Cyber Security Profits Review: A Disturbing Pyramid Scheme

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Cyber Security profits is an alleged investment firm that benefits investing in cyber security. The company claims growth in modern society, raising the point that everyone is turning cyber security into an asset.

However, how the company plans to operate to generate the profit is not mentioned to the investor. Investors can invest in their stocks, and earn huge profits even when you invest small amounts.

The platform assures you can buy cyber Security Profits stocks with a penny and make a profit at a fast and unmatchable rate. Beginners in the trade RRG having smooth investment even despite not know the investment.

To gain successful returns in any investment company, general knowledge and patients need to be applied for you to receive the profits. The investment firm guarantees all investors can make a profit from their deals.

The company claims that the investors don’t need to worry about the declining trend in cyber security with investments on their stocks; they will surely and benefit. The investment firm claims to have software that puts investors’ money in the best possible. Ventures and generate only profits.

About Cyber Security Profits

The Cyber Security Profits brags they use software to generate all the returns they promise you. The software used is similar to most scam companies. It only proves that the company is an ultimate red flag you should avoid at all costs.

The ultimate purpose visible to investors of this company is to generate money from investors to the scammers’ pocket solely. The company partners with unregulated brokers, and in return, they earn money for generating new members into the website.

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Cyber Securities Profits Review, Cyber Securities Platform

The software, however, cannot be used by any investor unless you deposit money. It is the ultimate prove their main focus is the money you deposit. Invest with legit trading companies that will help you attain your goals.

The company has a fake review section, which is meant to create trust. Investors that promise that due to the enormous growth of cyber threats, you have the advantage of investing in stocks that matter.

When you invest in the platform, you can add five times as much money depending on the initial deposited amount. The company claims you can trade with laser-accurate results for every stock they offer.

Once you fall for the catch and deposit money into their account, there is no money that you will end up gaining as they will keep your deposit, and you cannot get your money back.


This investment firm has numerous fake testimonies on Cyber Security Profits. The company features false allegations of people who claim to have gained from this investment firm. The allegations are entirely false, and the company only uses this to attract new members and hide their shady intentions.

The use of fake testimonies is a common trait in scam companies. Hence this platform is a Ponzi scheme that will rob all your money. The same people are the ones who are reviewing the services.

Without any social media link to the reviews, we cannot conclude that these are real investors. The company is trying so hard to appear as a transparent company.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company has not provided any contact information to the investor hence making it difficult for the investor to get assistance from the company in case you require assistance or want feedback. Legit trading companies will at least provide you with telephone contact or email that you can use to reach them. It shows genuineness and wins the investors’ trust.

Unregulated platforms easily go out of existence once they meet their main target, which is to swindle your money. The platform owners and employees, once they are caught by the law, they risk facing criminal prosecutions. It is the main reason they provide no contact data regarding the employees behind the company.

Legal trading companies always provide regulatory data to the investor, and you should only trust such investment firms. No banking data or bank location has been provided to the investor, and you risk losing money to anonymous people.

The Cyber Security Profits provides no visible location address for the investor. The location of any trade investment firm is a vital requirement to boost the investors’ trust. Moreover, you can easily reach the platform in case you require assistance.

For any investment firm to be allowed to generate money from the public regulatory procedures are a must-have. Scam company’s ultimate goal is to hide their identity from the investors and making money from the public. It is the main reason no contact information or the members’ details have been provided to the investor.

Cyber Security Profits Funds Safety

No bank information has been provided to the investor, and you should not trust this company with your funds. Investors do not know who is controlling the funds in the platform, and this is a major red flag.

No bank location or location address has been provided to assert transparency. Hence when you lose your money, getting it back is not an easy task. Despite the testimonials, no visible evidence has been provided to prove any successful withdrawal.

Domain Insights

During our research we were able to gather when the company began its operations. According to, the platform was registered on 2019 July, and the registration expires on 2020 the same month. The domain name for the company is

Is Cyber Security Profits a Scam?

Cyber security is a confused scam company, and their business model is also not transparent. The information regarding the owner of this platform is hidden from the public. How this platform plans to make a profit for its clients raises more suspicion.

Please do not trust them with your money. The withdrawal process is not disclosed either. You might end up losing all your money by the blink of an eye. The minimum amount that you can cash out and the time it takes to finish the process is not available.

The testimonials available on the Cyber Security Profits website do not create trust. A keen investor will only take a glance and realize the company is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

The red flags and loopholes do not end here. The pyramid scheme is operating against the law as they collect funds from investors all over the world without FCA, FTA, ASIC, and CySEC permission.

The company is a messy pyramid scheme that has no intention of making any investor rich. They only want you to deposit into their accounts. Avoid them and warn your loved ones against their operations.

Cyber Security Profits Final Verdict

No contact data has been provided to the investor, and this is an ultimate keep off sign. No regulatory documents are also available to the client.

The company is operating illegally, and once they rob your funds, you cannot trace them. The best trading companies will always provide you with the required regulatory certificates to prove the legitimacy, only trust such organizations.

The software used to generate profits for investors is not known. Not only do you risk losing money but also personal information to alleged You should only trust legit platforms that offer reasonable promises to the investors and have evidence to support their allegations.



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