CT-Trade Review: Ct-trade.co a Renown Forex Scam

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CT-Trade is a platform that claims to be dealing with Forex and CFD trading. The company allegedly has been in the market from 2018.

They offer free education to their clients, which is a good thing. However, what this company provides raises red flags. The least amount of money that you can deposit on this website is $10.

The company offers traders a first risk-free trading bonus. It is important to note that Forex trading associates numerous risks that are inevitable.

The time they claim to have been in the market for is enough for them to provide financial reports to showcase how they have been performing. Sadly, this information is missing from their website. Invest with only trustworthy Forex brokerage platform in the market.

Investment is all about the numbers, and without them, we cannot verify there is trading taking place in Ct-trade.co. The platform state that their educational program will help investors to acquire the best trading experience.

Ct-trade.co Review

Ct-trade.co is a company that offers various bonuses to its clients. They ask investors to keep an eye at their frequent campaigns; the platform guarantees their clients that they can withdraw their profit within one day.

The company’s profitable offers will allegedly assist their customers in earning vast profits as well as be aware of the new trends in trading space. The financial narrative of CT-Trade seems flawless, and it is attainable.

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However, what the company does not reveal is the business model that they incorporate. They state that all you need is a trading gadget; you don’t need to install any trading software.

CT-Trade Review, CT-Trade Platform

Moreover, to achieve high and accurate predictions, you can add SMA and RSI indicators to the price chart. Upon registration, CT-Trade assures investors that they will receive a 100% bonus on their deposit.

CT-Trade allegedly provides free education, which takes three weeks. They feature their latest withdrawal and deposit on their website. For instance, if you deposit $50, you will have 3 winning rates, and yield a return of 3622 within one month. The company accepts deposit via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Qiwi wallet, ad Neteller.

There is no evidence that the platform is paying its clients. The company claims that they provide risk-free trade experience. Most noteworthy, Ct-trade.co has no trading bot, yet they claim that they offer 75% accurate trading predictions.

They entirely depend on their team to drive this performance, something that is ridiculous. Their prediction is for specific assets, and they have a definite expiry period. If you are a keen investor, you will notice that what the company is offering is unattainable and unrealistic.

How Does Ct-Trade Operate?

It is not clear how this pyramid scheme operates as there are multiple loopholes. The platform lacks the MT4 trading tool, which many traders are familiar with, and without this feature, they may not be the best choice in the industry.

The Alleged Forex company promises high returns to investors, raising more questions about how do they manage do have to make all the profits. Most noteworthy, there is no information regarding the owner of this Forex brokerage platform.

It is absurd that the company guarantee users such high ROI yet they do not credit their founder

The returns that they offer are ridiculous and unattainable. They brag of having the best professional team in the market. Unfortunately, there is no available evidence to go back up their allegation.

CT-Trade has not availed any managerial report to prove their employees are qualified to handle investors’ money. Moreover, they assure their clients that their main focus is the success of their clients.

Regulation and Customer Support

The platform accepts funds from all over the world expect from US investors. CT-Trade claims that they are regulated by the CySEC. However, we highly doubt the information they portray on their website is legit.

There is no evidence of the platform being licensed. Additionally, the information is not openly displayed as it is available in their withdrawal/deposit section. The platform is founders are not known.

In case you experience any challenges while trading with this platform, you can contact the support via email, support@CT-Trade.com, or using their telephone number; +442080891189. The location of CT-Trade offices is at 239 Emilii Plater 53, Warszawa, Poland, 00-113.

Without the company not displaying any evidence of payment, you should refrain from depositing your money from such platforms. Pyramid schemes create the notion that the more money you deposit, the more significant the rewards that you will yield

Unfortunately, if you deposit a considerable amount of money in a shady company, not only will you lose your money but also risk disclosing your personal information with scammers.

CT-Trade Investment Plans and Returns

CT-Trade offers its clients four investment plans.  They have the takeoff, standard, premium, and VIP account.

The takeoff account offers a 1% cash out, 1 free trade, and earning of up to $250%. The amount that you can deposit in this plan ranges from $10 to $50.

The second plan is the Standard account, which offers returns worth $1000. Investors can cash in funds of up to $100. It comes along with two free trades and a 3% payout.

The premium plan offers three free trades and a 5% payout. Additionally, it grants a 150% balance bonus and a 50% pending bonus. The suspicious platform accepts a deposit of $200, and promise a return of $5,000 with online trading signals.

Ct-trade.co Scam Review, Ct-trade.co Plan

The final plan of Ct-Trade is the VIP account. It offers five free trades, and over 5% payout to investors. The maximum amount that you can cash in is $5,000, and you can withdraw a profit of $10,000. You will receive a 200% balance bonus, and wait for the 100% pending bonus.

The returns that CT-Trade offers are unattainable, you should ask yourself why on earth would any investment company offer such rewards to members of the public.

Mostly they would use the time to open up a portfolio and earn profit themselves. The company claims they have an accuracy rate of not less than 80%, yet they have no trading software.

Safety of Funds

Funds are not safe in CT-Trade, you will only make losses if you deposit funds with the company. The method they accept money ensures you cannot recover your money or trace it.

The company is operating against the law. It is the requirement of the regulatory body for investment companies to avail banking data to their clients, something the pyramid has not done.

The firm claims that their operation is beneficial to numerous investors regardless of there not existing proof of payment. We should be able to see a lot of investors brag of the best services that the company provides.

The Domain Insight

Ct-trade.co has been in the market since January 2017. Their registration will expire in the same month the year 2021. Sadly, the owner of this company info is hidden. The platform has a low Alexa ranking of 8,042,572. Currently, it is not known the area that they target their audience from.

CT-Trade Final verdict

CT-Trade offers its clients a chance to double the amount that they deposit on their website. The guarantee all investors that they will earn money regardless of the amount that they cash in.

Unfortunately, this is not a company that you can trust with your money. Their founders for starters is operating behind the scenes. Invest your money with legit Forex companies in the industry.


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