Digital Profit Review: is a Large-Scale Fraud

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Digital Profit Review
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Digital Profits encourages people to invest as much as they can in getting access to more income opportunities. However, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing any significant profits. Hence, you should not invest in this company. Instead, use the reliable Forex trading bots to earn money via efficient and trustworthy bots.

Digital Profit is relatively a new company that is promising massive profits to the users when they invest a certain amount of money in it. It is important to thoroughly review because it has many different aspects that should be discussed in detail before making any concrete conclusion.

This article will deal with the background of Digital Profit as well as its income structure to determine whether you should invest in it.

Overview of Digital Profit

Digital Profit is presenting itself as an all-in-one trading platform that can provide profits via Forex and crypto trading. The website is encouraging people to have complete trust in the company because it can provide you with modern and efficient tools that will help you in making a large amount of money.

However, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of fulfilling its promises. Digital Profit was formed just a few months back, due to which it unlikely that the company will be able to provide any significant profits.

Owner of Digital Profit

The domain of the company,, does not provide any information about who is running the organization. However, the marketing videos of the company uploaded on the official Vimeo channel features Travis Bott and Jeremy Reynolds.

According to their social media profiles, they live in Utah. The Singapore corporate address given on is not real because it belongs to a corporate services firm. Therefore, it can be deduced that Digital Profit is actually operating from the USA and does not have any connections with Singapore.

The company is likely to be lying about having offices in Singapore seem like a legitimate and reliable platform. The owners of Digital Profit has a controversial history, to say the least. Travis Bott was involved in securities fraud at Ryze AI. Moreover, both of the co-founders were also found to be committing fraud in 2017 via Investview’s Wealth Generators.

In 2018, Travis Bott started another MLM company called Onyx Lifestyle. There is not much information available about what happened to Onyx Lifestyle. However, it is quite clear that there are many similarities between Onyx Lifestyle and Digital Profit. It seems like not much effort has been put into changing the business model. Instead, a similar formula is being used to scam the users.

Domain Insights

According to, the company is located in the USA as well as Singapore. The website itself was registered in February 2021. There is no official information about the origins of the company, but it is claiming to be a highly well-established platform in the crypto industry.

The analysis of by Alexa shows that the USA (64%) and Pakistan (24%) is contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is surprising to see that the Digital Profit has failed to attract any significant traffic from Singapore, even though it is claiming to have offices there.

Products of Digital Profit

Digital Profit is mainly marketing itself as a Forex and crypto trading platform. However, it is also claiming to provide a number of other products and services. Some of them are:

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  1. Trading signals.
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  4. Travel discounts.

It is quite clear that the company is trying to attract people with different requirements to expand their customer base. These kinds of tactics are often seen on many other platforms. The primary focus of is on affiliate memberships and the income structure of the company.

Registration Fee of Digital Profit

If the users want to generate any money at, they must invest at least $160. The company is offering the following three packages:

  • Plastic Package that has an initial fee of $159.95 and the annual fee of $99
  • Black Stainless Steel Package has an initial fee of $799.95 and the monthly fee of $199
  • Plastic Package that has an initial fee of $1499.95 and the monthly fee of $299

The website encourages people to invest as much as they can in getting access to more income opportunities. However, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing any significant profits. Hence, you should not invest in this company. Instead, use the reliable Forex trading bots to earn money via efficient and trustworthy bots. 

Affiliate Ranks of Digital Profit

The income structure of Digital Profit revolves are the 11 affiliate ranks. provides the following breakdown of the affiliate ranks:

  1. Brand Partner Rank for which you have to hire at least one other member.
  2. Qualified Brand Partner Rank for which you have to pay about $90 per month and hire at least two members on the Brand Partner Rank. 
  3. Silver Rank for which you have to make and maintain 1000 group volume. 
  4. Gold Rank for which you have to make and maintain 2500 group volume. 
  5. Platinum Rank for which you have to make and maintain 5000 group volume. 
  6. Diamond Rank for which you have to make and maintain 7500 group volume. 
  7. Blue Diamond Rank, for which you have to make and maintain 15000 group volume. 
  8. Double Blue Diamond Rank for which you have to make and maintain 25000 group volume. 
  9. Black Diamond Rank
  10. Double Black Diamond Rank 
  11. Green Diamond Rank

The website does not give any concrete information about the qualification criteria of the last three affiliate ranks. However, the rest of the requirements make it clear that you will have to continuously keep working for the company to recruit more members and generate sales. 

Other Commissions promises several other bonuses and commissions to attract people and make them invest in the company. Recruitment and referral commissions are common in the majority of MLM companies and crypto scams. 

Digital Profit promises the following recruitment commissions:

  • Hire at least two affiliates who also hire two other members to obtain $200 per month.
  • Hire at least three affiliates who also hire three other members to obtain $300 per month.
  • Recruit at least four affiliates who also hire four other members to obtain $500 per month.
  • Recruit at least five affiliates who also hire five other members to obtain $700 per month.

This shows that you will have to spend a large amount of time and energy in continually recruiting more and more people. Even then, there is no guarantee that Digital Profit will actually provide you with any significant profits. 


This entire discussion points to the fact that Digital Profit is nothing more than an MLM Ponzi scheme. It is definitely more complex and sophisticated than the other Ponzi schemes. However, the core business model is like any other scam company. is operating on the same model as Onyx Lifestyle, which was another scam by Travis Bott. The collapse of Onyx Lifestyle caused massive losses to the affiliates. Similarly, the pattern is expected in Digital Profits. 

Digital Profit

The controversial history of the owners of Digital Profit should be enough for you to beware of this company and avoid spending your money on it. Other than the owners’ history, the business model of the company is also not sustainable. 

Digital Profit is claiming to sell a wide range of products. Yet, it seems like that the company is highly dependent on the investment of the affiliates, due to which the company can collapse at any time due to lack of recruitment. The packages of the company are quite expensive as well.

Therefore, you should not invest your money in Digital Profit because there is very little chance that you will make any kind of profits. Instead, you should use the Forex trading bots that provide reliable and efficient trading options to both beginners and experienced traders. 

3 Replies to “Digital Profit Review: is a Large-Scale Fraud”

  1. Nirav Rathod

    Hi, What if the company Digital profit runs away? Will we lose our 159$ only that is its package amount, or the amount in broker account also?

  2. Bob Ramazzotto

    You are wrong on every level:

    1. The products ABSOLUTLY work. I just hooked the BOT up and made about 11% my 1st month. The FREEDOM BOT has an average month return of about 7% **Past results don’t guarantee future results** there is also a DEMO account that you can link up to your MT4 account and see for your self all of the trades that are made

    2. The data is verifiable through (3rd party site)..they have nothing to hide

    3. You don’t need to invest in a “plastic or any other”” package. You can elect the ECHO 1 package for just 89.95/ month + $15/ month VIP cost

    They are so confidant in their products that they offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee

    IMO this company offers a great product and is very transparent.. I just put 10k (real money) into my trading account and I’m very happy with the results. If you would like to hear more info please email me. Thank you !

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