Demaxis Review: a Bogus Broker 

Demaxis Review
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Demaxis does not have customer reviews. We cannot guarantee if there are people who have successfully cashed out. Additionally,  we cannot tell if the scheme has hidden trading conditions. You can never be certain with offshore platforms. 

Demaxis is a platform that expert investors believe is legally in business. Their opening remark is not even convincing. The entity purports it is globally licensed. However, the scheme has multiple red flags which make us not trust them. A serious investment scheme will have adequate information regarding its business.

Demaxis Review, Demaxis Company

You won’t struggle to find the legal documentation. Everything is clearly outlined, and investors can make a sober decision on whether or not to join the venture. The broker in question is an offshore scheme. This means it does not follow the set rules. We urge investors to refrain from doing business with the platform. Otherwise, they may face unfavorable trading conditions.

Demaxis claims it provides a wide variety of trading tools and products. Investors can trade stocks, indices, energies, forex, commodities, and cryptos. They can earn high returns due to their advanced risk management policy. Investors are also guaranteed unparallel trading conditions. 

The broker also claims investors can enjoy low minimum deposits. The information is false. You will be dealing with an exploitive investment scheme. The experts, founder, and parent company information is also missing. How will you know professionals are handling your money? In case of any shortcomings, whom will you hold accountable? The company’s anonymity should be one of the reasons not to consider them. Review

Demaxis speaks highly of its trading conditions. They assure traders of flawless trading activities. You won’t have to panic because of market conditions. The platform has set up efficient resources, competitive accounts, and optimum investing results. 

The trading software the company speaks highly of is nowhere to be seen. The broker does not even provide a demo account. Once you register, you need to fund your account and start trading. We are more interested in the numbers. We would be pleased to see the trading performance of the entity. 

However, considering Demaxis is working with tactical scammers, they cannot risk availing such data. Ponzi schemes use enticing adverts promising mind-blowing returns. However, their sole intention is to steal from naive traders. 

The entity is not working with a reputable bank to segregate traders’ money. Performing thorough research on a platform before blindly depositing cash is important. Do not only take into account the information on the broker’s website. Instead, look for expert reviews.

We recommend venturing into reputable crypto schemes in the world. Companies that have an excellent trading history. They also work with professionals ready to help investors earn reasonable passive income. 

Trading Conditions of Demaxis

Demaxis is allegedly offering an advanced trading platform. To access the trading software, you must provide a reference code. It shows the venture is only accepting clients referred to the website. Legit trading companies will provide all the necessary information on the website. Review, Accounts

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You will know the trading software available even without registering. Do not be surprised when you receive a basic web trader or no trading platform when dealing with offshore firms. 

Demaxis has three trading accounts. Unlike genuine platforms that provide detailed data on leverage, spread, the minimum deposit for each account, commission, and swap. Withdrawal and Deposits 

The minimum amount, according to FAQ data, is $500. The company is the most expensive scheme we have encountered in a while. There are no superior advantages visible. The firm has a leverage of 1:400. It might appear as an appealing offer. However, you should note the market does not move in your favor. The losses will be devastating. The regulatory bodies set up limits on leverage to minimize the risks. The approved cap range from 1:30 t0 1:50, depending on the broker’s area of operation. 

Deposits at Demaxis can either be made via wire transfer, BTC, and Credit cards. The latter is the only reliable option. Clients can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days if things go south.  Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee all the options are available.

The company claims it does not charge withdrawal or deposit fees. The information contradicts since their legal documentation indicates cash out less than $100 for wire transfers is subjected t0 $10. The same charge applies to BTC and credit cards if you withdraw anything less than $20. 

Demaxis’s minimum amount t withdraw $50. Those that might want to issue a chargeback agree the company shall deduct $60 as an administration fee. The scheme is only looking for an opportunity to steal from innocent traders. Legitimate platforms will rarely deduct transactional fees. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The company’s office address is at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Customers can reach the support team via email or phone. These are the two common models of communication. However, you should note displaying a phone number does not automatically guarantee the entity will receive the phone calls. 

Scammers end up blacklisting clients that become a nuisance. If you make a follow-up of the money they steal, the con artists will cut you off. Offshore firms will only respond when you are serving their best interest. 

It is only in legitimate companies where you will enjoy professional and ideal support. The team operates around the clock catering to the needs of traders. The support is friendly and trained. User data is also stored securely.

Regulatory Status of Demaxis

Demaxis originates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The region is infamous for all the wrong reasons. The financial Service Authority (FSA) is the regulatory agency of th county. The agency issued a public statement indicating it does not authorize overseeing the operation of online investment schemes. 

The number of fraudulent schemes in the country continues to increase. Brokers do not need working capital to set up their business. Additionally, the company is not reporting its daily transactional resort. Therefore, the scheme can easily manipulate the market price to work in their favor. 

There are some genuine offshore entities in the market. They choose countries with no regulations to offer competitive services. The companies have been in the market for years and have built a name for themselves. Most upcoming offshore ventures tend to exit the market unceremoniously after defrauding customers. 

Some of the benefits of dealing with a licensed company are in case of insolvency. Investors can receive compensation. Funds are also segregated from the company’s account. Therefore, the withdrawal process is handled on time. The broker cannot misuse the money for unintended purposes.  Demaxis does not have customer reviews. We cannot guarantee if there are people who have successfully cashed out. Additionally,  we cannot tell if the scheme has hidden trading conditions. You can never be certain with offshore platforms. 

Final Verdict 

Demaxis is a company that you should avoid. The broker is new in the market. They do not have trading results or clients’ testimonials to prove they are up for the task. The website has generic information that scammers overly use. Additionally, the withdrawal requirements are sickening. Additionally, the initial deposit is above what their competitors are asking for. 

Instead of throwing your money in the air by dealing with verified scammers, why not try out these leading crypto investment companies. They have the best services in the market. The platforms also put the needs of their customers first. Moreover, they are fully licensed, and any issue will be dealt with professionally. 


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