DogexMine Review: A Filthy DogeCoin Scam

DogexMine Review
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The location of DogexMine mining farms, the technique they are using, and the software or hardware the firm utilizes are undisclosed. Nonetheless, the scam state that it uses decentralized liquidity pools. The entity is not investing and you should avoid them.

DogexMine is a company that is neither trading nor mining cryptocurrency. Whoever is behind this entity did a lousy job in designing the website. The entity does not even about us page that can shed light on their investment services.

The platform wants investors to think that they are mining. However, the location of their mining farms, the technique they are using, and the software or hardware the firm utilizes are undisclosed. Nonetheless, the scam state that it uses decentralized liquidity pools.

DogexMine Review, Company

They are allegedly mining Dogecoin. However, we suggest that you run for the sake of your funds in case of anyone contacts you. It would be best if you did not trust the entity with your information. Dogecoin is among the digital coins that are doing well in the market.

We can bet all our money that DogexMine will not be in the market for long. The venture is advertising how much funds you can generate by referring other people into the system. All you need to do is supply liquidity and generate commission.

They have a three-level referral program. The amount you generate can be cashed out daily. Unfortunately, the only thing that the broker is offering is this useless affiliate bonus. It is a pyramid scheme that does not have investment products or services. Review

DogexMine is taking your funds and distributing them to the next client. Their operation is doomed to fail. The instant withdrawal that the scammers’ promise is a narrative that will never happen. A serious investment scheme will let you know what you are signing up for before purchasing the products.

Unlike most other fraudsters that fake their history to appear, like they have a trading history, this scam claim to be new. However, the statistics that the entity displays raise more suspicion. How did they manage to get over 22K clients within a few days?

Since January, the Ponzi scheme has been in the market, but it advertises being online for less than a month. This is because they have not gained the audience that they planned. Nonetheless, the scheme uses false figures.

We are yet to come across successful investors that have withdrawn from their system. Stay away from this entity. DogexMine does not give free doge to clients. You will never encounter a generous company that gives free money.

Invest with legit crypto trading ventures that are transparent and reliable. These companies will earn you better rewards. They already have running hardware. However, if you have expectation of becoming rich overnight this is not the place for you.

Who are the Founders of DogexMine?

If we were to award any company for being discreet, the trophy would go to DogexMine. The venture does not leave any traces that expose its founder. The entity lacks transparency. Trusting people that you don’t know with your crypto is an absurd idea.

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The reason that the entity is operating in this manner is to avoid being caught. The government does not authorize them to collect funds. Moreover, the people that they steal from would go after them. It is safer for them to conduct their businesses behind shadows.

DogexMine Mining Plans and Returns

Many investors choose to join mining companies because the initial cost of setting up mining is expensive. The majority of them cannot afford the hardware and the high electricity consumption.

DogexMine has several useless mining accounts. They are even offering DogeCoin free of charge. Investors receive 1 DOGE for 10 days. Newbies are asked to deposit 100 Doge. Currently, 1 Doge is equivalent to $0.25. Review, Mining Plans

Therefore, the fraud promises a daily ROI of $3 and a total earning of $20 after 10 days. Their mega plan needs you to deposit 5000 Doge. If you do the math, you will realize that this is a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is impossible to generate such high returns. Giving DogexMine your coins is unwise. They will only leave you high and dry. The entity is open to all investors regardless of their skills in the industry. Unfortunately, you will never find an exert wasting their time in a losing entity.

Instead of growing your portfolio, you will end up losing it all. Avoid them! Thousands of legit mining entities don’t feature false information to lure you into their dirty scheme. Invest wisely and generate better rewards.

Regulation and Registration

The company is accepting investors from all over the world without limitation. This could be an advantage if DogexMine is legit. However, considering that the entity is fraudulent, we don’t recommend signing up with them.

Your money is not secure in this entity. The company claims that its DDoS and SSL certificate protects investors’ funds and data. However, it is a bluff, and nothing can come between these scammers when it comes to getting your funds.

They are the people that you should be scared of since the individuals don’t intend on giving back your money. The entity is accepting money via cryptocurrency. The payments are swift and untraceable. Therefore, you won’t know the person that receives the funds.

Additionally, you cannot issue a chargeback. DogexMine is not working with a bank to safeguard clients’ funds. They do not care about your safety. Ponzi schemes are after enriching the fraudsters. They can even hack your account.

Invest with legit crypto mining companies that adhere to regulatory bodies’ requirements. Your money will be safe. There is no need to panic and wondering whether the company is going to be there tomorrow. Licensed entities have proven to be reliable.

Customer Support and Contact Details

DogexMine does not have an office. The only way that you can contact the entity is via email. Anonymity is a feature that we don’t appreciate, and neither should you. The nature of the fraud proves that they do not intend to interact with clients.

The messages that you send them will go unanswered. Stay away from the losing scheme that does not recognize the importance of having sound customer support. There are better entities in the market that you can use.

DogexMine Client Feedback

Don’t you think it is weird that DogexMine lacks positive clients’ feedback? The company is even offering free DOGE but still no endorsement. The only thing that we came across is lamentation from people that are disappointed.

The company is no longer paying investors. The returns will increase drastically but later fall. The deceptive scheme is unworthy of your trust. The ones who chose the free plan to cash out need first to buy the existing packages.

There is nothing free since once you purchase, DogexMine completely bars you from cashing out. This may be the mother of all Fraudsters. Stay away and find better reliable ventures.

The Domain Insight is a platform that has been in the industry since January 2021. Their domain shall expire after one year. Despite being a Ponzi scheme, the venture has high traffic of 233,043 visiting the website. Their target audience location is, however, a mystery we are yet to resolve.

Final Verdict

DogexMine is not mining DOGE. The entity is another scam that want to frustrate investors. Invest with the best crypto mining companies in the market that are reliable and genuine. You stand a better chance of earning passive income with them.

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