem that this is an ideal platform to sign up with due to the information presented. Why a trusted broker is important is because they have a strong reputation. New platforms such as Cryptos Investing will only become a hindrance to users. They claim they offer minimal risks which are the opposite. Furthermore, the platform does not allow any withdrawals to take place.

License Status of Cryptos Investing

Cryptos Investing is claiming to be regulated by the International Financial Service Commission. The IFSC official website does not have a broker licensed with the name CryptosInvesting. These scam brokers are using false registration details to throw off investors. And this is the main reason why everyone should stay away from the platform. Anyone who deposits funds with the platform will lose their entire funds.

Brokers who fail to have a valid trading license pose a huge risk to investors. They rarely give users the chance to withdraw funds. And this is another reason why dealing with this platform is highly risky. Cryptos Investing is UNLICENSED and UNREGULATED to offer any form of investment services. And this is why we have listed it as a scam due to the numerous risks involved. The best option is to stay away from them and any other platform that shares similar qualities.

Limitations of Cryptos Investing

Account Plans

Cryptos Investing Account Types

CryptosInvesting is furnishing members with four account plans on their platform. These plans include 120, 130, 150, and 200 percent guaranteed profit margins. According to their plans, the profit comes in the intervals of 24, 72, 120 hours, seven days respectively. These are unrealistic plans which will not offer any profit. Scam brokers will use over the moon claims and promises to entice unsuspecting investors to sign up. Newbie Crypto investors are their main target as they want fast money-making platforms. Scam brokers take advantage of this by offering false platforms.

Contact and Support

The platform has a live chat tab at the bottom right-hand side of their homepage. We sent a message via their live chat channel and waited for hours for any reply. After waiting for long, we gave up on the live chat. Another option we tried is the email that did not bear any fruits. These agents did not help us and they only demanded that we deposit finds first.

Deposit and Withdrawal

CryptosInvesting is mum on the types of deposit options available on their platform. A few members claim they were sent an email with details of how to deposit funds. The email contained a bank account number where investors were to deposit funds. Withdrawing funds remains to be the biggest challenge facing members. None of the members have managed to withdraw funds with Cryptos Investing. The broker blocks any contact or email regarding withdrawals.

Leverage and Spread

The broker claims to offer CFDs and Forex on their platform. What they fail to mention is the trading conditions available on these assets. The leverage and spread of these assets are not mentioned which poses a huge problem. Investors are signing up blindly to a platform with no online reputation. The trading conditions are hidden from the members which are against trading principals. Investors should know what they are getting into before depositing funds with any online platform.

Trading Platform

Cryptos Investing is failing to mention the type of trading terminal available. Are they using the MT4 or MT5 trading platform? Apart from withdrawal complaints, members are ranting to the slow execution speeds. Members claim the platform is unstable which points to a custom-built trading terminal. Their web-based platform is not compatible with various devices according to members.

Protection/Security of funds with Cryptos Investing

The safety of funds is not guaranteed by the platform as the complaints testify. CryptosInvesting is far from being capable of releasing funds to members. And this is proof of the platform’s inability to protect funds. They are filling the pockets of offshore brokers without knowing. And this is why the platform must be investigated and shut down.

Cryptos Investing Scam

After going through the evidence, it is clear we are dealing with a scam. Cryptos Investing is a scam that must be exposed to protect unsuspecting Crypto investors. Stay away from any of their other programs such as ICOs and IPOs. It is thought the broker will soon shut down after filling their pockets with funds from victims. Before that happens, stay away and warn your loved ones.

Bottom Line

Cryptos Investing FAQ

To help protect our readers, we will be adding CryptosInvesting to our Crypto blacklist. Warn your loved ones from signing up with the platform.

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