Dart Capital Review: Dartcapital.com.de A Bogus Scheme

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Dart Capital Review
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Dart Capital provides the testimonial in statement form. There is no link to social media of the clients or pictures. The company could have written the statement itself. They lack transparency and their failure to adhere to the authority is a big red flag.

Dart Capital is a platform that has been in the market since 2002. Their domain name is expected to expire in August 2022. Network Solution is the corporate that manages the scheme of the entity. However, the company state it has been around since 2008. 

Please Note: Dartcapital.com.de has already been flagged by the FCA as a clone company taking advantage of naive brokers.

Dartcapital.com.de is taking advantage of the original company. Please check the FCA to confirm the legit platform and avoid any other website with similar domain names but different extensions.

In most cases, you will find a company faking to have a long history in the industry. Nonetheless, this company is an exception. For 5 years we don’t know why they were inactive. The venture does not have a track record.

Dart Capital Review, Dart Capital Company

The platform is allegedly a wealth management entity. They do not mention the qualification of the team. Neither does the company feature them for transparency purposes. Trust anonymous people to handle your funds is a grave mistake. 

Additionally, the scheme also brags that it has won a number of awards in the market. They leave out details of the organization that granted them the award. The scheme is bluffing. You should not easily trust an entity feature but make sure you double-check the data.

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Dartcapital.com.de Review

It is hard for novice traders to identify the loophole of a shady scheme.  Dart Capital implies that its sole responsibility is to maintain a long-term relationship with traders. They take time and give every customer a special treatment individually.

Dart Capital states that a number of private investors manage its operation. They do not collaborate with other institutions. Hence, they handle the objective of their customers in detail. They customize personal services to align with investors’ goals.

The venture plans to be able individuals to manage their portfolio and finance. However, we do not know the assets that the company is dealing with or the technique it is using to generate the desired outcome.

If you invest with Dart Capital which assurance do you have that your money is safe? The scheme is also on the list of FCA blacklist. Hence, nothing good can ever come from them. The firm can steal all your money and you cannot sue anonymous individuals. Where do you even start?

Take the red flag seriously that is the only way to avoid a shady scheme.  In the industry, there are dozens of legit investment companies that are trustworthy. You can get relevant skills and start exploiting the opportunities. 

Regulation Status of Dart Capital

This is an offshore company that is a clone of a legit FCA venture. The platform is basically impersonating another venture. The Financial Conduct Authority has flagged them as a scam.

Dart Capital is convincing traders that they are genuine. The firm is targeting investors from the United Kingdom. A capital of 750K EUR must be deposited in their account for the venture to acquire a license. 

The amount is used for compensation in case an investment scheme becomes insolvent. In the case of fraudsters, you cannot receive a penny once the venture seizes to exist. The con artists may contact you out of the blues promising to make you rich.

However, once you register you can lose all your savings and personal data. Dart Capital does not report its daily activities to the authority. Only God knows what the scheme will be doing with your cash. 

Moreover, Dart Capital fails to mention anything about the bank it segregates funds of investors in. The deposit can be used for other agendas. You should walk away from them while you still can.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Dart Capital is a dubious investment scheme. The contact details it features do not belong to them. It will be hard to trace the scheme down once they close down their business. The company will be the only one that can contact clients. 

You cannot make a follow-up on your investment. The email you send them the firm shall ignore. We do not know the country that the platform originates from. The offshore venture should be avoided. 

Lack of Client Feedback

Dart Capital has been in the market for over a decade. We find it a big surprise that not even a single client has endorsed them. Who are the people that the company brags to have helped? The award the scheme presents are not enough to fool us. 

The traffic visiting the website does not match the praises the venture showers itself. Lack of reputation proves the platform is bluffing. Investment is all about facts and statistics without these factors we consider the claims false allegations.

Dart Capital False Testimonials

The company has a number of false testimonials that are only available on their website. Touching the narrative of their customers can easily fool rookie traders. Investors have been disappointed with the unprofessionalism in the industry till they came across Dart Capital.

The platform is helping those in critical financial situations get on their feet once again. The financial advisors of the venture are helpful. They fulfill the promises made to customers. Unfortunately, there is no way of proving that these are real investors.

Dart Capital provides the testimonial in statement form. There is no link to social media of the clients or pictures. The company could have written the statement itself. They lack transparency and their failure to adhere to the authority is a big red flag.

Is Dart Capital Legit?

The investment venture is nothing close to being legit. The investment scheme fails to disclose the withdrawal and deposit requirements. We take that investors must contact the venture. In regards to the fee the company state that it has favorable charges. They do not specify the actual amount and the venture can quote different amounts to traders.

Dart Capital lacks transparency. They are accessing the assets that clients currently have, their experience in the investment sector, goals, liabilities you are currently committed to, and your attitude toward risk. 

The data is enough to categorize investors into various groups. The company does not intend to assist investors. The warning from the FCA is enough reason to keep you off this venture. The scheme is a clone entity using information that does not belong to them.

Moreover, the entity does not have a customer support team. Reaching them will be another nightmare. The people that are managing Dart Capital are smart fraudsters determined to get access to investors’ funds. 

The platform has been in the market for years but there is no client feedback to prove the firm is reliable. Moreover, there is also no financial record. You are better off without this venture as it is surrounded by uncertainty.

Final Verdict

Dart Capital does not have investment services or products. Their narrative is also boring. They are targeting naive investors in the industry. Them not having a regulatory document makes the venture unfit to be in the market.

Invest with genuine forex trading companies that have great success history. These platforms put the needs of traders first. Their trading conditions are highlighted for everyone to see. You will be making an informed decision. Never gamble with your security. Con artists can expose you to multiple risks. 

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